It’s been a while since we updated you on the Bankmanocaust. When we last checked in there were no charges. But now, over two weeks later, there are… still no charges. 

USA News:

NEW YORK (Reuters) -FTX founder and former chief executive (((Sam Bankman-Fried))) and (((Caroline Ellison))), head of its now-defunct trading affiliate, have tapped defense attorneys as U.S. authorities probe the crypto exchange’s collapse, according to a spokesperson for Bankman-Fried and a source familiar with Ellison’s selection.

But at least they’ve felt the urge to lawyer up. I sure do wonder who these two child geniuses have tapped to represent them. Probably all the WASPs and WhITe LiBErAlS that Gavin McInness and Juden Peterstein keep telling us about. I can’t believe how evil these wHiTE liBErAlS are.

Bankman-Fried has retained Mark S. Cohen, of Cohen & Gresser, Bankman-Fried’s spokesperson Mark Botnick said in an emailed statement. Cohen could not be reached for comment.

Cohen? That’s a very common name amongst White Liberals. But Mark Botnick, what’s that guy’s situation?

Jewish Telegraph Agency:

At 24, Mark Botnick is in charge of outreach to the Jewish community for Mike Bloomberg’s third mayoral campaign. The Yonkers native, an alumnus of Westchester Day School and Westchester Hebrew High School, worked on Bloomberg’s last campaign while still at Queens College and afterward went to work at the city’s Community Assistance Unit until this year. A Democrat, he lives on the Upper West Side.

Mark Botnick, 1784, colourized

Could this story get any more White and Liberal? I was sure there couldn’t be another DEMONrat, but here we are.

(((Cohen))), a former assistant United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, recently defended (((Ghislaine Maxwell))) in her sex trafficking trial.

Bankman-Fried had previously hired (((Martin Flumenbaum))) of law firm Paul, (((Weiss))), (((Rifkind))), Wharton & Garrison, but the law firm said last month it was no longer representing him due to conflicts.

It’s just so sickening what these White LiBuRALs get up to in smoke filled rooms at their local synagogues. I for one am tired of all these hook nosed liberals with dual citizenship to Israel who are conspiring together to thieve on behalf of the DEMONrats and ChiComs.

Jazzhands McFeels Telegram:

Sam Bankman-Fried, Jewish, has hired defense attorney Mark Cohen, Jewish, of Cohen (Jewish) and Gresser (Jewish) who recently defended Ghislaine Maxwell, Jewish, co-conspirator of Jeffrey Epstein, Jewish, in her underage child rape and sex trafficking trial, presided over by Judge Alison Nathan, Jewish. Notably, Nathan is “greatly respected” by Elon Musk.

That’s Ari Emannuel behind Musk.

I’ve honestly lost track of all the WhiTE LiBERaLs wHo hATe thEMsElvES there are in this story. Someone get Gavin McInnes in here so we can keep track.

Somehow it gets Jewier more White and Liberal, with (((Andrew Ross Sorkin))) of the (((New York Times))) interviewing a smug (((Sam Bankman-Fried))) trying not to smile as he hears about a Goy Black Republican who had his life savings stolen.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: One of the letters I got uh I want to read to you Sam. Uhm, because it’s from a gentleman who said that he lost his life savings. And the subject line is “Sam Bankman-Fried stole $2 million from me.” It says “Andrew, can you please ask SBF why he decided to steal my life savings, and the $10 billion more from customers to give to his hedge fund Alameda?”

The video made the rounds on telegram a few days ago, but I didn’t have enough to justify a new story. Even still, I watched it with my mouth involuntarily opening. He literally snickers as the question is asked and does a very poor job hiding it. Frankly, Andrew Ross Sorkin is holding in a grin as well.

It’s even more obvious in motion. He literally giggles as he hears about a man losing his life savings. Fucking piece of shit. 

Just after my last piece this guy, Coffeezilla, put out a great video repeating much of what I said, but in more detail. A lot of the “red media,” as Mr. Kanye West would say, is designed to gaslight you into thinking that you’re crazy for believing the obvious, which is that FTX and SBF were 100% clearly and knowingly committing fraud. It’s nice to see someone come out and dunk on that nonsense, and he even brought on a guest, Marc Cohodes, who was calling this corporation out for more than half a year before it finally imploded.

Marc Cohodes: I knew something was wrong a year ago because everything this guy said – and you can play all his interviews back – nothing added up. You know nothing added up. If people ask me a question I will give them an answer or say I don’t know. I won’t talk in a figure eight, you know I won’t answer a question with a non-answer again and again and again.

