Remember #holocaustTheADL? Remember how it was effective because it vaguely redpilled da normies, even though Elon Musk, the guy who censors all of us, refused to censor the ADL, and their power does not derive from popular support? While that constantly online circus was fellating itself, the ADL was busy achieving tangible policy on twatter of all places.

X Blog:

Our teams at X –

I will never get used to twatter being renamed X just because Elon Musk is a retard. That renaming, and increasing the censorship to include links to supposedly naughty websites, are literally the only two changes that Musk has made to Twatter X. Sorry, I temporarily forgot that he also promotes catturd2 and AOC more. So he censors us more, promotes worthless dipshits to shit up the conversation, and renamed the site to something non-sensical.

Without daddy owning a diamond mine the guy would be a mediocre mid level engineer training his Pajeet replacement at this point.

– constantly listen to feedback from users and maintain continuous dialogue with outside organizations to ensure our policies and enforcement balance free expression with platform safety. We firmly believe these two values can coexist, and we work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

This isn’t some twatter post from years ago, this is from two days ago.

#banTheADL is no longer trending on twatter, not even when I expand the “trending” section. However, X has updated their terms of service to make sure that ostensibly “marginalized and persecuted groups,” are even more privileged and tyrannical than they already were.

As part of this, we are committed to combating hatred, prejudice and intolerance – particularly when they are directed at marginalized and persecuted groups. That means taking proportionate action on content that violates our Rules. And today we wanted to share the real progress we’re making in combating antisemitism on X.

That link to their “Rules” page details their censorship enforcement options. Shadowbanning, individual tweet holocausting, permanent account bans. I’d link to it, but we all know the drill by now.

The only real rule in the International Rules Based Order is that Jonathan Greenblatt gets everything he wants and you get nothing.

  • We continuously improve our automated enforcement to more quickly identify and remediate instances of hateful conduct (including antisemitic conduct) on the platform by expanding the application of our machine learning models. 

Jonathan Greenblatt just us all a masterclass on the reality of power. Constantly online faggots tweeted at him, so now Zionists on twatter literally have expensive machine learning setups designed to make absolute sure that not one Uppity Goy goes unpunished.

The ADL is an almost unbelievably unpopular organization. You get to impotently tweet about it. He gets to go to Linda Yaccarino, the (((Blackrock))) approved new CEO of X that Elon “Yes Daddy Greenblatt” Musk installed, and get twatter to ban everyone he wants before spending millions of dollars investing in technology to help them censor the Goyim even more aggressively in the future.

To be clear, they made this post specifically about uppity Goyim. No other forms of supposed bigotry or discrimination were mentioned. You can still find plenty of anti-White hate propaganda on Musk’s site, because Jonathan Greenblatt approves of that and Musk is his bitch. 

Through our policies and enforcement, active training of agents, and working alongside our partners and users, X is committed to combating antisemitism on our platform. Our work is ongoing and we’ll continue to make investments in this area and keep our community updated on our progress.

We did it guys! We tweeted a bit. The ADL got even more institutional censorship on twatter, a shitty social media site, but we whined on the internet. LET’S GOOOO!

I considered not publishing this piece. I never consumed his content, but Keith Woods always struck me as well meaning, if tedious and annoying. That changed, starting when I hopped on over to his telegram channel, and found him pushing this tweet of his on September 7th.

Keith Woods (uncensored) twitter account:

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Elon Musk’s battle with the ADL.


He literally does everything that they tell him to do, which includes censoring everyone they tell him to censor, and even links to our websites. For their to be a battle there needs to be two sides. This is more like witnessing a dog whimpering in the general direction of the master who beats it, but go on.

The rollout of free social media was the most revolutionary development in information dissemination since the printing press.

If he includes YouTube in that, and online video sharing more broadly, then I might be inclined to agree. Twitter has always been gay though, and Instagram is also insufferable. Videos were the real tool to “redpill da normies,” in a very real way, which is why YouTube censorship is so extreme, starting so long ago.

