A young Pierre Poilievre sits in front of a room of Conservative faithful and explains their party’s strategy for winning a majority mandate.

That hasn’t happened yet. It’s 2009 and while the Tories have won two federal elections, they’ve remained in minority territory for three years.

“We will win a majority if we appeal to naturally conservative-inclined voters and get them out to vote, and we turn small-c conservative immigrants into big-C Conservative voters,” the MP says in a video posted to the website of the Cable Public Affairs Channel.

“That’s the formula.”

Since Harper’s four-year term, Conservatives have lost three straight elections to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, with losses stacking up in Toronto- and Vancouver-area suburban seats, home to many visible minorities and new Canadians.

If there’s one thing many in the party agree on, it’s the need for Conservatives to build support in such communities. But can Poilievre, now leader, do it?

There are three levels of fake and gheyness here. First, Pierre Poilievre’s entire fake image is that he’s some sort of radical, and yet he’s receiving puff piece after puff piece from what are traditionally referred to as left-wing rags like the Toronto Star and the CBC. Second, the entire premise of the article is anti-White, in that it implies that the CPC needs to be doing things explicitly for non-Whites, although we’ll get to that later. They try not to use the terms “non-White,” because that gives the game away, but the CPC could crush elections just by turning out more White People, and getting a higher percentage of the White vote.

The third thing is less obvious but more insidious. The cuckservative outreach to non-Whites is just flat out fake. The narrative that the CPC and their (((handlers))) are trying to spin is that you would need to be a real KKK Enthusiast to not enjoy the leftover reheated cuckservatism on offer. That’s very flattering from the party that unanimously voted to label the Proud Boys a terrorist organization – and yes that includes Pierre Poilievre – without doing the same for antifa, who smol PP has never mentioned one time on his uncensored twatter account.

But it’s also not even remotely based in reality. Heather Leung, pictured above, was an Asian stay at home housewife who ran for office fighting against the groomer “anti-bullying” curriculum these perverts were bringing in back in 2019. In the month before the election the CPC removed her from candidacy, even though they are not legally allowed to field a replacement candidate. As a result, they threw a very competitive district in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, and trashed the political career of a “visible minority” woman.

I wrote about that here, and it’s one of my most important articles on Canadian politics. Because it shows that this appeal to non-Whites is just anti-White. One doesn’t need to be Palestinian to support them not being genocided by Israeli Jews. One doesn’t need to be Iraqi to support them not being mass murdered by the (((WMD Liars))). One doesn’t need to be an American soldier to support them not being murdered by their government, or a Honkocaust protester to support them fighting however flawed against our Democracy Class. And one doesn’t need to be White to support us in our fight against systemic racial discrimination, anti-White hate propaganda, and anti-White migration policies accurately referred to as White Replacement.

But even then, most of the policies that White People want are simply policies that everyone wants. Policies like the punishment of the (((Sackler))) family for the opiate crisis, punishment for trillion dollar multinationals engaging in mass censorship, punishment for the people who lied us into the Middle East, an end to the garbage Hollywood is producing and the creation of our own production institutions. But perhaps most importantly, an end to the disgusting HIV Positive agenda best summed up with child trannies.

So the cuckservatives will do anything to get non-White voters, except something popular.

Enter Arpan Khanna. This week, Poilievre tapped the Greater Toronto Area lawyer, who served as one of the co-chairs on his leadership campaign in Ontario, to co-ordinate outreach efforts.

Khanna was a political staffer for the man federal Conservatives credit most for making the inroads with immigrant communities that helped Harper along to a majority: Jason Kenney.

Colleagues had nicknamed the former federal cabinet minister and Alberta premier the “minister of curry in a hurry” for spending his weekends darting to dozens of cultural events around Toronto and Vancouver.

Jason Kenney with Caylan Ford

Jason Kenney is one of the most rancid creatures on the planet, let alone this country in particular. He is an absolute parasite who has made a very comfy career out of being a complete and utter shill for every nasty thing Globo Homo dreams up out of the fevered mind of a perverted rabbi. More recently he destroyed Caylan Ford’s political career over her hurting the feelings of some brown people in the Alberta United Cuckservative Party. 

Interesting, but not surprising to see him referred to as The Minister of Curry in a Hurry. These people have him on speed dial. He doesn’t have time for you, but they can ring him up whenever they want.

Khanna said he sees the same drive in Poilievre. The new leader has taken the idea of “building a Jason Kenney style of outreach” to heart, Khanna said. “He’s all into this. He understands the importance of it.”

The first step is showing up, he said.

“We recently were at someone’s backyard for a barbecue party with about 100 people from the Tamil community, just having a conversation about their issues.”

Who is this Khanna anyway?

Arpan Khanna, left, Jason Kenney, right

Well he’s exactly what you’d expect, a racial activist for Brown People.

