Another day, another glorious defense of OuR vALuEs by the Conservative Party of Canada’s Aging Twink Leader.

You can find the original tweet here. This is far from the first time that Poilievre has promised MAXIMUM MIGRANTS into our country, nor will it be the last

Even the blue checkmark of David approved Conservative activist types aren’t buying it. Someone like me would be in there asking him what he thinks White values are. Although that last guy was pretty solid.

If twatter wasn’t so gay I’d follow the guy. But whatever. 

Clicking on “More Replies” shows this retard showing us the upcoming Finklefight.

You need to educate yourself [Pierre] on what is actually happening before posting erroneous claims, blindly. Both the Federal Gov and some Provinces have already opened up specific programs in order to make it easier for Foreign Medical workers to obtain residency permits in Canada.

Yeah but you can vote for Pierre Poilievre to have even more randos shoved into your neighbourhood.

I can’t even do any long form analysis of this. This guy is such a fraud, and this party is so fraudulent, that to even critique them is to provide with more legitimacy than they deserve.

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  1. RIP Canada, formerly known as the Great White North — crack a cold one in memory of the McKenzie brothers … eh.

  2. RIP world more like.

    The real issue has always been the fact that the noble race is the only one that has a clue… the only one with “Conspurcy Trrrr-ists” since we never quite bought the ludicrous idea of external “authority”.

    It’s just a Cohen-cidence that all the feminized bolshevik melting pot fake democracies are sending tanks to jewkraine as we speak – russia is one of the last few white countries – I predict WW3 (we’re already in it) will never be “declared” – it will always be ignored by the media – full Orwell dead-ahead. The chosen race of the demiurge – and there’s still some white morons who believe the bible. Minds shut and turn the other cheek.

  3. These pocs are going to be so pissed when they think they’ve landed in a well-run White country, and instead end up living next door to abos, and other random pos/pocs; and the few remaining Whites are too stupid or old to tax.

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