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Vice Media Group, the company behind popular media websites such as Vice and Motherboard, is preparing to file for bankruptcy, the New York Times reported on Monday, citing people with knowledge of its operations.

The report comes days after Vice shuttered its Vice News Tonight program, and amid waves of media layoffs and closures, including the end of BuzzFeed News.

The death of Pulitzer Prize winning BuzzFeed News was satisfying. However, Buzzfeed is so disgusting that it almost feels gross to gloat over their failure. It’s like a particularly heinous criminal crackhead getting run over by a car. I like my schadenfreude to have some standards.

Making it worse, it is only BuzzFeed News that is going under, at least for now. No one ever cared about BuzzFeed News, Pulitzer Prize aside. The rest of this trash is going to stick around in perpetuity, with slowly dwindling audiences ever shrinking workforces. 

What makes VICE’s death so much more enjoyable is two things. First, it appears to be the entirety of the company that is getting holocausted, not just some small division. VICE will be wiped off the face of the earth, and there’s something delicious about that entire brand no longer existing in any shape or form. 

Second, the purpose of BuzzFeed was always to be clickbait garbage. In contrast, the purpose of VICE was to get young people fully onboard with zionism as some sort of cool and hip project. All their stories were basically “here’s why shoving things up your butt is cool, and also Republicans want to take weed away from trannies.”

I would not be surprised if there was some VICE piece where some “journalists” joined an underground coven of ostensibly cool fifty five year old faggots who shove THC directly into their anuses and also do shrooms. That would pretty much be Peak VICE. 

As if to prove my point, I headed on over to VICE. I can’t remember actually visiting their site, even back in their heyday, but I do remember some of their articles. Their homepage appears stuck in time, exactly how I remember. 

This is on the front page of VICE as of time of writing. A piece on weed, and something about troons.

Out of curiosity, I hopped over to their Canadian News section, only to see that their latest piece dated back to the BalloonGate era, over two months ago. They only had three other articles from 2023 for the Canadian News section. In short, it was a low energy operation for a while, and now it’s gone. 

Vice was among a group of fast-rising digital media ventures that once commanded rich valuations as they courted millennial audiences. In 2017, the company was valued at $5.7bn.

It rose to prominence alongside its provocative co-founder, Shane Smith, who built his media empire from a single Canadian magazine. One of Vice’s other co-founders, Gavin McInnes, is now better known as the founder of the Proud Boys, a far-right group whose leaders are now facing seditious conspiracy charges for their actions during the January 6 insurrection in Washington.

Amazing how Gavin McInnes founded a corporation that was at one point worth almost six billion, and he’s still just a loser performing to an audience on some random area of the internet, occasionally making a cameo to cuck for Schlomo. 

Getting back to VICE, here’s a quote from Eric Striker.

End of an era. NY Times will outlive the internet. Gimmicks and novelties can make you money for a while, but at the end day, you can’t build an institution on that.

VICE News had nothing to say that NYTimes wasn’t also saying. They were a propaganda arm of our (((Democracy Class))), and everyone knew it. It’s hard to brand yourself as hip and cool and dangerous and edgy, when everyone knows that we live under the most extensive censorship regime in all of human history, and you’re promoted everywhere. Ultimately, if you want to repeat the talking points of the privileged class, just go read the NYTimes or the Wall Street Journal. 

Again, this is from their main page today.

Furthermore, there’s something offputting about astroturfed things where the entire point is “OMG look at how kewl we are. Kewl people love us. You’ll be a kewl person as well by reading our garbage about weed bro.” That might work for a while, but eventually even the shitlibs grow out of that garbage. 

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  1. Oh no! Anyway….
    The rate at which the media is shedding journalists, there just aren’t going to be enough coding jobs to go around.
    What new vocation should we be telling these völkerabfälle to train for?

    Wait, I just figured it out. Recruitment numbers are in the toilet – they can all join the army! #recruitthenews

  2. Could it be that even the “hip-hop” electronic video game music listening, anti-social media snorting, useless dweeb generation is getting a clue?

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