When the regime realized just how revolutionary it was, they got to work spending years fighting for control through lobbying and financial manipulation. While much of this pressure is informal, through networks and backchannels, the ADL is the institutional, public face of this political racketeering network.

By 2020, their control of the major social media platforms was almost entirely secure. By forcing Facebook to change their terms of service according to his liking after a crushing advertiser boycott, Jonathan Greenblatt demonstrated that he had assumed the role of the final arbiter of speech on the internet. Last year, it looked like there was little hope for a way out of this situation, until @elonmusk‘s surprise purchase of Twitter. The subsequent boycott headed by the ADL showed that even the richest man in the world can be scuppered by the malign influence of this group. It seemed the only way to reverse the financial damage done by Greenblatt and his co-conspirators would be to gradually return control to the ADL, but now, riding a wave of popular support from X users, Elon has decided to draw a line in the sand and fight back.

He’s. Literally. Doing. Nothing.

Not nothing, he works hard doing the bidding of Jonathan Greenblatt. 

Three days prior to Woods writing this suckjob of Musk he was begging Musk to pls pls pls ban the ADL after Elon “nuke Mars” Musk had explicitly said no to the idea. This is what he means by “drawing a line in the sand.” 

Nothing even approaching a fight has occurred here, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, Woods’ is bloviating about this shaping up to be the fight of the century. 

The internet was the most revolutionary development of our age, and the fight to protect it from near total control by insidious actors like the ADL may turn out to be one of the most important fights of the century. Let’s all send Elon our prayers, and hope he can be the first to deal a fatal blow to the ADL. Godspeed Elon.

I lack the vocabulary to describe how mystifying this is. They tweeted a bunch, trying to get Elon Musk to ban the ADL. Musk explicitly said no, continued censoring everyone the ADL wants him to censor, and is now spending millions, maybe tens of millions, to “fight antisemitism” with machine learning and training for the censors on “his” website. 

I can’t provide any commentary on this that isn’t just restating of the basic facts of the matter. I can’t even make arguments as to why this is gibberish, because my brain short circuits when I’m told that there are people out there who consider this to be a victory.

Woods ends his post with an image that purports to show the ADL successfully shaking down Musk. Okay, and?

The guy does their bidding. Whatever “fight” is supposedly happening it’s over, and it was over a year ago. To further explain, Keith Woods wrote a walltext on his substack. 

Keith Woods Substack:

And then they came for Twitter. As soon as Elon Musk announced his purchase of the platform, the ADL announced another advertiser boycott in November 2022 as part of their “Stop Hate for Profit” coalition of civil rights groups, due to their concern over the apparent imminent threat to Jews created by Elon promising to “free the bird.”

And back in November, 2022, the TRS guys were calling for Musk to ban the ADL. Here’s an excerpt from Strike and Mike 279, released on September 5th.


Mike Enoch: I want to go further on this, because we said this. People might not remember, but going back to those early days when my first prognosis on Musk was not good – and it turned was the correct one – but then I rethought it when I saw how viciously the ADL and Jews were going after him. So then I thought “oh maybe this is something that sort of slipped out of their control, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.” Who knows? Maybe he did intend to be a maverick and then was brought back in line. I don’t sit in on those kinds of meetings.

But we said it, I even said it in one of my speeches, that he should ban them. We said this. The difference is that once it became apparent what was really going on, or how it was going to proceed I was like “oh, it’s not going to happen,” so I moved on to other stuff, more promising avenues.

So I’m not against the idea, and I even said it like a year ago, April of 2022 I said it, when this shit first started happening. So it’s like yes, ban them, yes. But [the #banTheADL fags] don’t even want it to happen, they don’t even think it’s going to happen.

Moike “The Koike” Enoch caught redhanded lying with an agenda. It was November 5th, 2022 that he was calling for the ADL to be banned, not April. Typical of the Ranch Enjoyer.

