For the backstory on the Balenciaga Saga go here and here. In short, a corporation that shitcanned Kanye West for getting uppity, withdrew from twatter after Musk bought it because they hate free speech, and is run by an aristocrat who won a Buttgoy of the Decade award from none other than the ADL deliberately put hyper sexualized images of children in their advertising. They also put references to important legal cases which legalized some aspects of Child Sexual Abuse Material. 

When we left off their Instagram had been totally wiped, with only nine posts, all coming after the CSAM ads. Their apology was part of their Instagram Story, so it got deleted after 24 hours. However, if you go and look at their page again you’ll be greeted with this.

This may not be the case at the specific time you read this piece, but it’s true as of time of writing. They deleted the fresh and seemingly innocuous content posted after CSAMgate, and don’t appear to have posted anything else in the past few days. Why would this be? 

The key is in one of the images that I accidentally captured when writing the original piece, but didn’t think anything of. Twitter user @@itsnatlydenise found another pedo reference in the next ads they did. Just like they featured a CSAM court ruling, they put a book authored by painter Michael Borremans in the background of this one.

Dutch Painter Michael Borremans

But this isn’t just any painting book. Here’s the cover.

And here’s the inside of this book.

Yes, there are explicitly naked children everywhere.

And yes, that is what you think it is.

Naked children, decapitation, cannibalism, and violent gore. That’s what Balenciaga wants to be associated with. Not Kanye West of course, that’s bad for their brand.

Elephant Art:

Katya Tylevich visits a brutal and profound exhibition by the Belgian artist Michaël Borremans, featuring a host of Sistine-style cherubs, sometimes covered in blood.

All of this is from a series of paintings by Borremans done from 2013-2020 called “Fire From the Sun.” Above is a review from 2018 where they’re praising this disgusting pervert. He has plenty of other terrible material with themes of pedophilia, but we have to move on because that wasn’t even the worst thing in the image.

That honour belongs to “The Cremaster Cycle,” by Matthew Barney, the bottom book in the stack. What is “The Cremaster Cycle,” you ask?

Only one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen in my life.

It’s a creation of one Matthew Barney, and is, according to Wikipedia, a series of five feature length films, with related sculptures, photographs, drawings, and artist’s books.

As for what “Cremaster,” means…

Medical Dictionary:

A thin layer of muscle looping over the spermatic cord and continuous with the internal oblique muscle of the abdominal wall. Its action is to draw up the testicle.

In other words, it’s gory and creepy sex pervert stuff.

Essentially gore porn.

This is what Balenciaga wants to be associated with, violent creepy pedo sexual imagery. And again, I can’t hammer this point home enough, this is a corporation that is extremely political, what with dropping Kanye West, leaving twatter because they hate free speech, and having their CEO receive once in a decade awards from the ADL. 

These are the people who are working with the ADL to boycott Twatter because Musk has threatened to give you back the voice that was stolen from you. This is who they are, disgusting violent pedophiles, or at least enjoyers of that kind of imagery, who signal to each other by putting references to CSAM in their advertising. And again, none of this can be put down as a mistake, especially when repeated. These are well structured and well put together advertising campaigns. That they contain CSAM is a feature, not a bug, at least as far as these perverts are concerned.

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  1. Lordy, I am really glad that I was entirely ignorant of these things before today…

  2. “Fire from the sun” is an especially ironic title, because after seeing those images I want to fire the artist *into* the sun

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