A long, long time ago, back when this site was still in its infancy, I had a commenter who repeatedly requested a takedown of Brandon Martinez. This was during the No White Guilt takedown, and I ended up skipping Martinez, getting to Anglin – who I viewed as an important target – and never getting around to Brandon Martinez. I ended up writing two pieces that referenced the guy, and I thought that would be it. 

Frankly, it probably should have been, but Joel Davis responded to something he wrote about on Telegram, so I looked him up again. What I found was a combination of him continuing to call thirteen year olds racial slurs online, whining about Dooginists on Twitter, defending the Ukrainian Puppet Government, and, most interesting, writing effort pieces destroying fascism. So what I –

Oh right. Well yes, you read that right. Brandon Martinez now hates Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini because they were communists, which therefore necessitates them being anti-family degenerates. Since this is insane, I won’t make you take my word for it, but let’s start with the original small brained economic spergery that started this entire escapade of mine.

Brandon Martinez Telegram:

There’s a very interesting psychology behind these diehard socialists, including the ones larping as right-wingers. If I was a betting man, I’d wager that they’re either very low income, work for the government in some form or are maybe even collecting a pension or welfare. These types of people have a direct financial dependence on the government or are very low status and see government intervention/redistributionism as a way of elevating their status without having to do any work. There’s really no other reason to be so obsessed with planning the economy and redistributing wealth, if not for their own selfish gain.

The larping right-wing ones don’t even seem to have any pragmatic viewpoints either, they live in a wholly idealized fantasy world in which the government they envision is in their hands and they can do what they want. Yet we don’t live in that world, so at least tactically, it makes more sense to want to devolve power away from these current regimes ruling over us which they claim hate us and want us replaced. But those kneejerk tendencies towards “muh based authoritarianism” and “muh based state power” are very strong, they’ve been guzzling down ideological propaganda for so many years that they reflexively defend even these anti-White states because they are states and the state is god.

But don’t dare question their illogic they might call you a lolbert. Oh no.

So how exactly is us believing really hard in the power of love, friendship, and free market economics going to stop the malicious regime that rules over us from ruling over us? Let’s try it right now. Okay, everyone think really hard that free market LOLbertarianism would be great. Now let’s see that… no policies have changed one way or another.

This is why I never did a Brandon Martinez takedown. There’s a lot of weird strawmanning and irrelevant attacks the guy does. If there’s one common throughline it’s that he gets super assblasted about one particular random thing for a very long time. I’ve gotten what may be the purest Brandon Martinez Experience, in that I’ve looked at the guy on three separate occasions and been able to see the weird devolution from him being obsessed with TRS guys and loving Hitler, literally repeating in a debate over and over again that National Socialism wasn’t socialist – which we’ll get to later- to denouncing fascism because it’s socialist and having a real hate boner for Mussolini in particular. His recent economic spergery appears to be pissing off everyone who still pays attention to him.

Remember the AZOG e-Fangirls telegram group? They tried doxxing me and threatened to murder me. This culminated in one single call from a fag with a high pitched voice. It was pretty funny at the time, and even better in retrospect. Above we see them unironically calling for genociding everyone,  or at least ostensibly just the non-Whites. Trust me, that includes Whites as well, since they’ll just call you mongoloids if you’re Russian, or make up something about all North American Whites being Sioux Indian mudbloods or some other dumb thing like that. I almost wish I was a Zionist, because gay op’ing these retards seems fun and easy.

See, this brave Soldier for the Aryan Race just wants the Mullahs overthrown for opposing Israel arming Russia. But he keeps getting pestered by Brandon Martinez, who’s assblasted that someone might not be sperging out over economic theories that nobody over the age of fifteen cares about.

Brandon Martinez Telegram (in response to the first post by the AZOV e-Fangirls)

Some major problems with this here. 

