The Jerusalem Post:

The Black Eyed Peas showed support for the Jewish community during their New Year’s Eve concert in Poland when they dedicated one of their songs to those who were targets of hate throughout 2022. During their headlining set at the Polish “New Year’s of Dreams” music concert, hip-hop group members, Taboo, new semi-member J. Rey Soul and frontman performed their hit song “Where Is The Love?” spoke to the crowd and singled out the Jewish community, as well as people around the world of African descent and the LGBTQ community who experienced hatred during the year. “The Jewish community — we love you,” he said. “This song is dedicated to unity.”

Above is a still I got from the performance. It was exactly what you would expect from a group dedicated to licking hebrew butthole. It wasn’t even hard to get this, I pretty much picked a frame at random.

What a beautiful blonde…

Then I did it again and got the above image. You can try it for yourself with the video, but as if to prove my point even more I randomly clicked near the end and the first thing I hear is: 

Fill up my cup. Mazel tov.

Back to the Jerusalem Post.

The rapper [] has a history of outspokenly supporting Israel and even used a Yiddish word to describe the feeling he gets in the Jewish state. Back in 2021, while on a visit to Israel to perform with his group,, born William James Adams, Jr., said that he would not boycott the country and added that being in Israel is like being among family — or “mishpocha.”

“I always wanted to come to Israel growing up in Los Angeles, a lot of my friends are Israelis,” said, who is not Jewish. “My grandma came here. When she visited, she would say, ‘I’m going to the holy land.’ She came with her church. It was always a place of aspiration and wonder and when I first came, I brought my grandma…I always love coming here. It’s like mishpocha.”

Say whatever you’d like about Kanye West, but boy did he ever show the world who owns all these Black celebrities. At least when they aren’t busy showing you themselves.

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  1. Niggers should consider moving en masse to Israel, they are a lot kinder to blacks than these evil wh*te supremacists.

  2. LOL, so it was a performance in more ways than one.

    I saw elsewhere they were paid €1 million to appear, and the Polish government both invited them, or approved of them being there, as well as paid the bill — brilliant.

  3. He looks more like a beaner of uncertain genetics.
    I’ve seen people with eyes so dark they’re black and damn they’re ugly.
    The bottom line is, the entire western culture is a crock of un-talented shit.
    They have no sense of self-worth and zero work ethic, thanks to their marxist lack-of “education”.
    The tribe must be marvelling at their success.
    Compare this horse-shit to any band in the late 60s or 70s, compare the complete lack of freedom and tyranny to what I experienced growing up, where hallucinogens were easy and there were 4 bands practicing on my rural street every day, parties everywhere every weekend.
    Variously colored crack-head Faggots in chains is what we have here – and there are sub-faggots who hold these types in high esteem… so sad.

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