Peinovich even used the exact same screencap that Woods used to push for the ADL to be banned almost a full year after Musk had already shown that he had less than zero balls or political seriousness. 

This is what Mike’s twitter account has looked like for the past year. 

Now let’s see Keith Woods’.

Here’s Keith Woods’ YouTube channel, as of time of writing. 

Here’s mine.


Striker had an interesting comment on the matter.

I too find this interesting. Perhaps we can gain insight into how Keith Woods has never faced one tiny smidgeon of the censorship that we face by continuing with his substack thoughtpiece?  

Predictably, when the ADL finally released a statement, they blamed white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and trolls, apparently including early adopters like Indian Bronson, Dinesh D’Souza and Jewish activist Laura Loomer. Greenblatt would have you believe that this outpouring of outrage at the Anti-Defamation League is an outburst of antisemitism, the world’s first digital pogrom. Of course, everything is an outburst of antisemitism when you’re Jonathan Greenblatt.


“Bro, we’ve got all the Made in Israel grifters and gatekeepers on our side. How dare you call us Aryan Supremacist Uppity Goyim.” 

The fact that Laura Loomer, Dinesh D’Souza, and the rest are pushing your impotent little hashtag is damning, concrete evidence for its complete and utter worthlessness. 

Ten more retweets to Total Aryan Victory bros. Just keep tweeting x’ing.

In the days following the launch of the campaign, more and more Jewish conservatives have joined the campaign against the ADL, including Ben Shapiro and Stephen Miller. We need every voice we can to speak up against the ADL’s monopoly control over political discourse and election outcomes in America and beyond. If conservative Jews decide the ADL is doing them more harm than good and denounce it, it loses its major source of credibility which is claiming to represent the Jewish community.

What. The. Fuck. Is. This?

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, thinking that Ben Shapiro being “on our side,” is a good thing, or thinking that the ADL’s legitimacy comes from finkle-right Jews giving it their blessing. Also, Ben Shapiro has been defended by the ADL on multiple occasions.

I refuse to believe that someone who has been around politics for close to a decade can fall for this bullshit.


The legitimacy of the ADL does not come from people liking them, but their institutional, anti-democratic power. Keith Woods is well aware that the ADL controls the FBI. So much so that they even get the head of the FBI to be a keynote speaker at their events, where he says that the mission of the FBI goes well with the mission of the ADL.

FBI Official Website:

My thanks to the entire ADL for inviting me here today. 

I’ve been in this line of work for a long time now, starting out as a prosecutor in the ‘90s and then in various roles in the Justice Department, which included time overseeing what was then the Office of Special Investigations—or as they were more commonly known, the Nazi hunters—whose particularly rewarding work demonstrated to the world—and anyone who might contemplate heinous crimes against the Jewish people—that we’ll hunt murderers right to their dying days. 

I’m proud to say we helped the U.S. track down, denaturalize, and deport more Nazis than all other countries combined. And much like the work we’re doing together today, that effort both required and benefitted from a close partnership with the Jewish community.

The main reason I took this job was my belief in the FBI’s core values and mission – to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution. And I think our mission gels very well with yours: “To stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” 

Christopher Wray literally worked as a “nazi hunter,” where he tracked down old men who got drafted to be prison guards at concentration camps and deports them. He brags about doing this, and brags about working with the ADL to enforce their entirely anti-democratic (((agenda))). 

To fight back against an organization that is entrenched in federal law enforcement and every part of the corporate-state complex, Keith Woods is tweeting. He’d like Musk to ban the ADL, a year after we said the same thing, but he’s fine with Musk not actually doing that. Awareness level = raised after we tweeted at the head of the hydra. 

This is so childish and pathetic that it’s obnoxious. So much so that I forgot to mention that he’s granting the premise that Jews like Ben Shapiro not liking something doesn’t just make it bad, but grants the moral legitimacy necessary to (pretend to) fight against it. You can’t have only White Goyim fighting against the Jew Supremacist Hate Group known as the ADL. That would be immoral for some reason. Gotta throw in Benny Shapiro and Dinesh D’Souza.

