“When I heard that [it was a] silver object with a payload attached to it, that could be one of our balloons,” a member of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade told POLITICO in a phone interview. The member was granted anonymity because the group has agreed not to talk to the media.

There is a rodent in the our Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade. And this rodent is gonna spill his spaghetti to the feds. Might as well tell the CIA where we’ve been having our hooded meetings while you’re at it buddy. 

This is not the revolutionary discipline that I’ve come to expect from the Bottlecap Balloon Brigade. The first rule of balloon club is that you do not talk about balloon club. The second rule of balloon club is that you do not talk about balloon club. The third rule of balloon club, is that if this is your first balloon you must get shot down by an F-22.

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters on Friday that the U.S. can’t confirm reports that the balloon belongs to the club. “We haven’t recovered it so it’s very difficult until you can get your hands on something to be able to tell,” he said. “I mean we all have to accept the possibility that we may not be able to recover it.”

For months, the hobby group tracked its balloon using an antenna attached to the craft, using GPS to estimate where it was. Based on their data, the balloon should have been over Alaska when it went offline.

But hundreds, if not thousands, of objects are floating in that jet stream at any given time, so no one can be sure what was shot down unless you “go through the Yukon and trudge through the snow,” the member said.

“Think about it. We know where the balloon was off the coast of Alaska. We know where it was, if all was well,” the member said. “We know that it didn’t wake up that morning. We know [American forces] shot something down, and the thing they described as having shot down is not inconsistent with what we’re flying out there. So, that’s that.”

Balloons flown by the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade are no different from the $10 to $15 balloons children buy for parties, the person said. They’re not specifically designed for scientific purposes. The Sidewinder missile used by the Air Force to shoot down the object over the Yukon costs roughly $400,000.

It literally is the meme. 

The US Military made a huge deal out of shooting down a high school science fair project. A bunch of kids in something literally called the Bottlecap Balloon Brigade released a store bought balloon with a GPS transmitter up into the atmosphere. It got blown around by the winds for months until it met its demise in the jaws of an F-22 Raptor.

“Unless it has Mickey Mouse ears and F-22 pilots got sharp eyes and can discern that, it’s not clear exactly what you’re looking at. But the point is that it is not at all a huge reach,” to assume it’s the group’s balloon, the member said.

Kirby said the U.S. stands by the decision to shoot down the objects.

Protect and serve. Ooo raa.

“Given the situation we were in, the information available, the recommendation of our military commanders, it was exactly the right thing to do at exactly the right time,” he said.

US Military: Oh ya know ballooooooon. I’m coming to kill youuuuu. Above a child’s house. In Alaska.

Non retarded public: You mean you’re monitoring the situa-

US Military: No, in real life.

America is over.

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  1. America is not over. We are going to have to adopt National Socialism. Our traditional form of government was clearly helpless against the kike parasite. We need nationalism to crush the commie and globalist kike parasites, we need socialism to crush the capitalist and conservative kike parasites. National Socialism is a spear and a shield that allows us to be flexible in our battle against the kike parasite which is the ultimate enemy. Our cities are fallen, our government is a iron curtain of gay over our lands, but the real America is still alive underneath of these kikes. We need an ivermectin antiparasitic drug to give to our nation. Treblinkanol? Auschwitz HCL 6,000,000 mg?

    1. Of course. I just mean the American Experiment. It’s as popped as that kids balloon.

      1. Just making sure. Love your writing, and always look forward to reading the articles. For some reason when I try to donate to your cardano wallet coinbase says its not valid.

        1. Huh. Weird. I haven’t checked it in months so I’ll figure out what’s up.

      2. The spear and shield vs the crutch.

        They, the poser-right of the United States, have had +77 year to come with better than the NSDAP or even Fascism. They, of course, didn’t.

        While screeching that Hitlur wuz a sosaleeest, cuckservatism and lol-bitarianism are even sadder, more pitiful jokes than what 1963 Lincoln Rockwell and 1976 William Pierce witnessed in their time. http://www.renegadetribune.com/alpha-mens-coach-and-conservative-influencer-jack-murphy-ne-goldman-exposed-as-cuck-fetishist-who-did-gay-porn/

        And long before that, the “republicans” had 12 years to undo the Federal Reserve Act which Woodrow Wilson set up in less than a year, the consequences being that they lost 5 consecutive Presidential elections (1932, 1936, 1940, 1944 and 1948).
        Comparatively, by late March 1933, Hitler had already taken decisive action against “independent central banking”.

        The Swastika stands far, FAR above this lot.

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