In case you missed it, our political struggle is now over. It started with Ireland passing an extreme censorship law, probably due to the pressure mounting on them. Keith Woods gave the synopsis.

That was the routine, expected part. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, who did we see in Keith Woods’ responses? Right at the very top, it’s the skinnyfat Mars Nuking retard named Elon

At first I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. After all, if the guy who bought twatter just to increase the censorship is replying to one of our goys viral tweets on twatter, then White race pretty much == saved at this point. I was convinced that this must be a parody account. But no, it’s the real deal. 

The real Elon responded to us and typed out on tweet supporting free speech, while continuing to ban everyone cool. Truly, he is our saviour.

I fully expected Keith to throw away this monumental gift that Musk gave us. After all, Woods had previously responded to Musk bloviating about being a free speech warrior by pointing out that Musk’s twatter had censored a bunch of at least ostensibly pro-White accounts apropos of nothing. It’s not clear why he didn’t include the NJP in there, since Musk’s twatter doesn’t just censor their accounts, but even links to their site. In fact, Musk’s twatter is now even censoring links, something old twatter never did. 

The point is that Woods’ has a history of Bad Optics through pointing out how full of shit Elon is, so I fully expected him to throw away the White Race’s salvation by using this as an opportunity to call out Elon on his bullshit.

Imagine my immense pleasure upon seeing Woods instead ordering Elon Musk bathwater. Woods praises him, and tells Musk that he hopes that he holds good on his promise to safeguard free speech. That seems like a very realistic thing to hope for.

Jaime, can we pull up those two Woods’ tweets and put them side by side?

Predictably, the bad optics heterosexuals were none too pleased with Mr. Woods. 

Western Chauvinist Telegram:

Nothing against Keith Woods but this was a blown opportunity.  We understand he wants to preserve his account.  However when you have a man worse on “free speech” than the original Twitter telling you there’s an attack against free speech you should probably point that out.  You don’t have to sperg or even be mean about it, but at least go “yeah, by you” or something.  He’s already broken his promise to “safeguard free speech” so asking him to keep his promise is meaningless.

The Chairperson (They/They) Mike Peinovich weighed in.

Mike Peinovich Telegram:

If Elon Musk really supported free speech as an ideological absolute, why not threaten to pull his money and investments out of Ireland if they pass this bill. Or to simply block twitter in Ireland as it will inevitably be used against people under this law, and Musk will no doubt cooperate. This is how Jews manipulate governments into forcing mass immigration and LGBT on people. Yet when a conservative CEO offers a throwaway, noncommittal comment we are expected to clap like seals for him. Musk is doing the bare minimum to guard his own rep on the new schizo right Twitter he has created.
It’s good to bring attention to the issue, but more should be demanded of Musk than just a tweet and nothing more.
As far as raising awareness of the issue, I commend Keith for raising the specific provisions of Ireland’s Bolshevik anti-speech law. That is necessary.
But everyone that isn’t an MSNBC watching cat lady or mentally ill freak taking HRT is well aware that free speech in the West has effectively been canceled by Jews.
Musk is in a rare position to actually do something as an individual, and instead he is promoting cat turd.

To remind you, that’s not hyperbole. Musk’s twatter got caught promoting himself, Catturd2, AOC, Ben Shapiro, LeBron James, and a whole host of other worthless time wasters. 

Joel Davis Telegram:

Yeah Keith should have demanded that Musk block all of Ireland from using twitter to save free speech, genius idea!

This idea that we must “demand” x or y from Elon Musk is retarded, he owes us nothing, he isn’t a politician. The only very narrow and specific thing we can ask for from Musk is freedom for political speech on twitter because he stated himself that this is twitter’s fundamental purpose and why he bought the platform. 
But because we have no real power or political influence, the only form this can realistically take is to “clap like seals” whenever he says pro-free speech shit.

Joel, if we have no real power or influence, why bother clapping like seals, instead of speaking truth to power?  Furthermore, I agree that obtaining power and influence is important, which is why I’ve been so critical on the Catboi Cult that Joel has recently ensconced himself in.

Where would we be without his genius insights?

I recently wrote a piece on Joel Davis picking a fight with Striker over the FBI. At the time, I had the energy to do parody, but I am simply tired of these e-fags at this point. Joel Davis is an thin skinned fragile little faggot, and is almost a perfect example of The Faceless Men that I was mocking in my AH Publishing submission. 

Maybe even worse. After all, I think that social media is gay. But he thinks that social media is highly productive, except make sure not to push back against frauds who have been upping the censorship against our guys. You’d think that might be just about the only productive use of social media, aside from finding people to do real life activism with ala Active Club, but apparently not. Spend all day shitposting and then suck Elon “ADL Uber Alles” Musk’s dick when he gives you a throwaway line and no policy. It reminds me of a recent quote from Dominique Venner that Borzoi posted.

“Their seat in parliament is not a means but an end in itself: it must be kept at all costs. The lowly partisan is opportunistic by lack of doctrine and training. He trusts the smooth talker and his superficial impressions rather than analysis of political ideas and facts, he is dedicated to being duped.” – Dominique Venner

Donald Trump Jr. got in on the fake free speech grift. You may remember this clown as the guy who recently pushed back against the grassroots boycott of Bud Light because they “weren’t woke” because they donated to the Republican Party. 

To his credit, Woods had a decent response for him.

Woah woah woah! Someone get Joel Davis in here. Keith Woods needs to be coached better. We can’t have him pushing back against our brave consubversatives, otherwise the DEMONrats will win. 

