Here’s a tale of two stories for you.

The Giardian:

Russia’s parliament has passed the third and final reading of a law banning “LGBT propaganda” among all adults, as Moscow ramps up its conservative push at home amid the war in Ukraine that passed the nine-month mark on Thursday.

From Russia’s perspective we can look at this one of two different ways. First, we assume that this is totally cynical. The Russian higher ups don’t care, but know that the people want this and need more support for the war effort. Second, we assume that this is totally uncynical, and that they were going to do this anyway, simply because the Russian government is run by patriots. The truth is sort of immaterial. What’s important is that everyone understand that this is what’s in the interest of the health of a nation, as well as what is popular. 

The bill criminalises any act regarded as an attempt to promote what Russia calls “non-traditional sexual relations” – in film, online, advertising or in public – and expands on a notorious 2013 law that banned “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” among minors and was used to detain gay rights activists.

Notorious == fantastic. Gay Rights Activists == groomers.

Under the new law, individuals can be fined up to 400,000 roubles (£5,400) and organisations 5m roubles (£68,500) for “propagandising nontraditional sexual relations”, while foreigners could face up to 15 days’ arrest and expulsion from Russia.

Human rights groups and LGBTQ+ activists say the extension of the law means any act or public mention of same-sex relationships is functionally being outlawed.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is expected to sign the bill in the coming days.

When are these “human rights groups” going to demand that the people who lied us into Iraq be punished in some way? Oh right, never, because they’re not really human rights organizations, they’re anti-White groomers who pretend to be really nice, kindhearted people when they are anything but.


Russia’s upper house of parliament unanimously voted on Wednesday to toughen a controversial law banning what the bill describes as “LGBT propaganda,” making it apply to Russians of all ages.

The bill has to be signed into law by Russian President Vladimir Putin after being passed by the Federation Council. It passed the lower house of parliament, the State Duma, on November 24.

The law proposes to ban all Russians from promoting or “praising” homosexual relationships or publicly suggesting that they are “normal.” It also prohibits “propaganda” of pedophilia and gender reassignment in advertising, books, films.

Imagine if our parliament unanimously voted in support of something like this. Instead, we get the zionist-catlady axis of evil venemously seething at the Russian ambassador for showing his support.

France 24:

Ottawa (AFP) – Canada’s foreign minister on Monday ordered her officials to summon Russia’s ambassador in Ottawa, Oleg Stepanov, over a series of “hateful” anti-LGBTQ tweets including one aimed at an openly lesbian federal minister.

The embassy posted the messages on Twitter in recent days after Russian lawmakers approved a bill banning all forms of LGBTQ “propaganda” that critics say ramps up a crackdown on “non-traditional” sexual relationships, affecting everything from books and films to social media posts.

“Unsurprisingly, the Russians have once again chosen hateful propaganda,” Foreign Minister Melanie Joly’s deputy director of communications, Emily Williams, said in a statement.

“This is an attack on the Canadian values of acceptance and tolerance. Minister Joly has directed Global Affairs Canada to summon the Russian ambassador to tell him as much,” she said.

Melanie Joly

You would not believe how hard it is to track down the “offending” tweets. I wasted a solid twenty minutes because none of these propagandists bothered linking to the original tweet.

This prompted the lesbian Minister of Sports (lol) to seethe in public.

Which prompted whomever runs the Russian Ambassador to Canada twatter account to respond in kind.

They seem to have gotten into it with Randy Boissonnault, who is the Liberal Party Minster of Tourisn and Associate Minister of Finance, as well as being a guy with a monkeypox groomerpox flag in his bio.

The Russians double down on the “no, you’re a bunch of sick perverts,” line.

And just when I was about to fully support them they go ahead and do something spiritually ghey like the following.

“Libs R Real Natzees.”

Anyway, back to the attempted bullying by catlady Melanie.

“We absolutely can’t tolerate this rhetoric … This is an attack on the Canadian values of acceptance and tolerance.”

It’s the third time Ambassador Oleg Stepanov has been summoned by Joly this year.

Well if the first two times didn’t accomplish anything I’m sure it will magically be entirely different this time.

Joly’s office said the ambassador will be expected to explain the tweet directed at St-Onge.

What is this elementary school? They’re being asked to explain what they meant by a tweet that had the groomer flag crossed out? Okay so what if they say “go fuck yourself.” Is this dumb broad going to actually do anything about it?

Artur Wilczynski, an openly gay former Canadian ambassador to Norway and a LGBTQ rights campaigner, said he was shocked by the tweets put out by the Russian embassy.

“It was a direct attack not only on the LGBTQ2+ community but it was a shot across the bow in terms of Canada’s domestic framework, in terms of protecting human rights,” he said. 

“To see this coming out from a mission accredited to Canada was just a step too far and I thought was, quite frankly, a fairly direct attack on our values and on our country.”

Wilczynski said he took the image of a crossed-out pride flag as a “direct threat.”

I’m not even going to bother responding to that, especially when Russia released their statement on the matter.


The Embassy was surprised to note the Global Affairs Canada’s publication supporting the Statement by the so-called “Equal Rights Coalition” with regard to adoption in Russia of a Federal Law aimed at preservation of traditional values. We would like to make a few comments in this regard.

The new legislation prohibits propaganda that promotes same-sex sexual relations or preferences, as well as pedophilia and information encouraging gender reassignment surgery.

Canada and a range of other States-supporters of the neoliberal agenda are deliberately distorting the reality by conflating the concepts of individual sexual preferences and universal human rights. Fortunately, there are no universally acknowledged international documents in place that would establish such a status for any relations that are different from a traditional family structure (a kind reminder that we are considering a natural family of procreation, which refers to a social unit of two male and female parents and their potential children).

It is important to reiterate that there is no discrimination in Russia with respect to the rights of sexual and other kind of minorities. However, it is well-known fact that a person’s freedom ends where another man’s freedom begins. We believe that non-traditional relations propaganda, let alone their criminally prosecuted perverted forms (such as pedophilia), infringes the rights of traditional majority of the Russian citizens willing to protect themselves and their children from being imposed with precepts that are alien to their spiritual and moral values.

Finally, the Embassy would like to recall a famous quote by the former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau stating that “there is no place for the State in the bedrooms of the Nation”. It would be very timely now to follow it up with an equally important comment: “there is no place for a bedroom in the Government”. Individual sexual preferences of adults and details of their relations should remain strictly personal. It should not become a political matter, especially international relations’ agenda topic.

P.S.: Our country is not interfering in the Canadian domestic affairs. It is up to the Canadian authorities and citizens to make decisions in this field. We do expect from the Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet corresponding respectful attitude towards the legislative process in Russia based on the national State Policy to preserve and strengthen traditional values and the will of the Russian people. 

I fully support anti-groomer legislation like this. I do think that the Russian propaganda is too focused on “gotcha” type stuff with respect to our Democracy Class. A much shorter statement, and one highlighting how harmful, vicious, and ridiculous these people are would be much better. But frankly, I’ve come to accept them being milquetoast fence sitters with poor propaganda. What’s more relevant is how utterly insane our government is.

I can’t get over how dumb, gay, and performative these people are. The Canadian Government is borderline at war with Russia, but this Melanie Joly chick makes a huge deal out of talking to the Russian ambassador for the third time to scold him about his country pushing anti-groomer legislation. This isn’t going to accomplish anything, but they’re doing it anyway because they’re so assblasted.

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