I was editing together another video to upload to YouTube when I received the following comment notification.

Usually when you click on those comments you’re taken to the video. But in this case the notification box simply turned blank.

Sure enough, YouTube had oven’d one of our videos on Kanye.

We realize this may be disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all.

Luckily, Odysee had already auto-uploaded the video, and you can see it here.

It’s been a fun day. The list of people that Kanye West has unsettled, to say the least, is a mile long.


In case you’re not familiar with virulent anti-White activist (((Tim Wise))).

And in case you’re not familiar with the BLM Terrorist Darrell Brooks and the “WI parade” he’s referring to.

And in case that video is too long.

“Nothing suggests the WI parade was targeted for racial reasons.” – Tim Wise

Anyway, the hive of scum and villainy that is the official Kanye West subreddit is having a meltdown.

I have to rely on others giving me these screenshots, because there’s no way I’m going on Reddit, especially the Kanye West section.

What the fuck. I’ve idolized [this] fool for years, I wear his clothes I listen to his music daily, I’ve defended his outburst to my friends but like now what? I’m actually asking.

I love having the exact opposite opinions as these people. When YeGate started I tried listening to some Kanye West music. I have to say, even knowing that the guy is pissing off all the right people doesn’t make his music sound any better to me. But his politics though…

Lex Fridman, the boring They-American who rose to prominence on YouTube after everyone interesting was banned, isn’t feeling it. He’s been mute on extreme anti-White rhetoric over the years, but Kanye West saying that Hitler was pretty based broke his poor little heart.

That last one actually refers to the World Cup, but it’s still funny.

I didn’t quote Mr. Balogh in my earlier piece, but I think this take of his sums it all up quite well.

There were some cold takes going around, as if the entire Kanye West experience was this Machiavellian plot by Ron DeSantis or his owners to discredit Trump and make uppity goys look stupid. I disagree strongly. I think there was an effort to reign in Kanye West, who was for years promoted by Benny Shapiro types. This effort has clearly failed, because there’s zero chance that West was supposed to go out there and start praising Hitler, fact-checking the lampshadocaust, and shutting down grift-right narratives about Soros being da real natzee. What Kanye is doing is burning down the House of Grift and locking the key while Ben Shapiro pounds his tiny little fists on the door.

By the way, we aren’t done with the reddit tears yet. Credit to BANG user Sir Leon for finding these.

This last one is also from Reddit, but I’m cutting out the other details because it’s hilarious.

From 2015-2018 every leftist anti-Trump meme just became a pro-Trump meme whether they liked it or not. There’s something similar happening with Mr. West.

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  1. In related news, somebody uploads a video to Jewtube and gets surprised to find out they are jews.

    Reddit? And please remember…..click on the stupid thumbnail

    Anti-social media is the realm of the jew


  2. I forgot to mention There’s nothing more pitiful than the fact that 90% of what you are seeing on these anti-social sites are ones and zeros coming out of israel.

    Like the gnostic archons – their weapons are fear and illusion, they can’t “create” anything.

    Never worked on me cuz gee, even in grade school I avoided the retarded group mind.

  3. It is just a bunch of jews and virtue signaling muppets that don’t like Ye. I don’t think any real people are outraged by anything he is saying.

  4. Mcnabb personally called out for his terrible takes

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