Originally published October 18th, 2023.

I was recently forwarded an example of yet another telegram e-microcelebrity doing the “I’m too hardcore to support brown Palestinians,” bit. Nothing we haven’t seen many times before.

“You’re secretly anti-White and obsessed with the [people who run every single institution in our countries and are virulently anti-White]. America and Israel is based, Arabs are bad, and don’t mention that they’re only in our countries because of Jews. I feel the need to scold you over -“

Yet again, some telegram account that I’ve never heard of pops out of the woodshed with a botted follower count to confuse the issue with respect to The Goyim Vs The Jews in the Middle East. Such attacks cannot be taken seriously in 2023, so I won’t be responding to any of the particular claims.

However, while I can’t say what it was specifically about this twerp that made this connection for me, it got me thinking about chaff. For those of you who don’t know what that is, chaff is a countermeasure against radar that dates back to at least WW2. In the grand tradition of Daily Rake articles, I felt the need to explain in detail how radars work. Then I caught myself, and shuttled all that off to its own article. All you need to know is that chaff works by presenting false targets to the radar.

Typically aircraft try to avoid detection altogether. Once detected, the next best thing is to create thousands of false targets to confuse the radar operator, or missile seeker. This cloud of fake targets is called “chaff.” All militaries use chaff, because it works.

I believe Jaime has a picture of the IDF releasing chaff over Palestine.

This is of course rhetorical chaff, and it serves much the same purpose. Similar to a military aircraft, our enemies don’t have the decency to simply come out and say “hi, we’re your enemies and here we are.” Instead they have a million different forms of subversion. 

Imagine how difficult it would be to merely identify the enemy, if you were some normal person who was angry at, say, anti-White discrimination from universities. How many false starts and fake friends you’d need to discard along the way to find out that the problem is these people.

After all, it’s plausible to think that Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL is a “far-left organization.” We had people ostensibly in our thing promoting that garbage just last month. 

It’s easy to see normal people getting duped into attacking a false target. It’s not even theoretical, there are plenty of examples of this happening all the time in politics. I would argue that the majority of the population has been chaffed to some extent. 

But normies are one thing, people ostensibly with us are another. Take Shultide for example. I never closely followed what that account said, and covered them mostly for laughs. Even still, I have documented the following takes from that entity in just the past two years.

  1. Everybody who doesn’t like Israel or hate Russia is under the control of Doogin.
  2. Ditto for Klaus Schwab and the WEF.
  3. BTW, the WEF is sooooooooper important and definitely not just a distraction.
  4. The WEF cutting ties with Russia is just an optics move. (As if it even mattered in the first place).
  5. UN Agenda 21 is why there are millions of third worlders in our country, not Jews.
  6. The “Great Reset,” was real, and is also UN Agenda 21.
  7. The lampshadocaust is real, and if you don’t believe it you have to believe in random schizo nonsense.
  8. Focus your attention on Cultural Marxism. It’s vague, abstract ideological forces that are important.
  9. Being allowed to talk about conspiracies without getting censored is proof that you’re over the target. (No really).
  10. White replacement only exists to facilitate The Great Reset. (Again, almost a direct quote).
  11. There exists a “Communist NWO technocracy.”
  12. No really, White replacement isn’t about hurting White people. It’s because “Leftists/Globalists,” want the abolition of property.
  13. The West is being intentionally destroyed so that The Globalists can move their manufacturing to China and Russia. (Lol)
  14. Freemasonry is the real problem.
  15. Amazon doesn’t matter because controlling the online retail market isn’t important.
  16. You can’t get mad at Jews for the migrant invasion of Europe, because the migrants themselves want to go to Europe.
  17. Moike Peinovich is a Doooginist Third Worlder who just wants Brownies to have sex with his wife. (Okay, that was from their twitter debate in 2019, but still.)
  18. Mike Peinovich enjoys Pakis raping White girls in Britain.
  19. Moike would want to support Palestinians more if they started raping White women. 
  20. Read Linkola to understand why it’s important to hate Islam and love capitalism -> obviously has never read Linkola who said the exact opposite.
  21. Shinzo “neocon” Abe is great, because a few blue haired gays on twatter don’t like him.
  22. Putler is bad, even though literally 100% of blue haired gays on twatter don’t like him.
  23. Russia is baaaaad because they have slightly higher vaccination rates than Ukraine.
  24. Japan, which has almost 100% vaccination rates, is good.
  25. mRNA vaccines spread Covid from shed spike proteins as part of the “elites” plan to get us all sick and have the pandemic never end. 
  26. Eric Striker is being paid by Russia to shill for Putler. We know this because he protested with Golden Dawn in 2013.
  27. Eric Striker uses satanic symbols straight out of Dugin’s playbook.
  28. Anyone who supports Palestinians right to not be genocided is something something Doogin Eurasionist anti-White.
  29. “I never mentioned climate lockdowns.” -> easily disproven by searching “climate lockdowns” on Xir’s telegram page.
  30. Israel isn’t important to Jews. The 95% of Jews who think otherwise, including all of our enemies with institutional power, are simple mistaken.

