I’m proud to say that I didn’t know who Mr. Beast was until writing this piece. To be clear, I had seen his face, but the only time I ever heard his voice was during one of those AI generated voice parody videos that were all the rage about a month back. 

It was something about Total Nigger Death on the Joe Rogan Experience. I would probably have enjoyed it more if I knew what a faggot the guy was. Using AI voice creation to get these soyboys saying incredibly Warhammer40k-pilled things is always on point.

I knew Mr Beast was a YouTuber, so I searched for him, and above was the result. Two videos in a row with him soying out in the thumbnail proved to me that I wasn’t missing much. Although I did notice that both videos got over one hundred million views, and he had almost one hundred and fifty million subscribers. I vaguely remember the “Sub to Pewdiepie” thing about a half decade ago, and it turns out that PewDiePie and T-Series both had about eighty million subscribers.

It’s arguable that Mr Beast is the soyjack face of YouTube. But if you scroll down just a bit more you will see that not all is well.

Scrolling past the above brings us more soyjack faces, and more concern. It appears to be focused around his cohost, Chris Tyson, who is now a troon.

If you’re thinking “wow, YouTubers are mad that some guy trooned out, that’s a step in the right direction,” that’s cute, but very naive. The problems with Chris Tyson go much, much deeper than that.

But before we get there, I’m going to actually watch a Mr Beast video and give you my review. I clicked on his channel, sorted his videos by popularity, and was greeted with a cavalcade of soyfaces. 

I clicked on his most watched video, but it’s a game show type thing, so I don’t think we can really get the true, intimate Mr. Beast experience that we’re looking for. Instead, I clicked on the one about ice cream, because it looks like it’s got the whole crew in there, including the Chris Tyson character pre-trooning.

In short, the guy is a fag. The entire crew are fags. I’m getting buzzfeed Try Guys flashbacks. I never watched them either, but I was more in tune with the general internet a decade ago when they were popular. Maybe they still are, I honestly have no idea. I just remember that they once got their testosterone levels checked, and they were all under the average for seventy year old men. Let me see if I can find that for you.

Indeed I could, and if anything my memory had undersold what complete and utter faggots these guys were. My goodness are they ever intolerable little cocksuckers. And yes, I started the video from the point where the flamboyantly Monkeypox Enjoying guy reads out their ultra low testosterone levels. Only, I actually undersold how low their T levels were.

Above are their scores. Daily Wire puts this into perspective for us.

Daily Wire:

The normal T-score for an adult male ranges from 270-1,070 ng/dL, with men aged from 25-34 averaging out at 617 ng/dL. Not one BuzzFeed beta male met the 617 ng/dL average; rather, all the men testing below the level of a typical 85-year-old male (376 ng/dL). Moreover, three of the four men tested below the average range, and the male with the highest testosterone level, Eugene, still had a relatively low T-score with 363 ng/dL.

Who could have seen that one coming?

Anyway, I nope’d out of the Mr Beast video after just four minutes, with those all being watched at 2x speed. I figured this moment was as good a point as any to stop, with a frame centering Chris Tyson, pre-trooning. This video is two years old, which is why he hasn’t trooned out yet. 

SunnyV2, one of the few YouTubers who is halfway tolerable, made a video a few days ago that was quite harsh to Chris Tyson and Mr. Beast, who I will from now on refer to using his real name, Jimmy Donaldson. But he can only say so much, so we turn to the psychopaths on KiwiFarms to give us the real low down.


Chris Tyson is MrBeast’s cohost who co founded the “MrBeast” channel in 2012.. He played a rather important role in aiding Soyjack Jimmy’s rise of YouTube prominence, often starring in his various stunt videos.

Nice to see I’m not the only one who noticed that this queer has his mouth open in every goddamn thumbnail.

But who is Chris and why is the internet blowing up in regard to his Troon Arc? Christopher Stephen Tyson was born in the year 1996 in the state of North Carolina. A self described “country boy”, Chris seems like a person who doesn’t exhibit lolcow behaviors on the surface, give or take. He even got a girlfriend named Katie and eventually married her (shown below), and they welcomed their first son Tucker Tyson in June 2020:

Guy seemed to have it all. A steady gig, legions of (presumably annoying) fans, and a pretty wife.

