Daily Mail:

The first obvious sign was the dead fish bobbing in their creek and a toxic blue film on the water.

But now there’s something else missing from one Ohio couple’s woodland ‘paradise’ home two miles from the East Palestine chemical train disaster: Birdsong and the constant chitter chatter of squirrels.

The massive acrid black cloud that spewed from the fiery wreck engulfed Nathan and Kelly Izotic’s property within 24 hours of the February 3 disaster, carried by a westerly wind.

Oh jeez. The water is a little bit blue and full of carcinogenic compounds. Can we please think about the poor Norfolk Southern executives for one second. They deserve some compassion too. After all, they were forced to not attend the townhall meeting because there were very legitimate risks of outside actors asking them tough questions physically assaulting them.

‘There’s no small birds either. They were everywhere, but they’ve taken off. That must tell you something.’

The couple, who live outside the mandatory evacuation zone that was designated ‘danger of death’, were forced to leave their home nonetheless the weekend after the Friday derailment when they started feeling violently sick.

‘Within 24 hours we had burning noses, burning lips, chest congestion, sore throats and headaches, big, big headaches,’ said Kelly, 45.

‘My German Shepherd dog Diesel kept throwing up and was lethargic.’

I’m getting a little bit tired of all this socialist talk. Capitalism is what made our society so wealthy. It was definitely not the specific inventions that are owed to the minds of White People, many of which came out of academia. As a result, a little burning sensation here, a violent illness there, all small prices to pay for New Yorkers with dual citizenship to Israel making more profits. Don’t worry, all that wealth trickles down to you, similar to how the toxic chemicals trickle their way into your water supply.

Energy industry worker Nathan, 29, said: ‘The thick cloud was billowing right over our house for the two days we stayed.

‘The day after the derailment I started having symptoms, almost like Covid symptoms, like someone was pushing down on my chest. I had very strong pressure.

‘Throughout the day it started getting severe. I had a very bad cough, very bad feeling in my lungs and throat. And the following day it got worse.

‘I had burning on my lips, nose, and eyes and a severe cough.’

Nathan continued: ‘I woke up about 6am after the night we evacuated and I was on the verge of calling the ER. I was coughing up blood.

‘It was until Thursday or Friday that week until I started to feel some relief. Coming back here now though my lips are starting to get tingly again and I feel a scratch in my throat and I’m getting headaches.’

Kelly added: ‘We were at the doctor yesterday and they said they don’t even have a toxicology test to be able to test us because they still don’t know what they are dealing with. 

The water was bubbling violently from the bed, which Kelly said is a result of the toxicity. A blue film covered large areas of the surface and is still clearly visible.

I don’t know how else to say this. Capitalism is the engine of diversity and wealth. If you don’t like bathing in toxic chemicals, just admit that you’re a communist who wants everyone to be poor. 

The link between GDP and life expectancy is well known. Basically, if you have lower GDP, people start dying. So you’re pretty much a mass murderer if you propose we do anything that hurts Norfolk Southern. I know this might sound a bit off, but that just means that you’re not intelligent enough to get it.

‘I understand that Norfolk Southern, they did major stock buybacks, major dividends.. and in fact the total stock buybacks and dividends were greater than the investment they made in rails. They need to pay more attention to upkeep of rails.’

Let’s take a closer look at those stock buybacks.

Market Watch:

Norfolk Southern Corp. is facing criticism about the amount of financial support it has given East Palestine, Ohio, in the wake of the train derailment that spewed toxic chemicals and forced residents to leave their homes for several days.

As locals seek answers about whether the air is safe to breathe, the railroad company announced a $1 million fund for the affected community. Norfolk Southern NSC, -0.81% has also distributed more than $1.7 million in direct financial support to “more than 1,000 residents” and a “number of businesses,” and donated $25,000 to the Red Cross, the company said.

Okay but, statistically speaking, the harm that this has caused to GDP has resulted in 3.7 more people dying. So I’m not really sure that it’s justified giving these people anything. That’s money that could be contributing to GDP by going into Larry Fink’s pockets and saving lives.

Some observers have pointed out that Norfolk Southern’s value, which was $53 billion as of Friday, far eclipses donations the company has made since the Feb. 3 disaster. CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Wednesday noted the disparity between Norfolk Southern’s $1.3 billion quarterly income and the $1 million the company set aside for local families.

Norfolk Southern did not immediately respond to a request for comment on criticisms of its donations.

The company set a new $15 billion share-repurchase program in August 2022, with no expiration. The company said it spent $4.23 billion on share repurchases in 2022. The $1 million earmarked for the community fund represents 0.02% of the money Norfolk Southern spent on share repurchases in 2022.

Look, I get that stupid people might be outraged by this, but remember how big line going up means longer lifespan? Rail companies must fuck over the little people, and congress must help them. To do otherwise would be to lower GDP, which means more people dying. The only time we can have people dying is when we’re doing foreign wars for Israel. But you may notice – if you are smart – that those wars contribute to GDP, so they actually save lives.

The above scene represents 1,684 people being saved due to increases in GDP. Frederick Bastiat referred to this as “what is seen, versus what is not seen.” What is seen is the murdered civilians. What is not seen is the people who are living longer due to big line going up.

Capitalist organizations may occasionally kill, but nothing kills more than socialism. That’s why we need to vote Republican more, and harder.

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  1. I heard someone authorized a ‘controlled burn’ as a way to get rid of the spilled toxic chemicals — ? — if that’s true, the person who did that ought to be hung.

    That phony noose on Bubba Wallace’s garage got more media attention.

    1. apparently the Vinyl Floride is much more toxic when burnt. Basically turns into a deadly nerve agent when it undergoes a combustion reaction. As it is its only considered ‘safe’ at a maximum of 1 part per million.

    2. DeWine, on Friday, stated that the DoD told them to blow up the chemicals.

  2. In a just world. The Jews in charge wouldn’t be allowed to just pay a fine. The government would take their money, they would use that money to help the victims, and then the Jews would have to labor at a low wage, and a pay back the money taken from them with 30% interest rate. We take their money, and treat it like we gave them a loan. They should be washing feet in the trailer park for 10 cents a day, for however many generations it takes to pay the billions of damage done.

    That or just execute the rich kikes responsible. If a corporation does something evil like this, the entire board should be charged as if they personally committed the crimes.

    I think a hybrid between forcing Jews to toil away like the goy, and digging a big 20 ft deep trench, lining them all up, and sawing through the necks isis style to save money on the cost of the real holocaust is the best most cathartic option.

    1. Perfect.

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  4. If you ever sit down and think about it, like my History Prof in high school dedicated a whole lecture proving (yes, I didn’t go to a piece of crap californicated public school) – THERE IS ZERO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CAPITALISM AND SOCIALISM.


    THE ONLY GOOD THING you can say about capitalism is it USED TO BE non-jews profiting- NOT SO today.


  5. This is so sad. It is heartbreaking to think that a once beautiful place has been so heavily impacted by an environmental disaster. My thoughts are with the Izotic family and I hope that their property can be restored to its former glory.

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