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The Republican National Committee on Friday approved a resolution opposing “all forms” of antisemitism, including that which comes from within its own party.

“Antisemitism has no place in our political party, American politics or any political discourse,” the resolution, which was approved by members of the committee on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, says.

Fuck yes Republican Party yeaaahhhhhh. Sheldon Adelson hat back on.

Finally us White People are getting the policies that we want enacted.

The GOP’s blanket rebuke of prejudice against Jewish people condemns two right-wing celebrities who have used their platforms to spread antisemitic hate, rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West) and white nationalist Nick Fuentes. Fuentes and Ye recently dined last November with former President Donald Trump – but Trump is not mentioned in the document.

The actual document itself is even more to the point.

Who might they be specifying for the whole “no infiltration for you,” thing? Could it possibly be the little tradtwink who openly claimed to be infiltrating the Republican Party?

Let me transcribe that for you.

RESOLVED, That the Republican National Committee shall hereby formally condemn, denounce, censure and oppose all forms of bigotry, racism, ethnic prejudice, religious intolerance, antisemitism, antisemitic statements, and any antisemitic elements that seek to infiltrate the Republican Party;

RESOLVED, That the Republican National Committee formally condemns, denounces, censures and opposes Kanye West, also known as Ye, Nicholas “Nick” Fuentes, Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush and all others promoting their antisemitism beliefs.

On one hand, the Republican Party shutting out Nick Fuentes is very solid. Respectable. McCarthy hat back on.

On the other hand, Kanye “Black and retarded Hitler” West deserves to be up on that stage entertaining me while causing Schlomo to seethe. So I guess we’re taking the (((Paul Singer))) hat off again.

I considered just ending the piece here with a quick little chuckle at Fuentes. After all, I’ve said what needs to be said about these grifters. However, when doing research on KiwiFarms a while back I found a great letter of resignation written by one Travis LeBlanc, dated late September of last year. It was apparently a big thing at the time, but I had moved on. For closure, I will quote one small part of his very long post.

Archived Link from Gaymer Uprising, the Now Dead Daily Stormer Forum:

America First is a political movement centered on the internet. It is led by a person who is banned from all social media.

Perhaps my friend, it is time to stop being an online movement, and start being a real life movement instead. But no, LeBlanc has a much more intelligent idea.

Given those two factors, for such a movement to grow, it is essential, vital, mandatory that the leader maintains the goodwill of people who still have access to social media. There is no substitute for this. There is no workaround. There is no other way for an internet movement without access to social media to grow without the goodwill of people still on social media. The media will always be against AF and Nick’s ability to influence the national dialog from Cozy and Telegram is extremely limited. If AF is to have any positive image at all, it will be due to the goodwill of independent content creators who still have access to social media.

LeBlanc wrote for Counter Currents extensively.

You’d think that perhaps it’s time to not have an e-movement then, but a real one. There was never anything stopping Der Schlomo from e-holocausting anyone else on social media who promotes little Juan Fuentes. Destiny, a literal cuckhold neo-liberal defender has been entirely censored from twatter, as well as Twitch. The internet is ghey now, and the writing was on the wall all the way back when Milo got holocausted in 2016. The Alt-Republicans just pretended otherwise as a sales pitch to their followers. Because “I have good optics and am smart,” is a more flattering explanation of why Fuentes didn’t get banned when the real political actors did than “I’m an annoying faggot that the ADL laughs at.” 

Like I said it’s an extremely long post, and the best parts might be when he finally just admits that Fuentes is actually a fag. Not just ironically enjoying catboys, an actual homo. He even says that it would be more excusable if Fuentes was gay, which is hilarious to me because I’ve said for a while that Fuentes would be less embarrassing as a repressed homo than whatever it is that he claims to be.

But LeBlanc continues explaining why you’re supposed to be constantly online, and not do real life events.

America First can not switch its focus to IRL activism. Patriotic Alternative can get away with being primarily IRL because Britain is geographically small. It’s only a 12 hour car ride from Inverness to Cornwall. So it’s far easier for Patriotic Alternative to mobilize their most committed supporters anywhere in the country and on very short notice. AF can not go the PA route because the United States is geographically large, travelling from one side of the country to the other is very expensive and/or time consuming, travelling on short notice is extremely expensive and AF’s membership skews young (ie doesn’t have much money).

LeBlanc makes the first almost good point that I’ve ever seen from the Republican Outsiders Crowd as to why they have to be constantly online do nothings. Recently we went to Kelowna to take in the local wildlife. It wasn’t just that, we went to a few events and hung out afterwards, but politically it was just an hour long event. 

Kelowna and the Lower Mainland, the area around Vancouver, are separated by roughly 350-400 kilometers distance, depending on your exact location. The drive is going to be around four hours, probably more, and taking the bus, which I did, makes this more like a six hour journey each way. That’s a lot of traveling for an hour long event, although I could get some work done on the way. Of course it’s totally doable, and I’m not complaining, but it’s definitely not a free trip no matter how you go about it, in terms of both time and money.

