I regularly get forwarded the latest in ClownWorld from a few people I know in real life. The first problem is that many of these things are not worthy of a story individually. The second problem is that there’s too much ClownWorld and I can’t keep up. If I had to write a seperate piece for every little absurdity that comes down the pipe, you’d need to make four or five of me, maybe more. To that end I started Clownworld Overdose, to collate the highlights in one place. Unfortunately I got behind a few weeks, and had such a cavalcade of ClownWorld that I couldn’t handle all of it.

Every tab represents a trans kitten being sexually abused…

I mentioned this in the previous piece covering two White Men who were fired explicitly because they were White. That’s not the first time that’s happened, nor will it be the last, and it always belongs in ClownWorld Overdose. But trust me, we’ve got more than enough to cover just with the Groomers today.

First up we have another Drag Groomer Storytime, this time in Kitsilano, a neighbourhod of Vancouver. Rebel News got the coverage, but it happens to be exactly what you’d expect.

I’m not doing the “muh Satanists,” bit, but it’s highly relevant when these perverts get satanic symbols tattoo’d onto their bodies. I’m not saying they worship Satan, but it’s a commitment to the bit that goes beyond an edgy joke. And then they demand the right to “perform” for little kids. One of the “performers,” goes by the name “Satanix.” The other goes by the name “Tara Beladi,” also has a satanic tattoo, and looks like this.

It’s disgusting and hypersexualized, and it brought out all the usual suspects, such as the below duo. The creature on the right of the image who is trying to blow bubbles is the same cunt who got in our faces at the Monkeypox Pride Parade and was blowing her whistle as hard as possible.

Above is her at the Kitsilano groomer show. Below is her at Project Monkeypox: Vancouver.

Lol. LMAO even.

On the good guys side we saw Pierre again, who is doing great work. He is pictured below, and was seen alongside Billboard Chris, although I didn’t screencap the two together.

Rebel News:

A group of approximately 60 citizens, concerned about the sexualization of children, gathered to protest the event while about 10 gathered in counter-protest.

The video clearly shows the anti-child abuse team being far more populous than the disgusting pro-child abuse side, even in Vancouver. Unfortunately, while I greatly appreciate the work these types do, anything involving Rebel Media is going to be at least partially ghey and retarded.

Contrary to State-backed media reports that labelled the protesters opposing the event as “anti-LGBTQ+” without talking to both sides of the demonstration, like Rebel News did, some who gathered to condemn the performance said they were members of the LGBTQ+ community themselves.

Theoretically this could be fine, but it’s centering perverts in an issue that is for everyone and it makes me highly unimpressed. It’s also worth mentioning that other groups, like NSC-131, Patriot Front, and even the Proud Boys, have shut down these groomer fiestas just by announcing they’ll be showing up to protest. I’m not sure you can get that when you’re advertising that you have more poofters on your side, although they are at least ostensibly doing a good thing.

But this is full on ClownWorld so we’ve got full on AIDS, and if this was the only story of note it’d be a quaint and charming few weeks. Instead of that, meet Josh Misukami, an unrepentent pedophile who thinks he is an “immortal god”.

Welcome I am Joshia Misukami, your true Messiah of Earth. A God in human form, and a healthy one. I wanted to give this video to everyone as a wonderful gift to continue this infinite journey that we have together as one cosmic family.

Pedophilia in and of itself is completely righteous. It is harm free. Zoophilia is talking about an attraction between human beings and animals. And these types of relationships can be just like a relationship between a man and a woman. Something loving and completely natural.

He follows this up by claiming that the Covid-19 pandemic is due to people not doing what he told them to do. He then fails in a debate with some other guy when he keeps trying to do a definition debate, repeatedly asking him to define sexual, then sex. Later some other guy comes on.

Normal Guy: Like if a five year old says yes to something to this then an adult says like ‘hey, do you wanna try kissing or do you wanna try touching,’ and the five year old says yes, do you think that should be legal?

