Originally published October 17th, 2023.

The Jerusalem Post:

Hyman’s story gained nationwide attention when her Haifa apartment’s owner insisted on receiving her share of the rent or finding a replacement tenant.

Hyman, a 27-year-old student majoring in visual communication, is currently in the last year of her academic program. According to the report, the apartment’s owner has issued a warning that they may evict her and seek a new tenant, potentially displacing her belongings in the process.

Hyman was tragically kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during the event in Re’im, where a horrific massacre unfolded.

Late rent is late rent, honey. I don’t care that you “got kidnapped by Hamas,” this mortgage isn’t going to pay for itself.

I’ve never enjoyed the stereotype of Jews being greedy, since much of the theft of our money from characters such as Sheldon Adelson or George Soros is racially motivated. Over in Israel, they tend to take the Jewing down a notch. However, I say “tend to,” because apparently the landlord’s compulsion to grub those shekels hit and hit hard. There was nothing that could be done but force a kidnapped girl to still pay rent.

She’s not some Arab who got caught up in this either. Inbar Hyman is a full on Dual Citizen-American, and the landlord has been confirmed as one (((Aaron Reiss))). Looks like Greedy Jewish Landlords are doing the Judenfrei that Americans won’t.

This 27 year old visual communication student goes to Burning Man At Home and gets a run in with the 2 man teams that Bronze Age Pussy is always going on about.

Hopefully she gets a starring role in a Hamas prisoner video.

Scene: Two Hamas militants are standing, one on each side of some Jew girl who is slumped on the ground. They are both carrying AK74’s.

Militant 1: Dirka Dirka Muhammad Jihad.

Girl looks confused and scared. The militant continues again, this time more forcefully.

Militant 1: Dirka Dirka Muhammad JIHAD.

Girl looks at camera.

Narration: Yeeeep, that’s me, the girl sitting down with the armpit hair. You’re probably wondering how I found myself in this wacky situation. It all started when my pet rat died, and my friend told me about this rave out in the desert I could go to. Actually, let’s go back further, to when I couldn’t Jew my way into Harvard…

Gaza Gone Wild 2023 has been politically productive and provided a few moments of levity.

I really hope they find those missing Jews and shut down the Baby Beheader once and for all.

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  1. Sadly, Ms. Hyman will probably be skinned alive, her jewess hide tanned, and then used as a cover for the Koran. When will the persecution of the hebrew master race end? WHEN I ASK YOU?

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