Nothing this guy said has ever made a lick of sense. And if he would have come to my office looking for money I would have told him hit the bricks because nothing added. I mean fuck, they didn’t even figure out that his accountants address was somewhere in the Metaverse.

We laid out this thing to 5 crypto – five ladies on the crypto team [at Bloomberg] and they passed. They said it would be too much work, we’d lose access, it’s bad for business. They’d hang up on us if we’d ask these questions.

Coffeezilla: Wait, Bloomberg denied a story with you because they thought it would lose them access and they thought it was too much work?

MC: Yes, 100%.

CZ: When, when did this happen?

MC: This happened in early July. They had everything. They had everything. And they said it was bad for business, ie. bad for advertising. 

Bad for advertising, or bad for (((Bloomberg)))?

Mikey Bloomberg

Before we move on from this video, I have to touch on something else that Coffeezilla says, absent Marc Cohodes. I’ve started the video from the right spot.

SBF was not lacking anything, he purposely and deliberately profited from the vague relationship between Alameda and FTX. And the first sign of this was when I spoke to an insider at Alameda. 

He told me that they would often use insider knowledge of the coins that were gonna be listed on FTX. Then they would go buy those coins up knowing that it would pump in price when it was finally listed. In other words, an easy profit could be made.

This by the way, is similar to what happened on Coinbase and three people were arrested for insider trading in that case. But unlike Coinbase, this wasn’t rogue employees, this was Alameda itself doing this. So let me get this straight, if it was criminal when three individuals did it, what did it mean when an entire organization did it?

A lot of people, myself included, are unsure of exactly what the scam was with FTX. It’s complicated, but I think the reason it’s complicated is because Sam Bankman-Fried and his Jew White Liberal lover Caroline Ellison went rogue and started their own scam on the side. I said in my last piece that all these institutional investors wanted in because they saw the ability to manipulate markets using FTX as a vehicle. But then SBF, the fuckup slob who spends all his days playing League of Legends, decided to try a poorly executed Ponzi scheme on the side. I’m not sold on this theory, but I think it makes sense.

You see criminal Jews like the ones involved with FTX face a shortage of available personnel. There just aren’t that many Jews in the US, and there is a smaller amount who they can 100% trust not to get cold feet and rat on the criminal operation they had going on what with manipulating the markets. They have to make do with what they can get, and Sam Bankman-Fried came well vetted with his (((political activist))) parents, so they were willing to overlook him being a careless dipshit. It shouldn’t matter if all he’s doing is run of the mill insider trading with them and cornering a market. But then the guy got so sloppy that a competitor blew up a Ponzi scheme they were operating and they got caught with their pants around their ankles. Maybe if he was a hardcore Zionist he’d have been on the ball, but he had to shoot crappy YouTube puff pieces and play League of Legends all day, so he didn’t have time for that.

Marc Cohodes also did a podcast interview with Demetri Kofinas of Hidden Forces. He points out something that I was wondering myself, starting around the thirty minute mark, which is that the supposed there is almost no proof that the FTX co-founder, Garry Wang, is a real person. At least no evidence that you can find. He had contacts at Sequoia, the corporation who bragged about hiring Sam while he was playing League of Legends, and they said that FTX flat out refused to ever let anyone interview Gary. No one at Sequoia had ever met him.


A few Wang photos are circulating on the internet, though little else is known about the mysterious co-founder who preferred to stay in the shadows as SBF chased the limelight. In a now infamous picture on FTX’s website, CTO Wang is seen with his back facing the camera as he focuses on the monitors in front of him.

At the age of 28, Wang topped Forbes’ 2022 list of the world’s billionaires under 30 with a net worth of $5.9 billion in April. SBF sent his congratulations to Wang in public, tweeting that “I couldn’t be prouder” when the list came out.

Even that article doesn’t have a picture of Gary Wang, despite him being the richest man under thirty in the entire world, at least at the time. Cohodes isn’t convinced the guy exists at all, although there is some evidence for this.

Nishad Singh, the head of engineering at FTX, said Wang was a “really good mentor” who offered suggestions and advice to push things out on short timescales.

Wang, one of the 10 roommates in Bankman-Fried’ luxury penthouse in the Bahamas, is reportedly among the four people cited by Caroline Ellison who knew about the decision to send customer funds to Alameda, according to people who spoke to the Wall Street Journal.

Again, Wang’s profile on Forbes still has no picture, and the only pic I can find of him on the internet is below. 