Josh Misukami: Yes, absolutely. If the five year old says yes, then they are actually giving their democratic vote, and that is their right.

Oh you think that’s the worst of it. Fuck you, get ready for this.

Other normal guy debating him: Now you have a child?

Josh Misukami: I do have a son, yeah.

Normal Guy: So if a 65 year old man went up to your child and asked if he could have sex with him, and your child says ‘yes, sure,’ not knowing what it was, would you be fine with that?

JM: If they both agreed I would of course absolutely support it.

NG: How old is your son.

JM: Well he’s five months old right now.

NG: Wow. Thanks Josiah, all the best. And I hope the authorities catch up with you soon.

JM: I am the true authority with the God’s with me brother. That’s why. Recognize how dangerous it is to perpetuate hell on earth.

What. The. Fuck.

I’ve grown so used to QAnon tier bullshit that I simply expect conservatives to be lying or exaggerating things when posting them online. But in this case no, the guy is a total pedophile. While YouTube, to their credit, has censored him, twitter still allows him a profile.

He has just 409 followers, so it’s not like he has a big cult, and I’m sure many of those people are doing it only to watch this horror show. Even still, there is no reason why scum like this should be allowed on twatter. Everything he says about innocent children perpetuates harm, and yet he’s allowed to stay on twatter even in the post-Yoel Roth era. He’s managed to last longer than Kanye West.

Life Site News:

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Progressive Conservative Ontario premier Doug Ford’s government recently provided funding for a Christmas-themed drag show that was marketed towards “all ages.” 

The event, titled “Jingle Bell Rock,” took place last night in Kitchener, Ontario, and according to a flyer that was circulated on social media, was an “All ages drag night” which featured performances from three men dressed as women. 

The flyer also included a note at the bottom that read “Funding provided by the Government of Ontario,” which quickly become a source of outrage for social conservatives.

Former Ford Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and current leader of the New Blue Party, Belinda Karahalios, reacted to the news by slamming her former government on social media.


I’ll be talking to some Ontario goys tomorrow at 9PM EST, so they can fill me in on the New Blue Party. I highly doubt it isn’t Finkled all to hell, but she’s right to be angry about the groomer show.


Yes, the conservative Doug Ford government, when they’re not destroying farmland to put money in the pockets of their buddies, makes sure to use your tax dollars to fund groomer shows with disgusting perverts dancing for children.

This is bad, but not necessarily the worst thing I’ve ever seen. We are in ClownWorld after all. But the difference is that I’ve been to Gibsons before, and it always hits differently when these groomers are operating in locations you are physically familiar with. It’s like having a shooting happen in a school near you, although this manages to be, in the long term, more harmful for the children.

Libs of TikTok stumbles upon a tranny illegally selling minors permanently sterilizing hormones. This investigative journalism was made possible because xir just openly tweeted about it, bragging. Despite this clear violation of the law, the FBI is entirely disinterested in doing anything to this creature.

It’s also possible that the state of Texas could destroy this operation, but Governor Greg Abbott is a total whore for They-Americans, and he’s not interested.

The Blaze:

Former Navy SEAL Chris Beck, who gained national attention for coming out as Kristin Beck in a 2013 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, announced Thursday that he is de-transitioning back to being a man after realizing that he was “propagandized” and “used badly by a lot of people,” the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

He’s probably sterilized at this point. I don’t know what exactly he got, but if his dick went off I think that’s sayonara on Mr. Beck’s ability to procreate. I’d say that at least he was an adult and capable of making his own choices, but if you want to chop your dick off then you are necessarily psychotic and cannot be held responsible for your actions.

NOTE: He’s definitely sterilized. We get to that later.

Jazzhands made the chirp that McKevitt bantzed the guy back into being a man in his last speech. Unfortunately Odysee is not working very well for me right now, so I guess you’ll just have to imagine the penis-woman getting roasted back into being almost a man.

But seriously, this article is so important that I have to almost quote it in full. You can just skim the bold.

