I’ve been extraordinarily negative towards (((Hollywood))). It’s been (((Jennifer Salke’s))) Amazon Studios, (((Bog Iger’s))) Disney, Bros, Santa Inc, and all the rest. (((HBO))) produced Santa Inc, but there were some people who argued that HBO did a good job with their House of Dem Dragons reboot. I wasn’t impressed with what little I watched, but even the original Game of Thrones was never for me.

But Hebrew Box Office wasn’t content with producing good content again, and set their hearts upon Velma, a reboot of Scooby-Doo for 45 year old children who really enjoy The Current Thing. I covered the trailer when it came out, and was universally hated. Well it turns out that the show itself isn’t much better.

And by “isn’t much better,” I mean “there were a few who pretended the trailer looked promising. What are they to say now?” Below is what you get when searching “Velma” on YouTube. Not “Velma sucks,” or “Velma terrible,” or “Velma cringe,” just “Velma.” 

That one by Saberspark is the one that the TRS guys referenced on the last show. They called him a libtard who kept trying to like the show, but that didn’t prepare me for how obnoxiously bugois he was going to be.

I hate everything about this guy, but the point is that if he couldn’t stand Velma then no one can. For a much better reviewer you can try Reaper. I’m 99% sure that he’s /OurGoy/ and I watch all of his content. 

And just like all these other shows it picks the same soft, acceptable mainstream targets, but won’t criticize real edgy topics like Israel, Palestine, or Epstein’s flight list.

There are a few YouTube reviewers doing the tired “anti-woke” bit. Reaper is the only one I’ve found who is actually genuine, and probably not coincidentally I’ve never heard him say “woke”. His content is the only “entertainment,” content that I watch, since I can’t stand watching the actual shows, except in small doses to get content

You should give the guy a follow. I can’t cover everything, and if I tried making this kind of content it would be all that I did, but someone has to document the utterly worthless garbage that is modern Hollywood. Schlomo isn’t even trying anymore.

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  1. Shows like Velma have a death stank about them. They are the entertainment version of the covid vaxxine.

  2. I’m honestly fascinated how they consistently manage to replace the halfway competent nepotism hires with a horde of seething brownoids, resentful rainbow tribe mutants and literal tardlets who’d manage to cut off three fingers every time they’d sliced some meat beind the counter at the local Jewish deli.

    And crap like this is the result.

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