But #BanTheADL isn’t really about “the Jews.” It’s about who’s allowed to participate in the public square of modern political discussion and debate. Set aside its dark origins, the debate over whether it actually speaks for the Jewish people, its track record of confirmed defamation, and even its track record of fabricating “hate” when it can’t find enough to frame.

“The real problem is that the ADL claims to speak for Jews, but doesn’t.”

I’ve realized that I’ve been incorrectly diagnosing my reaction to this as “bafflement.” In reality, I just have extreme contempt for this faggotry. This garbage is beneath me.  

Even a little bit of censorship goes a long way, as the deplatforming of one voice has a “pour encourager les autres” muffling effect on the rest of the voices. The conservative influencers who weren’t outright deplatformed had to resort to carefully crafting each post to be less conservative for fear of the ADL.

Literally no conservatives were ever deplatformed. Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dinesh D’Souza, Charlie Kirk, you name it. They’re all promoted by the algorithm on whatever website censored us years ago.

They have been the biggest beneficiaries of censorship, and I’m getting a workout from rolling my eyes at everything this Irish twink is saying.

As much as I would like to take credit for the #BanTheADL campaign, this showdown was inevitable. Elon Musk’s plan is to deliver a free and fair platform for not only political speech but entertainment, culture, and groupware-style communication and planning. His vision is fundamentally incompatible with ADL’s mission to define, direct, and dictate the nature, tone, and boundaries of the political conversation in a specific direction.

No, Elon’s plan is to censor everyone who isn’t a fag, then artificially promote himself, Lebron James, Ben Shapiro, Catturd2, AOC, and every other prominent Finkle-figure in Weimerica.

Woods isn’t done with his suckjob of Elon Musk. He doubles down on this easily debunked claim that Musk is some sort of free speech warrior in one of the most pathetic examples of accepting the enemies premises that I’ve ever seen. 

The accusation of antisemitism against Elon Musk is as farcical as his random accusation against the interviewer in that clip. Elon’s not even a conservative or republican. He’s a true believer in free speech and an open marketplace of opinions and ideas.

Let’s skip over the “but I’m not weaally a naughty Goy pls I’m impotent and harmless,” bit, and focus on the bold text. Woods here clearly states that Elon Musk is “a true believer in free speech.” That is a direct quote.

Which is funny, because he’s said the exact opposite when he was trying to “own” the TRS guys on telegram because they were pointing out that Musk increased the censorship on twatter. The italicized text is the comment by Mike Peinovich that he’s responding to.

Keith Woods Telegram (May 10th):

“The fact that this argument contains within it an admission that Elon Musk’s twitter does in fact censor grants our point. Musk’s twitter is not a free speech zone.”

This is a strawman. No one on our side argued that Musk is a free speech hero or our guy. I’ve brought attention to the ongoing censorship on my own account.

Keith, you said on your substack:

Elon’s not even a conservative or republican. He’s a true believer in free speech and an open marketplace of opinions and ideas.

And the very next paragraph of Woods’ substack piece is the following.

Musk is a naturalized immigrant to America who has bought in, without reservation, to the American promises of free enterprise and free speech. And literally nobody’s making more money and speaking more freely than Elon. If anything, it’s the ADL’s attempts to shut it down in the name of the Jews that’s fuelling antisemitism.

Stop strawmanning Keith Woods as someone who argues that Musk is a free speech hero. All Woods is saying is that Musk is someone who is a true believer in free speech who has bought in, without reservation, to the American promise of free speech. He’s not like, saying that he’s some sort of free speech supporter though or anything like that. 

The problem with Keith Woods is that he is completely and utterly full of shit and wants to get paid to shitpost online. The guy is a whiny, backstabbing and effeminate piece of shit, who thinks he’s found a way into the lucrative niche of edgy servatism. In the meantime if you could PayPal him, that would be great. 

How else could you be treated to paragraphs like this. 