Beck announced his plan to de-transition during an interview with political commentator Robby Starbuck. During the two-hour conversation, Beck addressed how the media used him to promote transgender ideology and warned about the dangers of children transitioning.

“What I see as conversion right now is the fact that you had a psychologist, you had CNN, you had everybody else,” Beck explained. “You have the entire media. Everyone is converting all these kids into transgender.

According to the former Navy SEAL, who served 20 years on special operations teams, he was told by a psychologist that he was transgender after a single one-hour session. That same psychologist, Anne Speckhard, then manipulated Beck into co-authoring a book.

“I got taken advantage of,” Beck stated. “I got propagandized. I got used badly by a lot of people who had knowledge way beyond me that they knew what they were doing.”

Beck stated that halfway through writing “Warrior Princess” with Speckhard, he had doubts and requested that it not be published. However, according to Beck, the co-authored book was released without his permission.

Beck told Starbuck that when he first met the psychologist, she “love-bombed” him and convinced him to write the book that turned her into a millionaire. Following the release of the book, Beck says he was overwhelmed with media attention.

A few days after the book was released, Beck was interviewed about his transition journey by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Beck now claims that the news outlet “used” him and “destroyed [his] life.”

The former Navy SEAL discussed how speaking out against the transgender movement, which he referred to as a “cult” several times throughout the interview, would get him booted from the community.

“If they think that their narrative is so sacred that you can’t even speak out against it, as soon as you say something, you’re out,” said Beck. “You’re excommunicated. You are a Nazi. They ramp it up so fast.”

Beck explained the dangers of medical professionals’ “automatic acceptance” of children who have self-diagnosed themselves as transgender. He added that doctors should require “a minimum number of sessions” before allowing children to undergo life-altering hormone therapy treatment or gender-mutilating surgeries.

“There’s a lot of complications with these surgeries,” Beck noted. “And that’s a part that they don’t really talk about.”

Beck told Starbuck that he came on the podcast to take “full responsibility” for promoting gender ideology and stated that, at the time, he was “naive.” He explained that he is concerned that children are “being talked into this.”

“I don’t want this to continue, and I don’t want these kids to get hurt,” Beck stated.

Chris Beck

Chris Beck was an obviously emotionally and mentally fragile and damaged man. Maybe that was from PTSD, maybe it was just the way that he was. He walked into a doctors office one day and one single hour later he was diagnosed as a tranny and starting on his chemical castration, which he detailed in the part of the video I watched.

He was already doubting the mutilation being done to his body, but the psychologist responsible for this, Anne Speckhard, manipulated him into continuing and then the zionists at CNN pretended to give a shit about him and act like his horrific mutilation was a good thing. But when he tried speaking out, however tepidly, his newfound “friend” group of fellow trannies all called him a natzee for not being fully onboard with Total Penis Genocide.

Chris Beck is not the first tranny with a similar story. Tulip the tranny said pretty much this exact thing, as did this eighteen year old girl who was allowed to chop off both of her breasts at the age of 15 after being diagnosed as a man at age 13 and put on the female equivalent of chemical castration.

All trannies are insane. Some of them stop being as insane and realize that the psychopathic doctors and peer group they have drove them to permanently mutilate themselves. But we’ll get to Mermaids next. I’m not even halfway done with the pent up ClownWorld, but I have to stop the article somewhere.

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  1. Me in 2017: they won’t go farther than trannies, they know it won’t be good
    Me in 2023: okay, so that was a lie

  2. Mizukami’s youtube channel has been shoah’d due to TOS violations.
    I imagine it wouldn’t take much to get him oven’d on twatter – my guess is that his small following has allowed him to slip under the radar for now.

  3. It seems to me that some anonymous “trans-kids” who have no intent to “transition” could waste mr. Erlicks’ time and money by convincing him to send them these drugs and then dumping them straight in the trash…

  4. What is that dog hanging from a rope pic all about? WHAT IS THAT?

    1. It’s photoshopped.

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