BuzzFeed News, the Pulitzer Prize-winning digital news website that took the internet by storm roughly a decade ago and inspired jealousy from legacy media organizations, will shutter, BuzzFeed chief executive Jonah Peretti announced Thursday.

Buzzfeed News was a Pulitzer Prize winning organization.

I decided to head on over to Buzzfeed to check them out. I’m proud to say that this is actually the first time that I have ever been to buzzfeed. I’ve seen some of their clickbait garbage floating around the web of course, but I wondered if there was some legitimate journalism that they did, somewhere in there. The answer is that under no circumstances is Buzzfeed a news organization, let alone one that should be winning awards.

This isn’t even some cherrypicked screencap, this is what I was presented with when I went over to their godforsaken site. This is the front page, and they don’t even really get into the “90 ways to prolapse your anus that isn’t problematic to the Nepolean trans community,” stuff until later down the page. 

Buzzfeed was, once upon a time, the worst thing on the internet. Now their place has been taken by TikTok and other garbage like that. While it is satisfying to see them gone, it’s only because they’ve been outcompeted in the race to the bottom of the sewer that is the modern internet.

The move was part of broader layoffs across BuzzFeed, Peretti said in a memo to staffers, with the company moving to slash 15% of its workforce, or 180 employees.

Wait a minute. It’s only Buzzfeed News, and not Buzzfeed entirely?

Well maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe Buzzfeed News is truly award winning journalism after all. Maybe the Pulitzer Prize isn’t a complete and utter joke. 

Or maybe Buzzfeed News is exactly as trashy as we all expected. At least it’s finally getting the Day of the Pillow, but we’ll be left with the “47 ways to eat sushi that aren’t offensive to trans-Asian fags,” articles. Although actually Buzzfeed News being such ignominious trash was politically good for anyone who was targeted by them, theoretically.

Probably not in practice, because no one cared about Buzzfeed News to even know that it existed. It’s not like the CBC troons doing something ridiculous. Buzzfeed News is not really the mouthpiece of the (((Democracy Class))) so it never mattered what they said. 

“While layoffs are occurring across nearly every division, we’ve determined that the company can no longer continue to fund BuzzFeed News as a standalone organization,” Peretti told staffers.

Who knew that even dying alone shitlibs could outgrow their tolerance level for the complete and utter trash that is Buzzfeed? 

We’ve seen this guy, SunnyV2, before. He covers internet stuff and isn’t a total fag. There are a few money shots from the video. For instance, here is the Google Trends, or whatever it’s called, for “Buzzfeed.” They peak in 2015, and then have an enormous and steady fall from something approaching grace and into complete obscurity.  

They were also caught with explicitly anti-White hiring. This is par for the course, especially in the era of (((Blackrock))), but they were particularly straightforward about it.

They’ve also fallen from 377 million views per month in August 2015 to 44 million views per month for October 2020, not even getting a boost due to Covid. That’s not Buzzfeed News, which no one ever cared about – Pulitzer aside – but the corporation overall. I’d be surprised if their views are not an order of magnitude lower than their peak now, in 2023. The writing is on the wall, and the brand is toxic, even to the shittiest consoomers on the planet. Their stock price has also lost half its value from their 2021 peak, and has not recovered

Buzzfeed is like an aging porn whore. She was always disgusting, but at least at one point she was moderately hot, in a trashy way. Now she’s a good decade older than the new trashy whores, made utterly grotesque by hard drugs and plastic surgery. She’s on a terminal decline, but she sticks around for another decade and a half before gracelessly expiring in a bus station bathroom.

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  1. That Buzzfeed stock price looks like it’s pegged to something. Stocks never stay in a flat line unless they’re kept there, so someone was keeping them afloat with financial shenanigans until December 2021. I bet there’s a story there if you know where to dig.

  2. Most worthy pulitzer prize winner since walter duranty

  3. Buzzfeed should merge with the CBC – become a one-stop shop for the latest government psyop and fashion trends.

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  5. I sure hope the tech industry can handle the upcoming influx of coders this will produce.

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