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Diehard supporters of Kanye West, who recently changed his legal name to Ye, created a Reddit fan page for ‘based’ Ye fans that quickly amassed over a thousand followers and then was promptly banned.

The subreddit, r/KanyeBased, was created in early November, according to Web Archive screenshots, but was banned on Tuesday afternoon “for repeatedly violating Reddit’s Moderator Code of Conduct,” the page says when anyone tries to access it.

West-themed Reddit pages have had a tumultuous time over the last month and a half as West sparked condemnation for an endless string of controversies, including falsely claiming George Floyd died of fentanyl and vowing to go “death con 3” on Jewish people, among other things.

Earlier this month, after West, praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an interview with the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, one loyal Ye subreddit announced that it was shutting down, while the biggest one on the website (with more than 723,000 subscribers)  temporarily converted to a Holocaust education center and Taylor Swift appreciation page.

The r/KanyeBased page was one of the top ten fastest-growing subreddits of the last month before it was banned on Tuesday, according to the data analytics website Subreddit Stats, and peaked at over 1,200 subscribers.

Redditors, the most disgusting creatures on the planet. That entire site honestly feels like an experiment studying human nature under the conditions of most extreme censorship. But in reality it’s not an experiment it’s just what happens when you have Zionists censoring to their heart’s content. It’s their Utopian society.

The Based Kanye subreddit would have been the fastest growing subreddit, except that no one who isn’t a troon groomer is still on that terrible site. Not quite no one, but pretty close. Even among the weirdos remaining, this uppity pro-goy subreddit was the fastest growing until it had to be holocausted by Big Schlomo.

The subreddit’s bio described itself as a place where “free thought” was “encouraged” and described fans there as “based,” a multilayered term and recurring meme phrase that grew in popularity because of the rapper Lil B, and is often used to describe a cool person. The right has also co-opted the word, using it both ironically and genuinely to cheer on far-right influencers.

Never forget that they censor us because they have to. 

I think this is the last I’ll write about Kanye West for quite some time. He hasn’t been saying much interesting as of late, and the uncensored media has been given the Blatt Signal to not let him onto their shows. It was fun while it lasted, but I’ve been grateful from moment one to be watching this from a safe distance.

Before I go, this got me remembering SuperStraight, and the beautiful subreddit that was created, burning brightly for a few days before it’s inevitable holocausting. 

That was great while it lasted. 

Unfortunately, it predates the creation of this site, but I’ll have to write about it tomorrow.

Again, normal people are dying to hear what we have to say, which is why we need to be so censored. 

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  1. The artist formerly known as Ye should change his name to Nyaaaaay.
    A term that the craziest (I mean bat-shit crazy but funny as hell) friend of mine in college coined, and used widely in different forms, sometimes shouting Nyaaaaaaaay !! to a particularly schmaltzy, gay, stupid scene, in the middle of a movie theatre to all of our embarassment as everyone stared at us.

    Better yet he needs to lose more letters, as long as he hits zero.
    Like the monty python skit said whilst looking for a derogatory term for the Belgians, “let’s not call them anything, let’s just ignore them”.

    Jones? ditto. “right wing conspircy Trrrr-ist” = controlled opposition potato – not orange enough for president.

    You can use Nyaay – just do it in remembrance of my friend Krieger – died too young in a car wreck with another of my college friends.

  2. Ye did an excellent job of causing the kikeroaches a lot of stress and anxiety. I can’t find any source of him saying anything recent online, no central hub. If he is running for president you’d think he would have a website or something. As long as he never cucks out for the kikes I’ll remain a fan.

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