New Zionism just dropped.

The above video is just thirty seconds long, and consists of nothing but slowly changing white text on a black background.

People that hate us for being Jewish…

Hate you

Hate you for being Black

If you’re wondering why I’m writing it this way, this screenshot should help.

The “for being Black,” part is in the middle of fading in. It’s then followed by:

Which is followed by:

Before ending with.

I sat there, patiently waiting for them to write “Hate you for being White,” but, to my eternal shawk the eternal (((Robert Kraft))) seems disinterested in uniting everyone in this handholding Hanukkah celebration of love.

Right after excluding White People from the conversation, Together Beat Hate, the creators of the video, make sure to know that these mean White Goyim are using their words to divide us. Good thing they’ve all been censored by trillion dollar multinational conglomerates, as opposed to zionists like Bobby K.

Oh my goodness no, I don’t know. Tell me oh wise Heeb Supreemacist.

If we used them to what? I must know, surely I must. How do we use the divisive words of these meanie White Goy Cattle to our advantage? How can we subvert them and turn hate into love… of murdering Palestinian children and stealing their land.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! 

Yes! My new year’s resolution was also to #StandUpToBlackHate.

Yes, my – what the heck is AAPI? The first result I got when searching was the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. That’s… very specific Mr. Kraft. I think instead he was talking about Asian American and Pacific Islanders, which is the second search result.

No more hate for you ese. No hatin’ gringo no me sayin?

You hear that you fuckin’ pedophobes? No more. We’re done with you. We’re #StandUpToGroomerHate and that’s that. If you don’t like it you can suck my female penis you goddamn genocidal trannyphobic bigots.

Das Rite. Except for when it serves the racial interests of Jews to murder them and take their land. Other than that, no more Muslim hate you goddamn infidels.

Except when it serves… you get the picture. Also when churches are being burned down to the ground with no hate crime charges.

We’re #standingUpForChristianHate by not demanding hate crime charges, or really doing much of anything at all.

Fuck yes! That’s a really big problem affecting most of the major metropolitan areas of downtown American.

If there’s one thing that unites these White Goyim it’s their shared love of Buddhist hate.

This is starting to take on the feel of a wedding where you’re tired of clapping and your face is tired from smiling but the show must go on.

Something something no more Tipi-phobia. 

Atheist hate? You know I have been seeing the fedora crowd getting bullied as of late. Stop that you goddamn Jesus freaks.

Is anyone else getting this weird premonition that this one seems more important than all the rest combined? It must be pure cohencidence that they ended the video on this one. A video funded by “Foundation to Combat Antisemitism” and (((Robert K. Kraft Family))).

The video is particularly unpopular, and they disabled the comments, to absolutely no surprise. You may have noticed that Bobby Kraft put essentially the entire world in there to be united against the meanie bad people. But he left out not one, but two groups. White People are the obvious, but there’s another. I’ll give you a moment to think about it.

It’s amazing how vicious and evil these Zionists are, and how nakedly anti-White and anti-Arab this is. Usually there is a certain division of labour. The jignats go hardcore anti-Arab, and the optics kikes go hardcore anti-White. But here, Bobby Kraft, a hardcore zionist, is skipping the middleman and doing both at the same time.  

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  1. Interesting — it looks like there are two versions of the video, and they are the two most recently posted videos on that channel (which at the moment has 85 subscribers) — these two videos are by far the most viewed, with thousands of views each (one almost 30k) — another 2 year old video has only 55 views.

    The Kraft case gets far less attention, but he’s another sleazy Jew who successfully lawyered his way out of Epstein-like lewdness charges in FL — the media barely reported it at the time, and you never hear anything about it these days.

    The Jews act like it’s always necessary to put their finger in the dike to hold back a sea of anti-Semitism — they are also very successful at suppressing the obvious question of why there is apparently so much anti-Semitism in the first place — but with the 1A and the internet, they have their work cut out for them.

  2. The only thing the pervert Frankfurt school joo followers of Freud (who was a real sicko) got right in their fake science Psychology, was the idea of “projection”.
    Mainly because they’ve proven it to be true, it’s what they do, call me rhymin’ man.
    Reading their crap (on screen because apparently this generation went to crap schools where they showed lots of videos) – Just reverse all the nouns and you get the truth.

    1. Whipsnade you have a history of schizo posting, and yet “reverse all the nouns and you get the truth,” might be the pithiest thing anyone has ever written on this site, and that includes all of my work.

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