I’m not going to stake my reputation on this guy existing or not existing, but it’s incredibly odd at the very least how little information there is on a guy who is supposed to be the cofounder of this corporation. He’s worth $6 billion, and there’s one picture of him on the internet and almost no one has ever met him. It seems almost like these WhITe LIbeRAlS were trying to fake diversify the criminal scheme.

Note the dates of these tweets.

Again, the point is that it was obvious that something totally inexplicable was going on here. This should not have blindsided anyone.

This article is taking too long, so I won’t transcribe this glorious accidental interview that Coffeezilla forced upon SBF in a twitter space that the latter was unwise enough to join. SBF does the typical “I had literally zero idea what could have happened,” routine, and Coffeezilla repeatedly calls him on this.

Coffeezilla: So I talked to a couple Alameda insiders and I kind of run by them your version of things. I think you’re aware I’m pretty skeptical. 

One of them when I asked him “could it be that Sam didn’t know about this,” someone who worked with you actually laughed and they said “there’s no way he’s claiming to be stupid now when he was like this genius wonderkid.” So my sense of things is how do you explain this. How do you explain the fact that some of the people who worked with you for years, your employees, have come out and said “there’s no way he didn’t know about these backdoors, there’s no way he didn’t know what Caroline was doing,” when you guys were very close, your offices were right next to each other.

I mean, how do you expect us to believe this story you’re spinning?

Sam Bankman-Fried: *pregnant pause* Uh, I mean. I don’t know what to say. Like, I had a lot going on. Uhm. And I was spread thin. I was a bit less grounded than I had been before. I lost track of a lot of things.

Coffeezilla: Hang on one second. I think spread thin is one thing. Like I think things can get out of hand, but we’re talking about a fundamental understanding of whether Alameda was co-mingling funds with FTX. I saw your Stephanopoulos and Sorkin interview and you’re pretty categorical that you had no idea that you were co-mingling funds. That’s what we’re asking about, not like “did you know exactly what was happening on November 7th or November 8th.”

I mean I can understand things getting out of control, but we’re talking the most fundamental grasp on how your business worked. You’re telling us you had no idea.

SBF: I was… not aware of what was going on. I was vaguely aware that some of these systems existed. I didn’t know details of them. And I – I, you know, wasn’t spending much time and – on uh – looking at positions in risk management it was a big mistake.

For those who can’t understand how laughable this is, Sam Bankman-Fried is literally going around and telling people that he didn’t understand that his corporation Alameda was transferring money to his other corporation FTX, meaning that he had literally zero idea how Alameda just spontaneously had billions of dollars and and FTX had correspondingly fewer billions. Like, this is one of the dumbest “the dog ate my homework,” type excuses I have ever heard.

The entire interview is like this, and it only gets better from there as this kikel keeps doing his worst “aw shucks I didn’t know,” routine to an audience that, refreshingly, isn’t having any of it. But it does show that Bankman-Fried isn’t particularly smart, because if he had any sense about him he wouldn’t be out there in front of uncensored Goyim fielding these questions in the first place. 

NY Post:

The top “regulatory officer” at fallen crypto exchange FTX once served as an attorney for a company that was embroiled in a notorious online poker cheating scandal more than a decade ago — and was caught on tape allegedly aiding the perpetrators of the fraud, according to reports.

(((Dan Friedberg))) — a lawyer who was FTX’s chief regulatory officer in the months leading up to its collapse and who also did a stint as its general counsel — also had served as an attorney for UltimateBet, whose collapse was considered one of the largest online gambling scandals in history at the time.

Yeah, he is, and here’s his face.

Just when you thought this story couldn’t get any Jewier, we find another WhITe LiBErAL. Damn those DEMONrats.

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  1. “five ladies on the crypto team [at Bloomberg]”

    look, I respect ladies as much as the next guy, but if your only “experts” on crypto are women then you’re not seriously looking into crypto, you’re looking to cover up any relevant crypto info with blather written by wahmens.

    That Cofeezilla is a legit “citizen journalist” and has thus far had an admirable career arc.

    “A few Wang photos are circulating on the internet” oh boy, lemme tell you about the wang photos on the internet! …. they legit just put this line in the article for a laugh.

  2. SBF and CE look like the village idiot and wife. Yet there they are, ripping off the goyim. My hope is that some time soon the goyim get embarrassed by being constantly ripped off by these mouth-breathing morons, and actually “do something.”

  3. I HATE kikes.

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