How can you call yourself an anti-communist or “anti-Bolshevik” if you advocate plainly for Bolshevism (planned economy)? What exactly is your issue with Communist states like USSR, Eastern Bloc, Cuba, etc. if you advocate for the same thing they have economically? This is like Bolsheviks vs Mensheviks infighting but not genuine opposition to Communism, which is mainly an economic doctrine. You’re not genuinely anti-communist unless you oppose it on economic grounds as well.

Who. The. Fuck. Cares. Brandon?

The Eternal Muscovite and Azov e-Fangirls are among a very select few people who still talk to this fag, and he’s demanding that they stop what they’re doing and explain how they’re not communists because they don’t want central banks run by Jews. I can’t believe it, but I’m almost starting to feel sorry for these fags. Nobody cares about this stuff in 2022. Ideological purity tests are annoying. Economic ideology purity tests are double annoying, and that goes triple when you’re an annoying queer demanding people who are all censored by trillion dollar multinational corporations support capitalism.

Second, you don’t need a planned economy to remove certain ethnic groups from power. That’s a social policy, not economic. If having a “planned economy” solved that issue on its own, then how do you explain how Jewish Bolsheviks became dominant in the planned economies of the USSR and East Bloc? Economics on its own is totally neutral to social issues & ethnic groups. That’s a different realm of politics entirely.

The fuck do you mean “became” dominant. The original communist party was nearly 90% Heebs. They got funding from Jew capitalists, most notably Jacob Schiff. Also, why do the Azov e-Fangirls need to explain to Brandon Martinez their economic theories in the first place? They’re online because they want to post gore pics and ignore that Zelensky is a kike. 

The post Brandon Martinez is responding to is literally calling for the genocide of 90% of the World’s population. And Brandon Martinez’ response to that is “yeah but bro, economic theory bro. This genocide shouldn’t be done with central planning or you’re just a commie.”

You can have tanks & warplanes without a planned economy. How does the US/UK have so many without rigid central planning? They just buy them from private arms manufacturers or from other countries who produce them. It’s called a military budget. 

I honestly don’t know what’s worse, that Martinez is annoying people who are in the middle of a conversation about planning genocide with economic spergery, or that he isn’t even right. First of all, Lockheed Martin has more than 99% of their revenue come from the government. For all intents and purposes, they’re just a part of the government that is allowed to make profits. The term “Military Industrial Complex,” exists for a reason after all.

Secondly, how exactly does Martinez think that tanks and jet fighters come into existence? Does he think that private corporations spawn into existence and make tanks for no reason, thus allowing the non-planning government to swoop in and purchase them at their leisure? There can’t possibly be market demand for military products without the military creating this demand in the first place. And as for the US/UK not having rigid central planning, I can’t fathom how someone can see corporations like Blackrock managing $12 trillion dollars in assets, and using this power to enforce anti-White “diversity inclusion and equity,” mandates, and not thinking that capitalist economies are centrally planned.

But finally, no one ever said you need the government to plan every single aspect of the economy in the first place. All you need to have tanks is the government to plan tanks, and the support infrastructure around them. That’s what a military is, the central planning of the war fighting ability of a nation.

Yes in times of war, more central planning is required, but Fascist states embarked on central planning of the economy much before war. Mussolini started it within a few years of gaining power. Their love of central planning is inherent in the doctrine, it’s not merely a “war time measure”.

If you were wondering where this was all going, yes, Martinez has entered a new faze. He’s tired of being more hardcore than Hitler on race relations. He’s decided to also slander Hitler and Mussolini as being secret communists, because reasons.

Prepare yourself to skim this incoming wall of text. In it we learn that fascism == communism == bad because they had the exact precise amount of central planning that arbitrarily crosses the “too much central planning,” line and is totally different from heavily regulated economies that are on the other side of this never defined line that makes them good.

Brandon Martinez Telegram Spergery:

[Fascism] is not meaningfully distinct from Communism. It is Communism with a false mirage of private property. This is what I’ve been saying: the clash between Fascism and Communism is like internecine religious warfare between Shias and Sunnis.