Notice the 7 likes after 7 years…

His entire schtick is to point out that the cuckservatives are fully on board with White Replacement, no matter how negatively this affects real Canadians. Take a look at the list he tweets out above of the “achievements” of the Harper Government. In fact, let me reproduce it below because it’s just so insane.

Harper Conservatives have welcomed 15% more immigrants per year on average than previous Liberal government. [Sic]

Cut Right of Landing Fee in half, saving new immigrants more than $300 million since 2006.

Tripled funding for settlement services to $600 million (from $1,000 per immigrant to $3,000 per immigrant).

It’s hard for me to even respond to this without just restating the same points and adding “and yes, that’s a bad thing.” The Harper Government, at the request of no conservative voters, increased the migrant population, and they made them pay less to come here, “savings” that were recovered through your taxes. Finally, they also increased your taxes to coddle these people even more when they come here. This is what they actually do when put in office.

Back to the article.

Poilievre has been hitting the road nearly every weekend. Often travelling with him are his two deputy leaders. Melissa Lantsman, who is Jewish and the party’s first openly lesbian member of Parliament, hails from Thornhill, just north of Toronto. Longtime Edmonton MP Tim Uppal, who is Sikh, became Canada’s first minister to wear a turban when Harper appointed him to cabinet in 2011.

Let’s see what this Melissa Lantsman character looks like.

You’d think she’s an antifa by looking at her, but actually – no actually she is an antifa, but she loves the Jew Ethnostate. 

And the first things I see on her twatter account is her retweeting demands that Goyim be prosecuted for being uppity in public towards God’s Chosen Nose-People. She’s also got a hate boner out for Iran and really loves Jew Nationalism. Finally, she loves Doug Ford, although I didn’t bother screencapping that bit, but it’s well known.

So she’s a zionist antifa who is “right-wing,” in that she supports wars for Israel and big corporations fucking over everyone.

“It doesn’t matter if your name is Poilievre or Patel, Martin or Mohamed,” a video posted online shows Poilievre saying at a Diwali event in October. “If you’re prepared to work hard, contribute, follow the rules, raise your family, you can achieve your dreams in this country.”

During a roundtable with ethnic community media convened during the race, Poilievre said immigrant and Conservative values are the same: “hard work, family, freedom, tradition.”

As gay as that is, I don’t even accept the premise. What’s traditional about the cuckservative party of Canada?

Where were all these “freedom lovers” when it came time to not let the government label the Proud Boys a terrorist organization, which lets the government strip away their bank accounts and overcharge them for regular crimes should they get charged. Oh right, they were all supporting that.

Poilievre has promised to get provinces to speed up recognizing foreign credentials, and a roughly 50-minute video from the event shared on Facebook shows Poilievre offering more detail on his immigration policy ideas: expanding express entry, making it easier for temporary foreign workers to become permanent residents, improving immigrants’ ability to bring their parents to Canada to help with child care and expanding private sponsorship of refugees.

He was emphatic in an interview with a Punjabi radio show last month: “The Conservative party is pro-immigration.”

At least they’re being honest about it, unlike the Harper Government. This isn’t a one off, Poilievre and his handlers have been making it very clear that they will be flooding your neighbourhood with Third Worlders, as much as you can take.

Lantsman and Uppal both publicly apologized for supporting what became known as the “niqab ban.” But Poilievre has defended the policy as simply requiring “that a person’s face be visible while giving oaths at citizenship ceremonies.”

Wait a second, Melissa Lantsman apologized for pushing a niqab ban? Isn’t that exactly what she’s attacking Iran for?

Then versus now.

Just like the World Economic Forum is the fake issue that the servative party of Canada is pushing these days, “muh niqabs” was the finklefight of the day. And now they’ve just moved on, because eventually even someone paying no attention realizes what a total waste of time all this garbage is, and that these people are fake, even if they can’t quite articulate it.

It’s amazing. I start work on what I think is a short little piece on Canadian Politics, but it’s all so utterly fake and ghey that I have to knock out almost 2k words explaining the obvious, which is that these people are running an op on you and barely even hiding it at this point.

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  1. If a Canadian North Reich seized power, they would probably have some sort of lasting solution to this sort of stuff implemented rapidly.

  2. CPC can’t even take a strong stance on keeping the heat and lights on. Net zero 2035 means carbon based power is eliminated as soon as 2030. In Western Canada that is effectively a death sentence.

    Examples of winter wind/solar power fails: https://pipelineonline.ca/on-tuesday-dec-13-saskpowers-wind-generation-dropped-to-next-to-nothing-again/#/?playlistId=0&videoId=0


    Yet the CPC, instead of taking a strong stand on keeping the lights and heat on, and laughing NZ2035 off into political oblivion are all – “well, shucks like, yah, uh m, maybe, dunno…”

    They are not our friends.

    1. Good comment. Blackrock wants ESG, so Blackrock gets ESG from the CPC.

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