But here is a map of Canada, with this same journey put into perspective. The country is geographically quite large, and yet lacks population density, absent a few clusters here and there. This same distance will take you from London to Leeds in England, which is roughly a third of the total North-South area of the United Kingdom.

So it might make sense to think that you can’t do real life activism in North America, except that’s mostly a non-sequitur. Sure, it’s harder to get your entire organization to one particular place, but you don’t have to do that. If the alt-Republicans had as many followers as they pretended to have, they could have done plenty of local activism. But the problem is that Fuentes, Anglin, Weev, and the rest of the Manlet Club were just grifters who intentionally created a crowd of constantly online paypiggies and drove out anyone who was serious about doing real activism. Remember the Stormer Book Clubs?

Clown shoes. ****ing clown shoes.

I’m not going to rehash the Anglin or Fuentes takedowns, but this excuse needs to be put down. It’s unrealistic for most of Mark Collett’s followers to go to any one event, and they shouldn’t be asked to. Most people are concentrated in relatively urban areas even in Canada/US, so the purpose should be to grow a movement large enough that you have local people ready to be called upon, and perhaps supported by leadership flying or driving to the event. By flying I mean taking real passenger airliners, not their own personal SuperCub, although that would be cool. 

Be pretty neat if someone got their pilot’s license and flew around to things in a Piper Supercub.

Sure, I wish I could just snap my fingers and teleport around to all the various areas of Canada, but you don’t need to be able to teleport to do real life activism. So the solution is not being a whiny bitch and hitting the road to travel around the place anyway. Maybe figure out a way to make it an event, like bringing your hockey gear and playing a little shindig with the locals, but the important thing is that you do it. The internet has its place, but if “winning” the Great Meme War of 2016 taught us anything, it’s that you don’t get actual policies from the interwebs. 

You also don’t get actual policies from the Republican Party, and you don’t trick them into being pro-White populists. They trick you into being Republicans, then Fuentes and the Manlet Cult help them do this. I guess they’ll have to find another grift now.

UPDATE: I had to include one last thing that LeBlanc says.

Some of you might say that if Elon Musk takes over Twitter and reinstates free speech, that would put Nick back in the game and render everything I wrote above irrelevant. If that happened, Nick could once again be able to bypass the gatekeepers and appeal directly to the masses. That’s true. Elon taking over Twitter would put Nick back in the game. But then again, Elon taking over Twitter would put everyone back in the game.

You see, one of Nick’s main selling points, the reason why you’re supposed to continue supporting him regardless of whatever misgivings you may have about him, is that Nick is supposedly “our last hope”. And the reason why he is “our last hope” is because Big Tech censorship has made it impossible for anyone to follow in Nick’s footsteps. Well, if Elon Musk takes over Twitter and institutes free speech, it would be possible again for someone to follow in Nick’s footsteps. In which case, Nick would no longer be “our last hope’.

I love how even the guy who only just stopped supporting Fuentes admits that Fuentes couldn’t compete against the already censored content creators.

The Alt-Republican schtick was a grift that always had a short shelf life. Fuentes was a cringey faggot with no real insights or even charisma. If he had to compete in a no censorship environment he’d be easily out-competed by older guys like TRS and younger guys without the baggage. For about two years he benefited from not being censored, and the result of this was catboi dates and cum hunting escapades.

There was an enormous missed opportunity here to show solidarity, and have everyone working together against (((Big Tech Censorship))). But because these guys are narcissistic sociopaths they stomped on everyone’s heads while they were drowning and claimed they deserved it, rather than having solidarity with the more serious political actors who had been censored. Fuentes did this to the point of absurdity, even claiming to have stayed on twatter longer than Trump because of his tight optics.

What they’re left with is an e-movement lead by a guy who is banned from everywhere, with the openly stated goal of infiltrating a Republican Party that has now explicitly denounced their infiltration plans. All the bridges to everyone else, from further right like the NJP, to somewhat less right, like Metokur, have been burned. Looks very promising. I think we’re going places here.

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  1. Hitler had his own plane which he flew around Germany in, so it’s not unreasonable.

    As someone married with kids and a job it is rarely practical for me to travel anywhere, but people like me can certainly provide a measure of support. It’s a matter of leadership working to get everyone involved and working together.

    It’s easy to organize things online, you just say “over there is a lolcow let’s go laugh at them” and if your megaphone is big enough people will do that (and jews will call it a “coordinated attack” but really politics is just war by other means, so yes it is…).
    Organizing in real life takes a lot more effort, but still boils down to getting together to make fun of and laugh at your enemies.

  2. My deer rifle with powerful scope begins where your anti-social media ends……

    Or similar some-such truth many fail to realize.

    The simulated realities of young folks grows tiresome – and luckily I can hear this retarded illusion (construct of the judens) fading into obscurity as most realize the web-bot group mind stupidity of it all.

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