In fact, they welcomed their first child in early 2020. 

And for the record, if you just showed me these pictures of the guy, I would think of him as just a normal guy. One who has his life put together, even. 

Around six months after having his son, Chris came out as a bisexual in November 2020 on his alt burner account on Twitter.

Bisexual men are in a close competition with troons for grossest creatures on the planet. Even regular homos aren’t quite as disgusting and degenerate as they are. Bisexual girls on the other hand…

It’s amazing how we’re drowning in degeneracy these days, except the kind that I like.

Nobody really cared about his personal life till rumors began to spread in April 2023 that Chris was on HRT hormones, a chemical concoction used by troons to transition. This coincided with Chris’s divorce from his now ex wife Katie. Chris would confirm that he started his “hormone therapy” on April 5th, 2023.

Poor Katie. Imagine marrying a man who is a touch awkward, a touch shy, but has lots of potential. He strikes it big and becomes fairly wealthy and well respected. You have your first child together. Then he turns into this.

Very sad. Many such cases.

Many people on Twitter began to make fun of Chris’s ugly appearance and ridiculed his decision to troon out after his divorce with his wife. Because of this, Chris began to sperg out at random Anons who began to make jokes at his expense, resulting in Chris being off the lolcow radar to now joining the ranks of other loony troons. Chris would not only go on to just quote tweeting people who mock him but go a step further and become a litigious faggot in the process.

The KiwiFarms poster says that Chris Tyson is suing this man, but I actually think it’s a joke. That’s why he’s suing for “defemination,” not “defamation.” Considering that the rest of the paragraph is typed correctly, my thoughts lean strongly towards him just kidding. We even see close to confirmation of this with a screencapped DM between Chris Tyson and “yoxics.”

Def fuck with me enough to leach off the clout of me coming out lmao. All good tho, dont[sic] fuck with you either. Glad I could give you your 15 seconds then lmaoooo

The truth, which is that this mentally ill loser is a narcissist who has been empowered by Globo Homo to go around bullying people, is enough. We don’t need to repeat the specific claim that he is suing people for making fun of him online. I’m sure he would like to, but I don’t believe that he is.

Chris decided to pull an Ethan Ralph and brag about how much money he has as well, to own his critics I presume.

Another classic display of narcissism. Bragging about how much money you have is always a terrible look. Then again, so is this.

And this, especially post-Audrey Hale.

In for a dilation, in for a pound. If you’re going to troon out, you might as well go full Ethan Ralph, the purest of LOLcows and then make “just kidding” ironic calls for violence on behalf of the troon community. 

Not only was his troon arc notable but it caught the attention of some YouTubers and news outlets, and the controversy/reaction would only spread further to the point where Soyjack Jimmy had to respond, defending his friend’s troon arc and condemning the “transphobia” people by “da Haydurs”.

I get it. He’s your friend. He’s the guy you’ve built your audience with. He’s been right by your side this entire time, just like he was with his wife. 

Okay, maybe we’ll ignore that part. Every man gets to just up and leave once in his life, right? At least he’s not a pedophile.

In addition he’s also a Lolicon enthusiast (not a shocker)

He is a pedo. I am shocked.

Well, not that shocked. Lest you think this was a one time thing, oh no. It’s far, far worse than that.


Chris Tyson, a transgender internet celebrity popularized through his association with the Mr. Beast franchise, appears to have been a fan of the artwork of a disgraced cartoon artist known for creating animated child pornography.

In a now-deleted tweet from July of 2017, Tyson posted a photo showing artwork which appeared to depict a sexualized young girl. The photo showed a physical copy of the work laid upon a carpet. Tyson had placed “fidget spinners” around the corners of the page.

“Bonus fidget spinners to really throw in some extra autism,” Tyson captioned the photo, tagging the account @Shadbase. At the time, Tyson’s account used the handle @ChrisTyson, but he would later change the account’s handle to @Chris.

