Someone forwarded me a link to CTV news writing about Gabriel “Zeiger” Chaput, which prompted my last piece on him. In that piece I went to his former boss, Andrew Anglin, to look at his uncensored twatter account and see what he had to say about the whole situation. That turned out to be nothing, since he’s done with that grift, but before I even got there I was greeted with this as the first thing I saw after opening up twitter.

I had to click the link to see for myself. But it’s true. Little Juan Fuentes has his twatter back. 

Keep in mind that everyone, I mean absolutely everyone who is real has been censored from twatter, even coming back long after Musk took over. From Kanye West to Alex McNabb, if you’re genuine and have anything other than a tiny audience, it’s curtains for you. Elon Musk is the bitch of Jared Kushner and Ari Emmanuel, and he’s proud of it.

So it should be no surprise that everyone’s favourite mixed race Mexican tradtwink child saviour of the White Race is back on that worthless website.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about it. Fuentes is once again the beneficiary of censorship, and it’s been dialed back to let the guy who can’t stop metaphorically shitting over himself in public try to become the face of the “far-right” pushback against Globo Homo Schlomo. 

I think at this point it’s a hail mary, since twatter is so obviously still a censorious regime under “Musk,” meaning under Emmanuel. Everyone who is anyone is doing real life activism these days, from the NJP to NSC-131, Patriot Front and the GDL, to even John Doyle and more normie conservative types. This is something I’ve written about before, but becomes even more true as time goes on. 

As one aside, I did have to mention this tweet of Anglin, because it’s just unreal. He’s whining about Shapiro, Cernovich, and the like being “shockingly still unbanned.” 

He’s doing this from his shockingly still unbanned twatter account.


There comes a certain point where you just have to acknowledge that everyone still doing the constantly online bit is a fraud, and there are diminishing marginal returns to pointing and laughing at their absurdity. This is just e-drama, and has about as much relevance to the real world as a game of dungeons and dragons.

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  1. Based nordic Uebermensch Nicholas Fontaine, merely days away from saving EVROPA and the white race.

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