I’ve written about the Gravocaust quite a bit on this site. The TL:DR is that all expenses paid boarding schools that Aboriginals demanded that we build for them were claimed, utterly without evidence, to be secret genocide facilities with mass graves. A year later no bodies have actually been found in these graves.

The narrative then changed from “children were murdered,” to some weird combination of “children died from natural causes at rates higher than the national average,” mixed up with “children were taught how to do math, so it’s like a cultural genocide.” While the narrative is confused bullshit, the same could be said for the clusterfuck of propaganda designed to lie us into Iraq, or more recently, Syria.

The lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and was an urgent threat to invade America cannot be separated from the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, as well as thousands of our soldiers. War propaganda is lies used to achieve and justify the murder of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.

In the same manner, the lie that residential schools were secret genocide facilities was a slander used to achieve the tearing down of our statues, the cancellation of our national holiday, the desecration and arsons of dozens of our churches, and, of course, the theft of $3.2B in “reparations,” for “survivors.” These are people who somehow, someway, managed to survive twelve years of people not trying to kill them, and instead teaching them how to read.

One of the very first stories I ever wrote for Hyphen Report was Church Burning Investigative Journalism Leads to Feminist Poetry Summer School Decolonial Socialist Organization With Shocking Connections to Pedophilia. That’s quite the mouthful, but if anything I undersold it. You can find the two sequels here and here.

You’ll also note that I refer to myself as “our heroic leader,” in the very first line of that piece. This was a joke, but I had started the Normal People’s Party of Canada. It was to serve as essentially a hangout party for us, until we reached critical mass and could start actually doing serious activism, and contesting elections.

I had to give that up when working for Hyphen Report, and I’ve similarly neglected my duties here when building the Daily Rake. I don’t regret this, and I feel I’ve done lots of great work. It’s just time to get back to privileging activism content over dunking on e-boys content.

At the bare minimum sixty eight churches in Canada were vandalized, desecrated, or arsoned, many of them razed to the ground in the summer of 2021. And that list is horribly outdated, and doesn’t even count the Coptic Church in Surrey that is the focus of this call as an arsoned church. The real number must be many times higher.

Vandalization, let alone arson, of a religious site is pretty much a cut and dry hate crime in British Columbia, as well as the rest of Canada. So how many hate crime charges were laid at the hands of the antifas who burned down our churches?

I couldn’t find evidence of a single one. The closest I found was the story screencapped above, wherein a church with some pervert installation was the victim of a hate crime because the pervert stuff might have been vandalized. And yes, this happened at around the same time as churches were literally being razed to the ground.

One of those churches, pictured below, was the Coptic Church in Surrey, BC, my old city of residence. It was arsoned twice in the span of a week, once unsuccessfully, before being razed to the ground. There was no evidence of hate crime charges, terrorism charges, or anything of the sort. And they tried to hush it up as well as possible.

While this was a terrible crime, it was politically exciting. Just as the NJP guys have identified the double standard in hate crime legislation and most importantly enforcement as one of the most productive vectors for activism, so to did I. This exposes a clear and obvious malicious double standard, as well as giving us an excuse to talk about a story that helps us politically, be that unpunished church burnings, Waukesha, or the horrific murder of Jupiter Paulsen by Black career criminal Arthur Kollie.

The lack of hate crime charges was and remains an outrage, and I wanted to get the blue antifa pretend justifications for this on record. While the Coptic Church in Surrey was razed to the ground in July, I was out of politics then. Instead, I started my series of calls to the Surrey RCMP in early November.

Every single one of these calls was productive, and it’s a shame that this important work was interrupted. It ended with the Surrey RCMP PR cunt, Eleanor Sturko, ragequitting on a call with me and then they blacklisted me from ever calling them again.

The very first call I gave to them can be seen below.

And you can see it here on Odysee. Don’t forget to subscribe.

My ultimate goal was to turn these videos into a much larger series, where I called into every single police station that had a church vandalization or arson event. Then I would get them on camera refusing to give hate crime charges to the perpetrators.

My next target was to be the Vancouver Police Department, who let the pedophile harbouring “Decolonial Socialist,” group throw orange paint at a church in Vancouver with no hate crime charges. I wanted the cops explaining why there were no hate crime charges applied.

Luba sisters throwing paint at a church in Vancouver. No hate crime charges.

I will be continuing this project where I left off. But before I do that, we have to get caught up with what has already happened, and you need to see the RCMP for the political police force, really military, that it is. For the next few days I’ll be going into depth with the work I already did, such as transcribing the videos that I already made, and we’ll take it from there.

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