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A child protection activist from the U.K. named Oli London says he was shocked to receive what he says was “the most horrific death threat” he had ever received. Equally as shocking as the threatening message itself is the Instagram account the sadistic message sent to London came from.

Hold on a second. What the hell an “Oli London”?

When I first saw the Rebel News thumbnail for the piece, which we have chosen to go with as well, I was certain that the blonde weirdo was the violent troon. Instead, it’s the Asian lady in the middle. 

I guess I should say “the real Asian lady.” If you’re wondering why I’m saying that…

Yes, this is the new face of consubversatism. A guy who didn’t just think that he was a woman, but a Korean lady, specifically.

Wikipedia Oli London:

Oli London (born 14 January 1990) is an English Internet personality. London is known for his multiple ethnic plastic surgery procedures intended to make him look like Jimin, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS.

Born in England, London’s interest in South Korean culture began after moving to South Korea in 2013 to teach English. London is considered a controversial figure, whose actions have been deemed offensive by critics.

In 2022 he announced that he would no longer undergo surgeries and that he had converted to Christianity and was planning to become a member of the Catholic Church.[1] Following his conversion, he began criticising what he calls “gender ideology” and identifies with the anti-gender movement.

Pardon me, an Asian boy band member named Jimin, and boy did he ever nail the look. I mean this guy, genetically, looks like he was born in Korea. The very naturalistic Asian hair colouring is the cherry on top of the real human face that I’m staring at right now. 

As the Wikipedia blurb says, Oli London noticed that he wasn’t getting enough attention anymore for pretending to be an Asian boy, so he’s gotten in on the anti-troon grift. Of course, all pro-normalcy people are welcome, but just look at the guy. Do we really need this to be the face of the anti-groomer coalition?

According to (((Rebel News))), absolutely. According to the commenters, perhaps not so much. 

However, just because Oli is all kinds of fucked up, doesn’t mean that he isn’t being abused by some CBC troon.

Here’s his original tweet.

This non-binary CBC journalist sent me the most Horrific DEATH THREAT just days ago. Carmen Acuna, a

contributor says in this video on CBC News “I find it weird being ridiculed and being misunderstood” She also wrote an article about suicide prevention for the Canadian State Broadcaster. Yet a non-binary person who says she is ‘misunderstood’ and talks of suicide prevention, sent me a shocking DM saying I should be “tortured in a warehouse” Why does CBC still employ and promote this woman?

Thank you to

for exposing her!

Seems a tad dramatic. How bad can these messages be?

I literally hope you fucking die you are a piece of shit with nothing left in life so you target marginalized groups and shed an awful and disgusting light on the existence of asian and trans communities I hope you are so ashamed of yourself and what you have done to communities that have existed long before you have harmed and tainted them –

I would appreciate it if the face of CBC News could perhaps be bothered to place the occasional period in there, they are free afterall. Normally I wouldn’t comment, but this person is a freelance contributor to CBC, and they write drastically worse than I text. 

– oh my god you are a disgusting pervert with nothing left to live for –

It is funny that, when these perverts want to hurt each other, they also point out that they’re a bunch of deranged perverts who are going to be necking themselves shortly. And you know what? (Cue Jazzhands) They’re not wronggggg.

I hope you have a violent and disgusting death and 

The rant ends there. I’m not going to bother transcribing this next one.

Okay, maybe just this part.

I hope you are taken to a warehouse and tortured I hope the plastic in your face burns and explodes and that your death is shared and revealed to the world with great celebration and immense gratitude you vile fuck

Stop it honey, that’s a rock ribbed conservative tranny you’re talking to. You want to get to Xir and Xir’s plastic face, you gotta go through me.

Oli London includes this screencap of Carmen Acuna’s CBC page. I went over there and double checked for myself. Xir’s page is indeed still up as of time of writing. Xir only has one piece written, but that’s still a piece of “journalism” that your taxes paid for.

And that one article that Xir wrote is indeed about self-harm. 

Xir even includes this line.


It has evolved into an expression of the self-love that I am trying to embrace and nurture. The days I can truly tap into this physical love for myself are the days I am convinced I can do anything. 

Compassion and joy have trickled into my life. 

You sure that’s not AIDS and roid rage?

When I think “compassion” I think telling people to go kill themselves in intricate and violent ways.

CBC also included Acuna in another piece of theirs, purporting to show the world how difficult it is to be Filipinx. I’m not even going to bother quoting that piece. It’s one of the low-tier CBC articles, where you wonder why they even bothered writing what is essentially a bland puff piece that is only vaguely anti-White.

Acuna’s Instagram page has indeed been holocausted. I guess she couldn’t take the heat and e-suicided. Perhaps she can do us all a favour and suicide in real life right after that. Or maybe be tortured by someone to death. 

As is often the case, the real story is only seen by taking a step back and understanding that this is an actual political thing that happened in Canada. Some troon who wanted to be an Asian boy but then stopped forty plastic surgeries in is now the face of the normalcy movement. He’s being attacked by suicide prevention troons who tell him to go kill himself. 

I have to unironically take his side here. The people attacking him are the absolute scum of the earth, and his twatter account at least catalogues a bunch of hilarious tranny stuff. These people are violent, ridiculous, stupid, petty, self-absorbed, and totally privileged and coddled by our (((Democracy Class))).

But just know that this isn’t going anywhere and you’re not getting any anti-groomer policies out of this freak. I’m just documenting this because it’s useful to discredit the CBC, not because I think The Eternal Ezra is about to turn a corner and start holocausting the liberals. 

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