“Under fascism, the state, through official cartels, controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and agriculture. Planning boards set product lines, production levels, prices, wages, working conditions, and the size of firms. Licensing was ubiquitous; no economic activity could be undertaken without government permission.”

I’m going to cut to the chase here, because Martinez is getting all of this from an article on Fee.org written by a LOLbertarian sperg. Specifically this one here.

So understand that this is mostly bullshit anyway. Oh and Sheldon Richman, the pseudo-intellectual that Martinez is quoting, has his own page on JewAge wherein he is described as “left-libertarian”. Make of that whatever you will, just keep in mind that Martinez used to be a hardcore neon natzee LARPer.

“To maintain high employment and minimize popular discontent, fascist governments also undertook massive public-works projects financed by steep taxes, borrowing, and fiat money creation. While many of these projects were domestic—roads, buildings, stadiums—the largest project of all was militarism, with huge armies and arms production.”

Woah, get a load of this dooginist public works program.

Public works projects are awesome. Only LOLbertarian bugcreatures dislike them, and one of the most obvious signs of our decaying civilization is that we don’t have any good ones, or even any at all.

“The fascist leaders’ antagonism to communism has been misinterpreted as an affinity for capitalism. In fact, fascists’ anticommunism was motivated by a belief that in the collectivist milieu of early-twentieth-century Europe, communism was its closest rival for people’s allegiance.”

Communist Marxist (((Kurt Eisner)))

No actually it was because the (((communists))) then were the (((antifas))) today. So it was more like how we hate antifas because they’re anti-White perverts who LARP like they’re anti-capitalists, and also hate big businesses because we’re not retarded fags like Brandon Martinez. We’re not competing against them in the “who’s the real anti-capitalist” competition. They’re spiteful mutants, we hate Mark Zuckerberg. We are not the same.

“Mussolini’s corporate state “consider[ed] private initiative in production the most effective instrument to protect national interests” (Basch 1937, p. 97). But the meaning of “initiative” differed significantly from its meaning in a market economy. Labor and management were organized into twenty-two industry and trade “corporations,” each with Fascist Party members as senior participants. The corporations were consolidated into a National Council of Corporations; however, the real decisions were made by state agencies such as the Instituto per la Ricosstruzione Industriale, which held shares in industrial, agricultural, and real estate enterprises, and the Instituto Mobiliare, which controlled the nation’s credit.”

“Hitler’s regime eliminated small corporations and made membership in cartels mandatory.

The Reich Economic Chamber was at the top of a complicated bureaucracy comprising nearly two hundred organizations organized along industry, commercial, and craft lines, as well as several national councils. The Labor Front, an extension of the Nazi Party, directed all labor matters, including wages and assignment of workers to particular jobs. Labor conscription was inaugurated in 1938. Two years earlier, Hitler had imposed a four-year plan to shift the nation’s economy to a war footing.”

It sure would be odd for the NSDAP to shut down small businesses, considering that those people were the bulk of their support, and they were explicitly advocating for them and passed laws that put money in their pockets, such as requiring government bureaucracies source products from local businesses. Here’s point 16 of the 25 point plan if you forgot.

16) We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle class, the immediate communalization of large stores to rent out to small businesses at low rates, and primary consideration for small businesses to supply goods to the state, the provinces, or the municipalities.

The claim that the NSDAP shut down all the small businesses is a big one, so what evidence does Sheldon Richman give us? Well he links to another article written by… Sheldon Richman. In that article he links to the cartoonishly poorly written “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” by William Shirer. The passage he’s quoting is on the 262nd page, and says the following.

The little businessmen, who had been one of the party’s chief supports and who expected great things from Chancellor Hitler, soon found them¬ selves, many of them, being exterminated and forced back into the ranks of wage earners. Laws decreed in October 1937 simply dissolved ail corporations with a capital under $40,000 and forbade the establishment of new ones with a capital less than $200,000. This quickly disposed of one fifth of all small business firms. On the other hand the great cartels, which even the Republic had favored, were further strengthened by the Nazis. In fact, under a law of July 15, 1933, they were made compulsory. The Ministry of Economics was empowered to organize new compulsory cartels or order firms to join existing ones.