Shultide’s strategy is to constantly misrepresent the positions of actual White advocates to the point of slander. When showing you the “true” version of reality, free from our Eurasionist Doogin influence, innumerable easily debunked false targets are created. All of these individual attacks can be refuted with one second of thought, and thirty minutes of writing. Nevertheless, they continue coming.

Mysteriously, this all works out on behalf of zionism and Jews, to the point where Xir is “ironically” shilling for Israel. 

I have an acquaintance with a mother whose daughter was subject to tranny grooming through the school system. Her head is mostly on straight on that problem, but she regularly sends me multiple texts per day with regards to other, “important” issues. 

Occasionally, these are actually funny. Sometimes, they even get right over the target.

Most of it is chaff.

Above we see the “Israel is too powerful to be surprise attacked,” narrative. Below we see more “Trudeau KKK Communist China,” bloviation.

Here we see that the new impotent line of attack against trannies is that the troon flag is “homophobic.”

Here we see that the Australians shut down “identity politics,” by rejecting the blatantly, monstrously anti-White “Indigenous Voice to Parliament.” Not “shut down anti-Whiteness.” No, this was a rejection of “identity politics.” 

Since you are so against identity politics, you should love the servatives winning in New Zealand. They hate identity politics almost as much as they love Jew nationalism, the Jew ethnostate, and tactical “identity politics” for non-Whites and perverts.

But hold off on that hating identity politics bit for now, because now it’s time for you to get really angry at those Goyim muslims who are destroying France with their anti-genocide rally for Palestine.

Okay sure, the Government of France literally outlawed these peaceful protests, Zionism is a racial doctrine, and the only reason that any Arabs are in France is because of zionists, but GET ACTIVATED TO FIGHT ISRAEL’S ENEMIES, GOY!

After all, there exists this group called “queers for Palestine”. That means that you shouldn’t support Palestine, even though us servatives have thrown the white flag on literally every single groomer issue, to the point where thirteen year old girls are having their breasts chopped off. But now, just this one time, you can pretend to fight these groomers by supporting the genocide of Palestinians.

The evil CCP is trying to draw us into four wars. Wake up sheeple! Stop blaming Israel for Communist Chinese wars!

Perhaps the worst, and most subversive one of these that I saw was this woman talking about the migrant invasion, which is a non-stop (((problem))) at this point. She points out that all these “migrants” are military aged men, not women and children. 

They’re fighting aged men. They’re soldiers. Now, I have to ask, are they here to protect us, or are they here to round us up?

No, honey, they are there because Israel wants to depopulate the Middle East of fighting aged men, while shitting up White countries at the same time. This isn’t even up for debate, Israel literally runs the “refugee” camps in Greece. This helps zionists with their racial cleansings over land they steal, while also hurting White People. 

It might sound like the above is a collection of greatest hits. Perhaps this was aggregated over a period of many months. She sent all these links to me in the past 24 hours.

Jaime, pull up the graphic again, please?

Frankly, I have seen enough of this garbage to know that it never ends. The real target is not the CCP, the WEF, the UN, Davos, muslims, or any other retarded distraction that exists to remove heat from Schlomo. The real target is Schlomo. 

I am not interested in giving people chaffing for Schlomo the benefit of the doubt anymore. The victims of these psyops deserve actual advocacy, but that comes from real life political activism and institutions, not deboonking the neverending waves of chaff that you see on controlled platforms.

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  1. That thuletide faggot is still around? How is xe not bored of being wrong about everything without getting payed yet, unless xir is getting paid. Im pretty sure I was still in my last years of highschool when she/her blocked me on twitter.

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