Of course, you guessed it, suggesting that the ADL is contributing to antisemitic sentiment by silencing conservatives in the name of the Jews and accusing everybody of antisemitism is also antisemitic. Asking yourself if they might be obsessively fixated on antisemitism? Antisemitic.

“The problem with the ADL is that they’re contributing the uppity Goyism by being meanies to (((conservatives))).” Fucking kill yourself. 

I can’t take any more of this. I’m skipping to the end.

If we lose this fight to wrestle our ability to speak from the ADL, we’ll lose every other fight.

Jaime, pull up the meme again. 

Contemptuous bafflement is a weird feeling to have, but Woods is giving it to me in spades. 

The #BanTheADL campaign is diverse, bipartisan, and inclusive of everybody who believes in the power of open discussion and debate.

Whether it all ends with the ADL getting banned for platform manipulation, getting bankrupted for tortious interference in several companies, catching another defamation lawsuit, or backing down in response to the popular outcry, anything is better than a future where the ADL dictates what you can and can’t say. Godspeed Elon.

Literally none of that will happen. The ADL is not only not backing down, but ramping up the censorship on the site. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change, and commenter Robert points out that the strategy for Musk and the Finkle-Right is to prevent any real world organization, while letting dipshits like Keith Woods impotently tweet with anons and Dinesh D’Souza. 


To me it seems like the problem on Twitter and social media isn’t the oppression of free speech, but the oppression of freedom of assembly. Keith woods can have a twitter account where he drops red pills daily on race and the JQ, but as soon as Keith Woods becomes the leader of a far-right political party such as America First, NJP, PA ect. He would probably get kicked off the platform. I think this is the main issue that needs to be addressed. You’re free to criticize the ADL, even ben Shapiro is doing it! You are not allowed, however, to start your own ADL like organization and organize on the internet. You will be shut down.


It’s almost like the ADL is fine with you being a Weird Online Person, and not fine with you taking tangible steps towards power. It’s almost like that, because it is that.


“It’s not about the JQ, it’s about free speech, Man!”

I know you think you’re pushing Charlie Kirk further right, but to me it sounds like you’re just becoming Charlie Kirk.

Become Charlie Kirk to own Charlie Kirk.

Charlie Kirk

It’s funny, because Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, and Matt Walsh were the targets of the Gayper Wars, an incompetently run counterattack by the Revolutionary Republican Party Outsiders that I covered during part of the Andrew Anglin is a biological failure series. 

The execution was cringe-worthy, but Kirk, Shapiro, and Matt Walsh were great targets, being totally fraudulent gatekeepers who exist to do nothing but insert themselves into the conversation and retard it. 

Apparently these gatekeepers have been tricked, hoodwinked, and downright bamboozled into supporting #banTheADL because it’s secretly bad for Jews or something.

I’ve been a fan of keith woods for years, but I’m not going to ride his d*ck like a groyper fan boy. He’s doing the bit where he’s pretending that BantheADL isn’t antisemitic a sentiment coming mostly from white nationalist. It totally is and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s kind of like when these ‘anti-woke’ grifters go to a PTA meeting and say “I’m not a bigot, I have a gay, black brother in-law, I just think that Mabye you should tone down some of this marxist rhetoric, pretty please!”

He’s also been posting groyper style, pro-elon propaganda videos that are so silly. I’m just sick of the idea that you can put all your hope in some con artist billionaire like trump, musk,ect. And expect anything to happen.

Commenter jo blog also points out the obvious. 

“the fight to protect the internet from near total control by insidious actors like the ADL may turn out to be one of the most important fights of the century.”


This ADL campaign has got a bit of attention among people involved in the Irish populist movement. That’s a pity. It is completely irrelevant to what is going on in our fight.

If you’re Keith it’s not hard to see how getting mentioned and retweeted by Elon Musk might be intoxicating. But it’s just a game – likes win points, HOW many views!! Wow.

