Some Indigenous academics and activists say they’ve become the targets of a growing backlash against reports of hundreds of unmarked graves at former residential school sites — and they want Parliament to do something about it.

They say they’re being flooded with emails, letters and phone calls from people pushing back against the reports of suspected graves and skewing the history of the government-funded, church-run institutions that worked to assimilate more than 150,000 First Nations, Inuit and Métis children for more than a century. 

They call it “residential school denialism” and describe it as an attempt to downplay, twist and dismiss the facts to undermine public confidence in the Indigenous reconciliation project.

Well no shit they’re getting fact-checking, which they reframe as something bad. The Residential School Gravocaust is incredibly fake slander. You can find most of our coverage here, and some of my calls to the Surrey RCMP here. Needless to say, this is arguably the fakest anti-White slander of all time.

I said arguably.

NDP MP Leah Gazan, who got the House of Commons last October to unanimously recognize that genocide occurred at residential schools, now wants to take the issue a step further by drafting legislation to outlaw attempts to deny that genocide and make false assertions about residential schools.

“Denying genocide is a form of hate speech,” said Gazan, who represents the riding of Winnipeg Centre. 

That kind of speech is violent and re-traumatizes those who attended residential school.”

YouR SpeECh iS LIteRAllY vIoLEnCE

Leah Gazan.

Thanks, Leah. It’s nice to know you are essentially admitting that you’re a slanderer who can’t face the truth.

And I will continue to use literally violent truth speech to push back on bullshit slander.

Good, who also wrote the 2020 Governor General’s Literary Award-winning novel Five Little Indians, said declaring denialism hate speech would send a powerful message that the era of oppression and racism is over.

“My mother watched her friend Lily haemorrhage to death from tuberculosis at the Onion Lake Residential School,” said Good, a member of Red Pheasant Cree Nation, 153 km northwest of Saskatoon.

The best that these anti-White slanderers can come up with is that tuberculosis existed. I’ve dealt with this before. There was no cure for tuberculosis. It is a bacteria that lies dormant in the body for years, and some tribes of Aboriginals still have TB rates that are over a hundred times higher than the general population due to their lifestyles. But apparently the residential school staff was supposed to invent time travel and get some antibiotics from a century later. The failure to do so == genocide.

Crystal Gail Fraser, a Gwichyà Gwich’in assistant professor of history and Native Studies at the University of Alberta, said she would welcome the opportunity to engage in fair dialogue with denialists.

“How is it that we can better educate everyday Canadians so we don’t have to be at the point where we’re directing efforts to bust more myths about Indigenous peoples in Canada, and we can really redirect and return our attention to the truth and reconciliation part?”

You want a debate then Crystal?

But of course when these people say that they want open discussion, what they mean is they want censorship, because they’re fragile little slanderers who can’t deal with the slightest bit of pushback. As you may have expected, the comments are closed for this CBC piece.

Crystal Gail Fraser

As an aside, here is a story from March 1st, 2022 that I missed at the time.


The chief of a northern Alberta First Nation held back tears Tuesday as he said that the discovery of 169 potential graves at the site of a former residential school validates the horrifying testimonies survivors have been sharing.

Fifty-four potential graves were located by the church, a former nuns residence and by an old root cellar. Another 115 were identified in the community cemetery.

Switching topics slightly, the Canadian Armed Faggots found a Chinese Buoy in the Arctic.

You see, these are spy buoys, apparently. 

Republic World:

Chinese buoys are equipped with “dual-purpose technologies” that are allegedly used for spying in the Arctic. It is, however, unclear if the buoys floated into Canadian waters or were anchored. 

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, in an interview with CNN broadcaster, noted that US and Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is tasked to protect the North American airspace.

“When it comes to issues over the Arctic within our maritime borders, or any form of foreign interference, we will be clear, and that’s how we will address this issue,” Joly continued. The spying buoys were first reported by Globe and Mail and came just days after US shot down the Chinese high-altitude spy balloon over Montana. They are capable of charting the sea bed, warnings the vessels,  and monitor salinity levels as well as the ice sheets thinning.

Yeah. AMURICA! And also Gayto! Finally they uncovered the super secret spy buoys that China has –

– been openly deploying everywhere for scientific research purposes for years.

Thirty billion taxpayer dollars per year totally not wasted. With stunning success like this, it’s a real surprise why the Canadian Military is beyond struggling to recruit.

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  1. It’s the exact same style of rhetoric used to justify outlawing fact checking the holobunga, which is the same kind of narrative weapon used to undergird creating and reinforcing anti-white race law and policy in every single English speaking country as well most European countries. They also use terms and phrases from South Africa like “truth and reconciliation” which in the final analysis there means kill whitey.

  2. CBC – another day, another slander. Not surprised that a bunch of old wahmen, and ninnies like Sean Carleton are leading this latest charge. Bunch of lolcows!

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