A mother says her daughter’s school north of Montreal failed to act when students were filmed giving a Hitler salute while playing a Nazi marching song in the classroom.

A video of the incident was posted on TikTok showing five Grade 7 students at École secondaire des Chutes in Rawdon, Que. standing on their chairs surrounded by other students while playing the song Erika on YouTube. The song was composed in the 1930s and was often played for German troops during the Second World War.

Do I approve? 

I do, but one particular busybody mother does not.

“I didn’t believe what I was seeing at first because it is shocking to see something like that,” said the mother of the student who recorded the incident.

“It was more shocking to think that the teacher was just walking around in the video, not addressing it in any way, shape or form.”

The student said her teacher is away for medical reasons and it was a substitute teacher who was in charge of the class on the day of the incident.

As always, we must address the elephant in the room. These kids had a substitute teacher and, as all children do, started trolling her. This escalated until they were playing Erika while throwing up natzee salutes. Funny, but not really an expression of a desire for TOTAL ARYAN VICTORY. I’d like that to be so, but for now the children were merely shitposting IRL.

“She still has a duty to keep the class under control and she failed,” the mother said. “This was a very specific, hateful display and she did nothing so that, to me, was very shocking.”

Her daughter explained that she believed the students played the song to be “edgy.”

“The teacher didn’t really do anything to stop it,” the student said, adding that a resource teacher only came to the class to complain about the noise.

The student said the laissez-faire approach to the students’ behaviour goes beyond the classroom.

“Most of the boys do the Nazi salutes and sing the Erika song. And since there are two pianos in the school, some kids even play the tune on the piano,” the student said.

That’s cute. I had no idea that they knew how to play the tune on the piano. What a wonderful combination of happy go lucky pranking mixed with discipline. After all, mastery of the piano is no easy feat.

But seriously, getting mad about this is the Schlomo equivalent of servatives getting assblasted over some weird trannies “satanic” event. You know it’s going to happen, but if you were on their side you really wish that it wouldn’t.

“As soon as the administration was informed last week, the necessary measures were quickly taken with the students and the substitute teacher. Awareness has already been raised with the group in order to make them understand the content of the gesture and its meaning,” the statement went on to say, without saying which measures were taken. 

The Montreal-based Foundation for Genocide Education said incidents like this are not that rare.

Last year, in Toronto, a local school board reported three instances of antisemitism in one month, including two Grade 6 students who gave a Nazi salute to their Jewish teacher.

Well now that is just terrible.

The Montreal Foundation for Genocide is another Nose-American owned and operated group. They boast about their connection with the Lampshadocaust Museum on their website, and yet I see no mention of the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian Goyim by the Israeli Government. I’m racking my brain and can’t for the life of me figure out why.

CTV also links to this second piece halfway through the first, and I simply had to write about it.

CTV News:

Angela Orosz is one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. On Dec. 21, 1944, she was born in a concentration camp.

“In Grade 1, or Grade 2, in Hungary. You have to write (in school) where you were born,” she said, recounting the moment she started coming to terms with just how different her upbringing had been from other children.

“I couldn’t spell ‘Auschwitz.'”

Born into a concentration camp? I was informed that the German Goy Doctors would spend 9 hours guiding the female Jew through a pained labour, present her with the baby, let her smile at it, and then chuck it into a bucket filled with water.


Babies who were born in [Auschwitz] were thrown into the trash, drowned in a bucket of water or, most commonly, killed with an injection of phenol to the heart.

Don’t take that one source as authoritative.

The First News:

In the disease-ridden, bug-infested barracks of Auschwitz death camp, few expected to survive.

Rats the size of dogs gorged themselves on the noses, ears, fingers and toes of those too weak to move.

And for those who had the misfortune of being born there, life-expectancy was more or less zero. Many were either drowned in a bucket at birth or quickly died out of starvation and prematurity.

The remainder were sent to hospital barracks. There, a German orderly named Sister Klara would declare every new baby as stillborn and without cutting the umbilical cord would hold the baby in a bucket of water as it kicked and screamed for the duration of its brief life, often in front of the broken mother who had just given birth.

Sometimes, for politeness sake, they would go to another room and drown the baby there. That way the mother wouldn’t have to watch that, which was very kind of them.

You’d think that they would simply murder the pregnant Jewess. After all, it’s not like women who are eight months pregnant are doing much hard manual labour anyway, and I thought we were genociding these people? Seems like a lot of resources went into doing this. At that point, you should probably be drowning the baby in the bucket right there in front of the woman. I’m not saying I would do that, but you’ve already committed to the bit by then. 

Anyway back to the CTV piece.

Her mother, Vera, came from an educated family. Orosz said her grandmother had passed down four languages — French, German, Slovak, Hungarian — and exposed her mother to classical music from a young age. She met Orosz’s father, Tibor, a lawyer, and the two made a life for themselves in Sárospatak, in northeastern Hungary.

Two years later, in May, they came for Orosz’s parents. Vera was three months pregnant.

“They said, ‘In an hour, you get ready. We’re going to take you to a better place,'” she said.

Tibor was killed after he was separated from Vera on the platform in transit to Auschwitz. That was the last time Vera saw her husband and father of her unborn child.

Look, if you don’t want people to side with the natzees, don’t point out that the people they killed were lawyers.

Also, there is no real evidence that he was killed. He probably just noped out on this Yenta. Furthermore, it makes absolutely no sense to murder the presumably physically able man, but not the three month pregnant woman. No, instead, we’re going to keep the pregnant woman alive, and even give her medical treatment at great cost to ourselves.

We’re doing all of this, just so that we can then, six months later, drown the newborn Jew baby in a bucket, although not right in front of the mother as that would be rude. However, a policy change happened, and so they decided that they were perhaps not going to be drowning the newborn Jew babies anymore, so Esther lived. 

Six months later, Orosz was born on the top bunk of a cramped sleeping quarter over a thin bed of straw. She says her mother told her that a mere three hours after giving birth, she had to be standing for the camp’s regular roll calls.

Oh gawwwwwwwd. The humanity!

At just one pound, she was born too weak to cry, she said — something that may well have saved her life. Her mother hid her on the top bunk for six weeks.

So she’s a stealth baby now? Are you trying to tell me that Der Natzees had no idea that she was 9 months pregnant, but did scour the camps constantly for little babies that might have been stealth born in random barns that were scattered throughout the camp? And also, they never noticed her breastfeeding the baby?

I’m not saying that this little kikess is lyin’, because Jews never lie. I’m just saying that we’re seeing a very inconsistent level of attention to detail from these Goys.

She says she believes her birth inspired her mother to survive until the camp was liberated on Jan. 27, 1945.

Amazing! And to think, all they had to do was shoot her in the head, or simply not feed her for a little while, and she wouldn’t have survived, no matter how inspired. 

The lampshadocaust continues to be the realest thing that has ever happened. When children play ‘Erika’ and throw up Roman Salutes, they’re minimizing the pain of all the fetuses who were thrown into buckets of water. You should think about that and feel shame on their behalf, and want the children punished. 

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  1. Kids today, no respect I tell you.

    Now excuse me as I go watch another (((media))) product disrespecting my heritage, history and ancestors.

  2. Do Jews have a salute?
    Probably, and my money is on it being very similar to the intricate motions of a pic-pocketer after he pretends he accidentally bumped into you.
    Regardless, I will attempt to reproduce this salute while listening to extremely annoying Klezmer music in my child’s school room, in order to calm this neurotic Karen-type vegetarian volvo driver of the tribe.

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