I don’t care what anyone says, and you don’t have to like it, but in a political relationship the only way either of you can find out if your cuckservative e-faggot really loves you is to censor them constantly, and see if they praise you for your committment to free speech anyway.

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  1. As Orange Tater and several other Politician Crunts have shown, the Unspeakable has Occured.
    The enemy comprehended the fact that they can SAY anything (and most retards will only remember what they “done said”. The Doing part ? Gee, the statistics don’t look so swell from where I’m standing.

  2. Everything the NJP / TRS touches falls apart and becomes awful. Every couple months someone gets outed as being a drug addict or sexual deviant, they are the last people who should be promoted within the “dissident right” because they consistently fail at everything they attempt. At least woods, Davis, Sowel, Collet, Fuentes are actually doing something more than having cookouts or standing on the freeway holding signs asking “what if the races were reversed”.

    1. >At least woods, Davis, Sowel, Collet, Fuentes are actually doing something more than having cookouts or standing on the freeway holding signs asking “what if the races were reversed”.
      Literally what are they doing other than e-spergery?

    2. Thomas Sewell seems like a good man but is also a hothead, not the sort of guy who’s going to come up with long term solutions. Mark Collette is Britain focused and while that’s fine, the center of Jewish power is America. Joel Davis is an e-sperg. Fuentes is a homo.

      1. >Thomas Sewell seems like a good man but is also a hothead

        In what way? — I know of him almost entirely because he punched a black security guard after the black security guard put his hands on a friend of Sewell — personally, after watching numerous videos of Whites cowering while being beaten by non-whites, usually Blacks, in this context I find Sewell’s behavior in that incident refreshing.

        I don’t know enough about him to say whether Sewell will help with ‘long term solutions’ — but at least with his willingness to fight back he is setting a good example.

        In its early stages, every movement attracts misfits and cranks who have nothing to lose — the latter pretty much describes all underclass Whites today, as their countries are being overrun with low IQ non-whites who compete directly with lower class Whites for jobs — eventually the more capable should rise to be leaders and sort things out — but that’s exactly what didn’t happen with the Alt-Right.

        1. The movement needs more guys like Sewell who are willing to get involved and fight back if needed:

          “The only thing sadder than the destruction of the White Race is the lack of White people who are willing to fight it.”

          If the black security guard had kept his hands to himself, there would have been no problem that day.

          The overbearing Establishment, which is run by women and faggots and views a little harmless scuffle with no injuries, one caused by inappropriate physical contact, as a case requiring a criminal prosecution, is the far greater problem.

    3. What a downright delusional inversion of reality. Nobody remotely close to the core of TRS/NJP has been “outed” as a sexual deviant. Some loosely affiliated, random freak that myself nor most people had ever heard about was recently outed as a giant cuck. And oh no I’m so deeply concerned that Striker allegedly used coke once before, according to an everything-is-a-conspiracy schizo who bitterly left TRS because his takes were too retarded and got mad his son was offered a steak.

      What exactly is this “doing something” that you claim that uppity bicurious faggot Fuentes is doing? Aside from consistently associating himself with Jews (Laura Loomer, Milo), pedos (Milo, Ali Akbar), niggers (Kanye West, Sneako) and threatening to kill a viewer for not tuning into his streams and mocking him for spending time with his family instead. Fuentes is the epitome of an extremely online faggot who does nothing but build up his childish ego and engage in bickering 24/7 since the day his parents let him stream from his basement in 2017. Keith is just desperate for any avenue, no matter how gay, to spread his own message and thinks he’ll get away with associating with him. Yoel Davis is a midwit – that’s all. And Mark Collet would laugh in your face for suggesting TRS/NJP “fail at everything”. You’re living in an alternate reality. Wonder how you’ll start coping when Nick is exposed for taking cock.

    4. Ali Akbar…

    5. Hello Hymie.

  3. I don’t have a problem with the NJP organizing rallies and holding signs, trying to draw attention to crimes the national media generally ignores — they do usually generate some additional publicity, if only local, which is better than none — but they should stop asking for ‘hate’ charges, since those laws were created solely to intimidate Whites, and their existence and use will NEVER be a net benefit to Whites — self-respecting Whites should reject the existence of these laws.

    The National Alliance has a 24/7 audio stream featuring many of William Luther Pierce’s commentaries from more than 20 years ago:

    People ought to tune in and listen — WLP was talking about and predicting all of this way back then, e.g. how the feminization of society was resulting in the ‘right’ of someone not to be offended being seen as equal or more important than free speech. Just like calls to tolerate homosexuality led to incremental demands to accept all kinds of aberrant sexuality, the latest being transgenderism, the number of ways people can be offended by speech just keeps growing as does the extent of censorship.

    1. Big win for the NJP:

      “Random north Tulsa killings were racially motivated, prosecutors say”

      [Gilford is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill, as well as one count of misdemeanor malicious intimidation or harassment. Malicious intimidation or harassment is the newest charge against Gilford and falls under what Oklahoma considers a hate crime.

      “The allegation is race, religion, ethnicity, orientation, those things, somebody committed a crime based upon those factors,” said Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.

      In Gilford’s case, it alleges he intentionally shot Lundin Hathcock and James McDaniel based on their race or color.

      “The information we have from law enforcement is that race had something to do with these shootings,” said Kunzweiler.]

      This further confirms that there is no such thing as a ‘hate crime’, per se — a ‘hate’ charge is always a criminal enhancement related to motive — in this case, a misdemeanor, which is completely irrelevant compared to a charge of first-degree murder.

  4. Wow. Some Anal Firsters finally found the Daily Rake and left totally delusional comments. Fun times, fun times.

    1. This is what we get by giving mexico internet

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