Yesterday I penned a nice, short, five thousand word retrospective on the annoying e-“fight” known as #banTheADL. Today, being the twenty second anniversary of 9/11, I took a break from the project that I’m working on to check out Keith Woods’ telegram, expecting some LET’S GOOOOO nonsense centered around the occasion. I was not disappointed. 

Some anon named Grimace retweeted in all caps some 9/11 truths. This is the type of thing that I might have thought was a big deal a half decade ago, and I support this grimace character doing this now. But may I remind you that just a few days ago Keith Woods penned a wall of text talking about how #banTheADL “wasn’t about The Jews,” and repeatedly calling Elon Musk a “free speech true believer.” Now Woods is praising someone that Musk censored. 

What point is Woods trying to make here? We’ve said for a long time that being effective is the only thing that determines whether you’ll be banned from various zionist controlled platforms. Does Keith agree with this now? Does he not see the inherent contradiction between his endorsement of Musk as a free speech hero and the mass censorship on the platform? Why isn’t he penning angry screeds about how betrayed he is by Musk’s censorship of this anon? After all, Musk is a true believer in free speech, right?

Keith Woods is the new Nick Fuentes. One day he joins forces with Ben Shapiro and Dinesh D’Souza, playing the “serious guys work within the GOP,” card. The next day he’s out there promoting the Irish National Party. One day he’s praising Elon Musk, the next he’s praising some anon who Musk censors. I didn’t start calling these people The Revolutionary Republican Party Outsiders for no reason. Woods is just the Irish edition. 

This will be the last that I write of this corner of the internet. I am tired of this, and am moving on.

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  1. That anon was Fuentes.

    1. Somehow I am not surprised.

    2. Nick is a degenerate homosexual and possibly a pedophile. He is a part of the Anglin homosexual fan club.

  2. Always liked that Hitler meme – even better one here:

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