Despite numerous other sources being given for other things in the book, no source is given for any of the claims in this paragraph. In my searching online I find zero corroboration of this claim that small businesses under a certain size were outlawed, despite this theoretically being easy to corroborate, what with being legislation. Then again, maybe not, since Shirer simply tells us that it was “laws,” not “the x act,” like any normal person. 

All of this is somewhat irrelevant anyway, because Martinez used to be posting stuff like this.

But it’s nice to see people grow and change as human beings. Character development is important. We don’t all want to be stuck where we were as a thirty five year old, loving Adolf Hitler and fascism. We have to grow into hating fascism because Mussolini was a secret bolshevik and central planning is terrible for some reason. We can’t just be letting our few remaining e-friends post gore pics, we also must indoctrinate them into the One True Belief Of Precisely X Percent Government Control Of Markets.

All of this is somewhat ironic, because the longest I was ever exposed to Brandon Martinez was in May of 2021, about a year and a half ago, when he debated some sperg named Zoltanous. I wrote about it on BANG, but the most relevant part is right here.

After about 30-45 minutes of this, the debate switched to the absolute most tedious and unnecessary debate I have ever seen, over whether or not Hitler really did Socialism. Let me summarize basically the next two hours.

Zolt: Well you know Socialism is *blah blah drones on for 3 minutes* and something something Hitler was a Socialist

Martinez: Well you admit that they had some markets, so it was a capitalist mixed economy, so that doesn’t conform to my arbitrary definition of socialism.

Zolt: Yeah but my arbitrary definition of socialism does conform to this so blah blah.

TWO FUCKING HOURS OF THIS. And this Zolt guy was unironically going on about Duginism, which I thought was a meme, but apparently there are retards out there who take this shit seriously.

Martinez has moved in just 18 months from “I love Adolf Hitler because he wasn’t socialist,” to “I hate Adolf Hitler because he was socialist which means he was communist.” He’s also moved from 33k telegram followers to 1,064 as of time of writing, so this may not have been worth my time. I guess I felt like I needed to finally write something about the guy.

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  1. Going back to racist libertarianism is the dr version to going back to monke

  2. communists hate capitalism because it isn’t destroying the family,nation, and race fast enough. Fascism hated capitalism for doing those things and sought to bring back a guild economic system for the folk. I don’t understand this light switch brained takes that “omg you can’t use state power to help the folk economically, that’s communist”

    here is a quote from Trotsky showing the communist non-disagreement with liberalism/capitalism.

    “…we defend Jacobinism against the attacks, […] of anaemic, [and] phlegmatic liberalism. The bourgeoisie has shamefully betrayed all the traditions of its historical youth, and its present hirelings dishonour the graves of its ancestors and scoff at the ashes of their ideals. The proletariat has taken the honour of the revolutionary past of the bourgeoisie under its protection. The proletariat, however radically it may have, in practice, broken with the revolutionary traditions of the bourgeoisie, nevertheless preserves them, as a sacred heritage of great passions, heroism and initiative, and its heart beats in sympathy with the speeches and acts of the Jacobin Convention.”

  3. Aids dementia sufferer.
    Hitler printed real money after deposing kike banksters… end of story.
    So did Napoleon.
    So was gonna (hey I can write good) JFK.

    Apparently dumbshytes worldwide can’t focus on what matters, nor can they understand the arbitrary-ness of money, central banks and the pseudoscience called economics is like subatomic physics to these people.

  4. Off topic I forgot to mention what you will know if you have an open mind. And if you ever saw the zapruder JFK film you knew it subconsciously – the conscious mind was too nauseated to admit it.

    Look at her grab his head before the shot went off, look at her crawl on the trunk just afterwards with secret service guy pointing at a spot on it – and mostly look at the puff of smoke exit her hand region. If they didn’t erase it – A known gold-digger wife – with CIA interaction history.

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