NBC News:

Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of crypto giant FTX, was arrested in the Bahamas after American authorities filed criminal charges against him, the country’s attorney general said Monday.

A statement from Attorney General Ryan Pinder did not say what the charges were but said that American authorities were expected to request his extradition.

The statement added that while American authorities pursue criminal charges, the Bahamas is continuing a regulatory and criminal investigation into the company’s sudden collapse.

Just in time. I was about to write another “Reminder: Der Bankman still not arrested,” article, but I suppose that I can’t now. Instead I’ll have to wait a few months before writing a “Bankman undercharged,” piece, and then a few more before the inevitable “Der Bankman freed on technicality as fellow Nose-American accidentally on purpose butchers the investigation.”

BANG user PleaseSirDoTheSneedful speculates that Sam Bankman-Fried will be charged for his mixing of funds. Maybe. But the point of him mixing funds was to steal them through the other corporation he owned, Alameda. He really ought to be charged with theft or fraud, and anything less than that is the prosecution throwing the fight.

But I’m not waging all my clout one way or another. I’ve thought from the beginning that Bankman-Fried’s main fraud was actually him going off script. Sequoia Capital, (((Blackrock))) and the rest wanted their guy in there so they could manipulate the markets, but The Eternal Bankman got greedy, stole customer funds, and then lost it all on a Ponzi scheme.

The guy has a decent shot at getting Epstein’d in prison, and he’s doing no favours to World Heebery through his actions. If they protect and coddle him in the legal system it’s going to look terrible, but then again, he is their guy and he stole money from the lowly Goyim. Hard to say what will happen.

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  1. in other news, elon says “The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters” – that is probably true, but it’s going to be tough without naming the jew and all the ebil anti-semitisms, now, isn’t it?

  2. “Instead I’ll have to wait a few months before writing a “Bankman undercharged,” piece,”

    My money is still on him “tragically” committing “suicide” before the wheels of justice start rolling in any meaningful way. He can incriminate far too many influential people for the powers that be to give him a chance to start ratting on them.

    1. He’s interred in fox hill prison in the Bahamas, he’ll probably get a life sentence, do 3 years, and be stabbed by a psychonigger

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