Reacting to claims that China interfered in the 2019 federal election, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said Wednesday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to protect Canada’s democracy and Conservative MPs are pushing for a parliamentary committee investigation.

Matthew Green, the NDP’s ethics, privacy and information critic, said the party would support Poilievre’s proposed study.

Poilievre made the remarks in Vancouver while Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly was giving a speech in Toronto about the release of the Liberal government’s forthcoming Indo-Pacific strategy.

“It’s very troubling that the prime minister has known about allegations about foreign interference in Canadian elections since last January and he hasn’t taken any action,” Poilievre said.

“No foreign government should have any influence over our elections or our future. That should reside in the hands of Canadians. And so far, that has not been the case with the prime minister. He has failed to protect our democracy.”

Foreign interference you say? Is that what these Russian’s are up to these days?

We have a country where dozens of churches get burned to the ground based on lies about all expenses paid boarding schools being secret genocide facilities because children were taught how to do math. Where antifas do hit and runs of Trucker Convoy protesters and the Winnipeg Police do everything in their power to cover this up. Where ISIS soldiers get brought back into our country without being executed for treason, or even punished at all. Where children as young as thirteen are turned into kafka-esque parodies of the opposite sex, and even younger children are paraded around at hypersexual drag groomer shows.

In this context the cuckservatives are here to bring you the Lord’s truth and nothing but. The one truth that Justin Trudeau and these LeFTiSts don’t want you to know. What the Globalists have for years tried to keep under wraps. The single most important issue of our times.

Chyna Baaad.


Mr Trudeau accused Beijing of playing “aggressive games” with democracies and of targeting Canadian institutions.

It comes as local media report that Canadian intelligence identified a “clandestine network” of Beijing-backed candidates at recent elections.

At least 11 candidates were supported by China in the 2019 federal elections, officials reportedly told Mr Trudeau.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said it has “no interest” in Canada’s internal affairs.

In one case, funding of C$250,000 (£160,000) was directed through the office of an Ontario-based provincial MP.

The operation, which was reportedly directed from China’s consulate in Toronto, also sought to place operatives within the offices of serving MPs in an attempt to influence policy, the outlet alleged.

Oh, nevermind. Turns out the Liberals think Chynaaa Baaaad too.

As a matter of fact, they have for a while. In reality, nobody believes that this government gives a shit about foreign interference, and nobody thinks that Joffrey Trudeau is pro-China in any way shape or form. This is just the George Soros’ of the world being assblasted over China not letting international finance capital rape their people, so they try to get the peasants to be really angry at them for idiotic reasons like “muh social credit system.”

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  1. China may be bad, but this government is worse. Would honestly prefer mob rule at this point. Might even consider total chaos as a viable.

    Oh yeah, spent yesterday remembering the greatest generation’s destruction and murder of Europe. They sacrificed so I could have muh freedumbs. So stunning, so brave.

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