For the backstory to one of the funniest stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing about, go here.

Fox put out a video with the two Nigerian KKK Enjoyers who attacked Jussie Smollett. As can be expected from Fox, they refuse to say “anti-White,” and put out a huge section of the video fanning Martin Luther Kang’s balls, and giving puff interviews to BLM “activists.” However, this accidentally showed how utterly unconcerned with the truth the anti-White Blacktivists are, as if we needed further confirmation.

Dumb Negress: This is Chicago race relations. 1960’s. Dr. Kang is here. Leaders of the race movement there’s an iconic photo of him kneeled over after being hit in the head with a rock bah a maaaab of HuWhyte Peepol who were violently protesting his plans to come here and integrate housing in Chicago.

So of course I had no be- reason to disbelieve Jussie, when he says that he’s walking in a Whyte neighbourhood in Chicago and is attacked by racists and Trump support – of course I believe him.

This retarded negress accidentally said something extremely profound. 

The Jussie Smollett hoax was so dumb that no one could possibly believe it, and yet she believed it. Her argument for why she believe it relies on doctored, and absurdly one-sided anti-White narratives from the so-called civil rights movement, where angelic negroes were beaten for no reason by uppity White People.

This is also obviously false. It’s a narrative as fake as Smollettgate, and everyone who thinks about it for two seconds knows that it’s fake, especially when put into the context of the Fentanyl Floyd riots.

Because Fox Jews is consubversative programming, they’re trying to use the 1960’s anti-White race riots as justification for anti-Whites believing Jussie “fake and gay” Smollett. In reality, it goes the other way. Jussie’s hilariously fake story being treated as the God’s truth shows that the anti-White narrative of the 1960’s needs to be entirely thrown out the window.

But since Fox is there to trip you up, they will never make this slam dunk argument in favour of White People. They also don’t mention “White People,” one time in the entire video, except out of the mouths of the Blacktivists.

You know as journalists we are often called on to report on uncomfortable truths. And it is a part of the job. And then you also – uhm it’s a scary time to be gay. I’m a gay woman.

Looking at Jussie’s story and seeing how he was the victim of a hate crime. You know that’s – that’s a fear that you have. Any time I walk down the street holding hands with my wife I have to worry about being the victim of a hate crime.

Your rock-ribbed conservative New York Post correspondents.

And to see that he was a victim of this supposed crime and then to start to see that there’s some doubt about it, it’s uncomfortable. Am I saying that a Black and gay man lied about being the victim of a hate crime, cause that is a really, really serious thing to say. And I really didn’t want to be the person to say that.

You know who did want to be the person to say that?

You know who loved every second of Jussie Smollett’s hoax being unraveled?

You know who thoroughly enjoyed seeing tweets like these crumble to ash?

Thisssss guyyyyyyy.

It’s amazing to watch the consubversatives desperately try to snatch defeat (for White People) from the jaws of victory. The Smollett Slander is something that any serious pro-White activist should be screaming about over and over again. And if anti-Woke didn’t mean anti-White, the “anti-woke” faggots would be doing the same. Even if Republicans just cared about their electoral viability they’d be screaming about this constantly.

As retarded as this story was, they got anti-White “lynching” legislation out of it. Keep that in mind when you see Republicans giving you zero policy. And of course, one of those legislators was Rock Ribbed Republican Tim Scott.

The silence from the “anti-wokesters” is deafening.

I don’t believe it’s my boys. I don’t know what’s going on. But I know it’s not them.

They end with the Osundario brothers mother. You see, her boys are gud bois, they dindu nuffin. They would nevah be hate crimin no faggots. 

Fox referenced a Robin Roberts interview that Smollett gave. I had never actually watched it before, but you can see it above. Comments are below.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Smollett gave ET Canada an interview about 8 months ago, just after he was convicted. It is only because I hate this man and everything I represent that I enjoy this interview. 

If I didn’t have that extreme hatred for this anti-White fruitcake, I would be cringing into another dimension. Judging by the dislikes, the commenter is slowly learning to hate. 

A 1:20 Like/Dislike ratio is honestly impressive. That’s far worse than Hollywood garbage gets. 

That’s the Jussie Smollett story. Some Nigerian KKK members with MAGA hats, nooses, and bleach attacked him outside his ultra wealthy Chicago home at 2:00 AM screaming “this is MAGA country niggerfaggot.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he has to deal with Aryan Supremacist Fag Bashers who refuse to believe him. Has one man ever been such a victim?

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