All of that is completely irrelevant to anything that matters in Ireland. Back to work everyone. LGB in schools conference today, Free Speech convention this week, Farmers Alliance meeting at the weekend. Stuff that matters is going on right now. Focus.

I cannot begin to explain how exasperating it is trying to wrangle the constantly online to actually do things in the real world. This is not helped by grifting faggots like Keith Woods openly arguing that tweeting at the ADL is not only a “fight” but the start of some vaguely defined victory. If you’re in Ireland, go to all the actual political events that are happening around you and start working on a plan to support someone running for office.

Or you could impotently tweet at Elon Musk and beg him to censor the ADL. Jaime, can you pull up that tweet of Musk’s again?

Jaime, can you pull up Mike Peinovich’s twitter account please?

Hey Keith, can you explain to me what law Mike broke to get censored? After all, Musk won’t censor the ADL because they (officially) haven’t broken the law, and Musk is currently “fighting” against them. I guess Mike Peinovich must have fifty violent carjackings to his name at this point, right?

Oh, nevermind. Turns out that he, along with all the NJP guys, the NRM guys, PA in England, and many others, is actually serious about political organizing. Musk censors him because Elon Musk is Jonathan Greenblatt’s bitch. 

UPDATE: Well the NJP turned out to be entirely unserious, but it’s the thought that counts.

I have to quote just a bit more from Strike and Mike 279.


Eric Striker: I mean you’ve hit the invisible wall in the RPG game. You’ve discovered the whole map. So, now what? I have an answer for that. The Now What? is the NJP.

Mike Peinovich: The Now What? is the political will to do this.

Striker: But they don’t like the NJP either, they oppose the NJP, so then what?

Moike: So then you just do the next meme. It’s literally the next hashtag that’s what it is. That’s what it is. Because at some point –

Striker: To portray me as a bad actor for asking you what now is really just childish. Just tell me what now?

Moike: For these type of people just doing meme viral campaigns and trolling is fun, and they don’t wanna do anything else. 

Striker: But that’s fine, but then admit that.

Moike: Because if you say that people stop listening to you. If you say that people are going to check out. There are some people who do it, who say “I’m just in it for the memes.”

Inevitably they quit. They drop out, they stop, they lose audience, they lose subscribers. Because ultimately, the way you’re going to actually attract the audience, attract the interest, attract the action, is by seeming at least like you’re doing something.

What we’re doing, by asking them that question, is putting them between a rock and a hard place of either supporting real action or admitting that they don’t want to do real action, neither of which they want to do. They want to occupy this middle ground where they can sort of appear to be doing something, memeing, having a good time, but not really going further than that because it’s a comfortable place. 

And frankly, [I’ve] been tempted to be like that myself. Don’t think for a second I have not been tempted to just be one of these people because it would be easy. It would be easy. I could make a personal living doing it, and I could be having a lot of fun, believe me. 

Occupying the middle ground of fake politics and saying what you know won’t get you banned from (((social media))) isn’t a genius strategy for political change, it’s just what grifters do. Frankly, I’m more talented than Keith Woods, Nick Fuentes, and the rest of these alt-republicans. If I wanted to, I could easily start a new site, new YouTube channel, and “redpill da normies” by colouring within the lines. I simply refuse to neuter my message. 

Part of the reason why these people are such intolerable, backstabbing faggots is because it’s in their nature. However, another part is because they’ve made the decision to be politically impotent in order to perpetuate their grift. Once you’re already doing fake bullshit that doesn’t matter politically, there’s little reason not to discard outdated concepts like truth and loyalty. Their politics becomes a form of totally non-ideological ultra-realpolitik, like if Hitler constantly did Night of the Long Dildos to his own political party of 100 followers back in 1922, while never actually fighting for power because that was too hard.

Years ago Fuentes was the guy pretending that retweets from established servative figures and getting Marjorie Taylor Greene up on stage – only to disavow him afterwards – made him a SeRIoUs GuY, instead of being totally discrediting. Now Keith Woods is doing the same with Dinesh D’Souza, Charlie Kirk, and even the creature known as Ben Shapiro.

