The Dossier has acquired a new Department of Defense (DOD) memo that goes into great detail on the topic of “care of service members who identify as transgender.”

The document, which is not classified but has long remained unavailable to Americans, is being published here for the first time for public consumption.

The 34 page memo details the enormous perks granted to service members who identify as transgender.

Anyway, here’s some of the “highlights” found within the document:

  1. Taxpayer funded “care” for transgender service members includes:
  • speech/voice therapy
  • cross-sex hormones,
  • laser hair removal,
  • voice feminization surgery,
  • facialcontouring,
  • body contouring,
  • breast/chest surgery (“upper surgery”)
  • genital mutilation surgery (“lower surgery”).
  • Psychological counseling
  1. Service members who identify as transgender may receive a waiver for grooming and uniform standards.
  2. Service members who identify as transgender may receive an indefinite waiver for physical fitness standards. This waiver often becomes a de facto permanent situation, and the transgender identifying service member just has to renew the exemption request every six months.
  3. Service members who identify as transgender will be considered “non-deployable” for up to 300 days while taking hormones for their “transition” period. Again, given that these hormones are often required for life, this may render the transgender identifying service member as permanently unable to deploy.

Trannies in the US Military get their troon “healthcare” entirely paid for, while not being asked to do any real work. They don’t have to obey the physical fitness standards, which, if they were ever deployed, would lead to others being put at risk due to their weakness. They don’t have to obey basic grooming and uniform standards. They’re just there to pick up a paycheck and have everything paid for, and this comes as the US Military goes through an enormous recruitment shortfall

If you find yourself serving in the US Military for some reason, it’s probably not worth it to pretend to be a troon either. If serious fighting happens, they may pull a Ukraine and throw you into the meatgrinder. Even before that, they’ll probably require you be put on hormones or do something else to prove it. 

New York Post:

An 18-year-old [female] military recruit forced to shower with biological males as part of the Biden administration’s transgender policies is complaining about being placed in an “extremely uncomfortable position.” 

The report was first raised at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday. The girl is afraid to speak out of fear it will harm her career, Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) told Fox News Digital in an interview. Her options were slim and included resigning from her early-career position. 

It was believed raising the matter in a complaint could have harmful impacts on the new recruit’s military career. 

According to Rounds, the military recruit, 18, is complaining about being forced to sleep in between “two individuals who were supposedly changing from male to female.” The girl also has to shower with the individuals and reported significant distress about the matter. The individuals housed with the 18-year-old had initiated chemical interventions to change genders, but without having reassignment surgery, their genitalia were fully intact. 

The Pentagon released a statement to Fox News Digital, which said, “DoD policy is that all Service members must be treated with dignity and respect. We would encourage any troop who’s feeling uncomfortable or has concerns about privacy in shared spaces to work through their chain of command. Commanders may employ reasonable accommodations to respect the privacy interests of Service members.”

In other words, the (((Pentagon))) says “suck it up, Princess.” 

(((Anthony Blinken))), Secretary of State

Stories like this will undoubtedly be terrible for recruitment, but as I’ve said before, as long as the US Military maintains functional nuclear warheads and ICBMs, the (((Democracy Class))) feels that it is acceptable for the rest of the military to rot away. Sure, they’d like patriotic young White men as their slaves to be murdered fighting for Jew Supremacy here and abroad, but they’re fine with also turning the military into a jobs and prestige program for freaks. They can always institute a draft if they want a real fighting force, although there are doubts as to how well that will go.

This is the same military that ragequit their hypersonic missile program, and missed a balloon with a missile. I think they’re just done with the whole “competence” thing.

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  1. Thinking of joining the military?

    How about just get a group of friends together, rent a house (your barracks); keep it clean (kp); do outdoor group activities together (field work and fitness); and fund it all by everyone getting jobs (pay, benefits, and training). And there you go – you get 90% of the military experience, without having to risk your life, getting shot at, jabs forced on you, dealing with homos, etc.

    You’re welcome.

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