Everyone has heard the whispers of country clubs denying membership based on background or beliefs, and one Ontario private community is making zero effort to hide its rule of ethnic exclusivity in a perplexing real estate listing that has quietly sat on the market since 2022.

Well well well. What a mystery we’ve got on our hands.

The listing seems innocent enough if you’re just casually browsing through realtor sites, but if you read all the way through, you’ll find something…potentially controversial.

The two-bedroom, two-bath bungalow at 54 Odessa Blvd. in Terra Cotta is situated in a self-described “private Ukrainian community” known as the Poltawa Country Club.

And it could be yours for $875,000, however, there’s a very likely chance that even if you have the dough to make an offer, they aren’t going to let you buy the house.

Wait, Ukrainian? I did not expect that. 

Looks like a beautiful area. And yes, it really is Ukrainians, as opposed to “Ukrainians.” We’ve got some of the “Ukrainians” with Jewish Last Names, as Crowder would say, with their own exclusive clubs.

The listing advertises the typical features you’d associate with a small-town home, along with its country club-specific lifestyle and the associated membership fees. But the home description kind of goes off the rails in the last few sentences of the listing, stating that any prospective buyer must be of “Ukrainian descent” to qualify for purchase.

Hold the phone. What?

O. M. Gee. Like, aca-scuse me? Looks like we’ve got too much Whiteness in this neighbourhood.

They embed a tweet from this anti-White cunt, Stephen Punwasi. I clicked on that tweet and looked through the thread. 

He immediately pulls out the “golf clubs mean to Jews,” line before making apologia for non-Whites discriminating against Whites. You see you just needed more context, Goy. 

The profile is exactly what you’d expect, although I did find one tweet of his I agree with. 

A lot of people don’t know but a housing bubble is one of the easiest ways for a shitty government to inflate the GDP numbers and pretend that the economy is better than it really is. Yes, as you get more and more priced out of owning a home, big line goes up.

Time to dive into the law books for a look at the Ontario Human Rights Code.

In short, all signs point to ‘you can’t do this in Ontario.’

When asked directly if this listing is, in fact, legal, Rayissa Palmer, the broker associated with the listing, told blogTO, “That’s a very good question,” and then proceeded to describe the complexities of this community without ever directly addressing the opening query.

Palmer says that, to her knowledge, “there are five communities like this in Ontario, there’s ours, there’s a Croatian one, another Ukrainian one, a Jewish one. And the province does not allow this anymore.”

Uhh, yeah, ya think?

Well, clearly the province does allow this, or else there wouldn’t be five of these home owner groups operating. And I can’t help but notice that these people are targeting Ukrainians while having the Ukraine flag in their bios.

It is not lost on me, as the writer of this article, that the preservation of Ukrainian culture is more important than ever before amid Russia’s brutal and drawn-out invasion of the sovereign state.

I can also acknowledge that living in an ethnic enclave can provide residents with a sense of community security, especially relevant during such tense times for the Ukrainian people that have translated into ugly anti-Ukrainian attacks and vandalism right here in Ontario.

Though with all that said, and the complex legal issues aside, it doesn’t seem to justify having communities in Ontario — a province built on multiculturalism — that exclude based entirely on nationality.

“I mean I totally like Ukraine, but more like in the abstract. Like, I enjoy them being used as cannon fodder to advance George Soros’ political agenda, but allowing them to have actual communities for themselves, I don’t know. That’s kind of yikes, you know what I’m saying?”

The comments were pretty decent. I also bet the bikes are much safer in that community. 

It’s just odd, because I was under the impression that we were supposed to be outraged, just outraged that Russia invaded the land collectively owned by Ukrainians. And yet here these same people are outraged, just outraged, at Ukrainians collectively owning land. But not, you know, Tamils or any other group. Weird.

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  1. The return of ethnic neighborhoods and communities? That used to be a thing. The city I grew up in had a German town, a China town, among others. Would be interesting if people began to reclaim their ethnic roots, and rebuild these kinds of communities.

  2. Hoatia and jewkraine are both pro-ZOG groups. So they get to have their own stuff that other white people can’t. You guys think it’s a coincidence that both “white” groups with these sweet deals in an anti-white country are literally soldiers for ZOG?

    I bet the jewkraine compound is full of ZOG agents being trained to take jobs in the jewkraine gov’t and people like that. They can afford to drop a milli just to live somewhere for a couple years while being groomed for ops from all the looted money.

    The hoation compound is probably also full of people who were ZOG mercenaries and terrorists in the 90’s wars. They probably used money that was embezzled from “aid” to pay what was left after gov’t subsidies.

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