I am tired of the pretense of politics coming from these grifting fags online. These people aren’t political. They just pretend to be as part of their grift.


Striker: Let me Old Man Post for a little bit. If you’re a zoomer telling us that our thing is wrong, well you just don’t have experience. We’ve gone through this. We were here, online, propelling a social media campaign where we got Donald Trump to promise, along with Tucker Carlson, to promise to do something to help the Boers in South Africa, in 2018. We were here promoting the caravan, remember the caravan, you were big on that.

Moike: Yes, we got Trump to go out – 

Striker: You got that going viral, and I was here shitting on it behind closed doors. No, it was fine, I’m not attacking anybody. But we were here all invested – 

Moike: It didn’t work –

Striker: Well no, Trump responded.

Moike: Well Trump responded but it didn’t – 

Striker: The POTUS, which is actually far more consequential than Elon Musk, responded to your social media campaign about the caravan. What came out of that? The caravan got through.

Moike: Nothing.

Striker: The caravan got through. Trump promised to stop them, he’d say something like “I’m gonna monitor this, I’m gonna deploy the military.”

Moike: Even before he was elected he made a thing where he cucked on H1B’s, and we organized with others, not just us, but we organized a furious response on twitter and Facebook to everything Trump was posting. And he came out with a post saying “I apologize, I -” I don’t remember what he said exactly, but he said there wouldn’t be any more H1B’s. 

He tried to do the skilled immigration thing. And everybody was like “fuck no,” and went hard at him. And he reversed – in his rhetoric – he reversed course. 

Striker: One lasting contribution of Donald Trump is saying you’re gonna do something and doing the opposite. Every right wing populist now does this, from Elon Musk to Georgia Meloni. They say they’re gonna stop immigration, they get more immigrants. They say they’re gonna ban, they’re gonna sue the ADL, they ban more pro-Whites. This is the problem. This is what we’re telling you. We’ve been here before.

Talk is cheap, tweeting is cheaper. I very much do remember all those social media campaigns. They were big deals back when they happened. They lead to literally nothing. Social media campaigns have been discredited as a real political tactic for half a decade. 

Spare me your dumb fucking hashtag. Spare me your “raising awareness,” unless it’s raising awareness that Elon Musk is a fraudulent bitch who pretends to believe in free speech but censors everyone at the behest of the ADL. 


Mike Peinovich: The issue is, frankly, that the Jews don’t think that we’re fake and stupid.

UPDATE: Well the Jews got that one wrong. 


Keith Woods should be totally humiliated to still have a twitter account. Keith Woods should be totally humiliated to still have a YouTube channel. Keith Woods should be totally humiliated to have twitter not auto-censor links to his substack. Keith Woods should be totally humiliated to have Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D’Souza, and Matt Walsh joining in on some gay little e-moobment of his. Oh, and I almost forgot about the morally superior women abuser and men exploiter known as Tristan Tate. 

He’s a big fan, and if you agree with him then you should consider supporting Keith Woods. 

You can hit him up on SubscribeStar for just the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

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  1. Professional sucker of Zionist rectum Charlie Kike, has quite possibly, the most offensive head and face of all the fake right Zionist prostitute clowns. His head is like a giant deformed potato that spouts the most ridiculous jew supremacist crap. Charlie Kike is the stereotypical dork nerd, pro-jew, conservative retard type who is going the way of the dinosaur, and increasingly in a violent way. May God deliver us from Charlie Kike’s head.

  2. A cup of coffee doesn’t post gay shit, cuck out, and hang out with pederasts. Get yourself a cup of coffee instead of donating to starving nigglet in Congo or Irish philosemitic fag’s Gumroad where he doesn’t even upload new content anymore(other than reuploading free shits like twatter space doesn’t count)

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  5. This is just a publicity stunt for Elon to bring people to Twitter. That’s all. He’s not banning the ADL in any capacity whatsoever. He is the ring master of his circus.

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