It really is that bad. The presumably roughly eight year old girl has a racial fetish tattoo on her thigh, and a shirt that says “Bigfoot is real and he tried to eat my ass,” a statement that I find almost as baffling as offputting. Anyway, the artist is gross, this Chris Tyson character is gross, and that’s not the worst of it.

One of the early celebrities of YouTube and Tumblr, Shadman became known for his highly pornographic cartoon drawings, many of which depicted underage girls he called “lolis.” The term refers to female child-like characters popularized by Japanese animation, but has become synonymous with pedophilic depictions of sexualized young girls in animated pornography. 

While many were fictional child characters he created, Shadman became wound up in a number of incidents in which he was creating sexual artwork of real children, or real people he depicted as sexualized children.

Shadman first became embroiled in controversy in 2016 after drawing suggestive pictures of the 7-year-old daughter of internet commentator Keemstar. During that year’s US elections, Shadman also created pornographic “loli” artwork intended to represent then-candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as little girls.

The following year, he prompted outrage after drawing a number of pieces of pornographic art depicting a 12-year-old female character from the film Logan.

Here’s this Shadbase creep.

He still has a YouTube channel, Twitch, Newgrounds, Discord, Steam, Pixiv, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because being uppity towards the (((ADL))) gets you censored, but creating CSAM material doesn’t.

Youtube Fandom:

On 28th October, 2021[4], Shädman was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in Los Angeles. This became known on social media after the Kiwi Farms Twitter account posted Shädman’s court records.[5] His hearing is scheduled for 19th November. Many people online became appalled by the arrest and some even celebrated it. But on 18th November, Shädman returned to Twitter saying to not worry about him and that he’s doing fine. However, this post would receive a mixed reaction.

I’d heard of this Shadman/Shadbase guy before, real name Shaddai Prejean, and thought that he had killed himself. Maybe I got him mixed up with someone else, or maybe I just misremembered his arrest as a suicide. Unfortunately, he is still alive, and being retweeted by Mr. Beast contributors. 

In 2016, one year prior to showing off a photo of his Shadman art, Tyson posted a tweet reading: “Nothing gets my knob a cranking like some Loli,” an apparent reference to masturbating to animated content featuring underage girls. Tyson rapidly deleted the tweet after it began to circulate.

In another now-deleted tweet, Tyson wrote “that bitch look good for a 4 year old” in reference to an unavailable tweet.

It would be incredibly odd to make one joke about cartoon CSAM. But this was not a one time thing. 

Good on Reduxx for screencapping that when they had a chance, or at least using the archive. Chris Tyson, coward, has deleted this tweet like an unwanted penis. It now looks like this.

Let’s circle all the way back to the SunnyV2 video we referenced earlier in this piece. He mentions a new unboxing video that the Mr Beast team does, which both the audience and cast found not so enjoyable. I clicked on that video myself, and he’s not lying.

178:246 like/dislike ratio. It’s not quite Hollywood bad, or US Military Recruitment, but it’s not good. This is in sharp contrast to their other videos, which appear to have pretty decent ratios. The commentariat responds as if they’re watching a wake. In a sense, they are. 

I clicked on a random part of the video to try getting into the flow of things. This happend to be the frame that I landed on. Boy are they ever enjoying themselves!

I’ll probably have more to say on this one. But in short, Mr Beast is the fourth largest YouTube channel in terms of subscribers with 146 million, and their backup channel, Mr Beast 2, has 22.1 million subscribers. One of them just trooned out, and is bullying people online while bragging about Xir’s wealth. Publicly, Jimmy “Captain Soyjack” Donaldson, the owner of the channel, is very supportive. When watching them interact, he looks like he’s dying inside.

And then it drops that the troon, on a show aimed at children I remind you, has a fetish for child sexual abuse material.

There are so many layers of the modern internet being a sewer that I can’t even wrap my head around it enough to fully condemn everything about this as much as it deserves. 

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  1. Imagine having such a pretty wife and turning into a degenerate. The collective west in a nutshell.

  2. Mr. Beast is a talent-less hack; there is nothing special about his videos at all, nothing new or creative. They are essentially the same as what other YouTubers do, only he uses large amounts of money in a bid to get clicks.

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