Yesterday I catalogued the partial list of cool kids who Elon Musk let back on twatter. Moike Enoch was left out, as were Warren Balogh, Emily Youcis/Balogh, and a few others. I thought I saw Spectre, but I couldn’t find him again. Well to tie up that loose end, he is indeed on the site as of time of writing. And of course, don’t forget to follow yours truly.

But Sven’s account got put onto a rollercoaster that went directly into an oven before being gassed to death quickly with a slow release insecticide. He was later found to be turned into a bar of e-soap that still had skin attached to it, and there are reports that he is now an e-lampshade.

I’ve maintained that the worst case scenario for us is that Musk brings everyone back on twatter only to immediately censor us again for nebulous and arbitrarily enforced rules. It would be easy to conclude that is exactly what is happening, and numerous paycucks on BANG made that exact leap of logic. Fortunately, Sven cleared things up for us.

I got banned cuz I logged in on my phone.

In Sven’s case it looks like they gave him his account back, but didn’t turn off the auto IP ban that was put on his phone or something like that. To me that sounds like an accident as opposed to an intentional trap, so we’ll have to wait and see if this means anything going forward.

However, one user in that same thread stated that they were soft-banned for calling someone “a fat tranny.” Another has received a ban for the following image.

It’s very much part of the Musk Experience. He’s nowhere near as good as you’d hope for, but potentially a net positive, if only barely.

On a somewhat related note, Musk has already vastly improved the speed of twitter just by doing basic behind the scenes things like preventing obvious bots from constantly spamming. He even links to this classic video making fun of web engineers for basically being frauds. I approve, and would like to reiterate what people in the know have been saying for years, which is that these tech corporations are jokes who have an order of magnitude more engineers than they actually need.

He also claims that he met with Apple’s homo CEO Tim Cook, who said that they never considered app banning twatter. Now that’s a bald faced lie, because there’s no way in hell that Apple didn’t consider removing twatter from the app store. But it could mean that Musk promised something that we wouldn’t like to hear about to this member of the GroomerPox Community, or it could mean nothing.

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