Originally posted on October 16th, 2023.

I’ve been entirely critical of online slacktivist nonsense like #BanTheADL. That campaign ended embarrassingly, and entirely unproductively. This does not mean that the ADL shouldn’t be attacked, it means that any attack on them that doesn’t point out their malicious, evil hypocrisy is at best useless. They are a Jew supremacist hate group, and should be treated as such.

Instead, Keith Woods and company attacked them as a “far left group,” that attacks conservatives and our brave right wing Jews. This is an entirely counter-productive line of attack that is so impotent that Benny Shapiro and Dinesh D’Souza got in on the action. Yes, this Ben Shapiro.

Shockingly, this latest conflict has shown us that Jonathan Greenblatt and Benny Shapiro both agree that Jews are entitled to commit genocide against the filthy Palestinian Goyim. So weird that these Jews who are on opposite ends of the Overtonberg Window are striving together towards the same goal. In fact, Greenblatt has outdone Shapiro’s shilling for the Jew racial state, calling anyone who disagrees with Jew nationalism “genocidal.”

MSNBC Anchor: Is there a distinction then Jonathan, between being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.

Demonic Rat Jonathan Greenblatt: Well I think you can be a critic. You can say I don’t like these policies. You can criticize Israel. I’ve criticized Israel Government policies I’m not anti-Israel.

I really despise the assumption that the Jew supremacist hate group known as the ADL has any sort of moral authority to condemn anything.

I also despise this “oh well you can mildly criticize Israel’s tax policy and bloviate with platitudes, but anything other than that is Uppity Goyism and we can’t be having that,” bullshit that the butthole-left is paid to fall for every time. 

But I think where we draw the line is being anti-Zionist. What I mean by that is this ideology that says “I oppose the existence of the Jewish state. I oppose the legitimacy of Jews having the right to self-determination. I oppose the whole notion that Jewish people should be able to live in their ancestral homeland.” 

In other words, Jew Nationalism.

Let me transcribe the ADL’s “extremist term,” of “White Nationalism.”

White nationalism is a term that originated among white supremacists as a euphemism for white supremacy. Eventually, some white supremacists tried to distinguish it further by using it to refer to a form of white supremacy that emphasizes defining a country or region by white racial identity and which seeks to promote the interests of whites exclusively, typically at the expense of people of other backgrounds.

I’ve seen this “accuse your victims of what you are doing,” tactic so many times that I barely blink, but it still needs to be stated that this is exactly what Jew nationalism, sometimes referred to as “zionism,” is.

Zionism is a term that originated among Jew supremacists as a euphemism for Jew supremacy. Eventually, some Jew supremacists tried to distinguish it further by using it to refer to a form of Jew supremacy that emphasizes defining a country or region by Jew racial identity and which seeks to promote the interests of Jew exclusively, typically at the expense of the people who Jew supremacists refer to as cattle that exist to serve them.

Even that doesn’t encapsulate Jew nationalism, because it’s really “only nationalism for Jews,” that these Ziotifas believe in. They are extremist anti-nationalists when it comes to White People, Palestinians, and any other group of Goyim that they feel like oppressing. Occasionally they tactically support Uighur nationalism, or Ukrainian nationalism, purely because, at that precise moment in time, it supports their Jew supremacist agenda. 

I support all forms of nationalism, except Jew nationalism, for this very reason. You simply have to treat others how they treat you.

That is an ideology that is now common on college campuses. It’s common in some corridors of power. We have people in congress like Rushida Talib who professes this idea. And then, by the way, it’s common in some newsrooms. We see this with the copy editors and some other people making decisions. 

Heebblatt is referring to some propaganda outlets referring to Hamas as “militants,” instead of terrorists. Most of them have got with the (((program))) and are using the dehumanizing and Israel-absolving language that he would prefer. 

I can’t do any better than this community note.

Note the language used in this post.

Israelis are are “killed,” while Palestinians “die.” 

The intent is to create a perception that certain deaths are natural or unexplainable, while others are the result of concrete acts of violence.

Look at what happened to these Palestinian children.

They just died, suddenly, and with no explanation.

Greenblatt continues.

But anti-zionism I’ve long said is antisemitism. I was wrong. Anti-zionism is genocide. And what I mean is if you so dehumanize “zionists,” – by the way every Jewish person is a zionist. You might not believe in the political project of Israel, but every Saturday morning you open your prayer book and it talks about zionism, and it talks about Jerusalem. Jews have been praying to Jerusalem for 2,000 years, 2,000 years.

“Opposing Jew-Nationalism is genocide” – “far-left” ADL.

But here’s the point. Zionism is – whether you’re a religious Jew going to synagogue every day, or you’re just a cultural Jew who even thinks of themselves as an atheist – zionism is embedded in our tradition, it’s fundamental to our existence.

And so for the anti-zionist, who says “all zionists are evil, all zionists are bad, the zionist project is wrong,” that leaves us in a very weird position.

Jonathan’s argument for why Jew nationalism must be privileged, to the point of declaring the Goyim who oppose it genocidal, is so idiotic that it doesn’t even need to be responded to. It’s basically “Jews really want to commit mass murder and racial cleansing in order to steal this real estate, so you’re the real genocider if you don’t let us.” To even respond to this argument would be to privilege it as something that deserves response.

This malicious and blatant hypocrisy on behalf of the Jew race is the only way to attack the ADL, not teaming up with Dinesh D’Souza and calling them a “far-left group that doesn’t really represent Jews.” It’s so obviously the correct strategy that even Tucker Carlson, who has been quite the disappointment in recent years, found his way mostly over the target when they went after him. 

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, zionists change principles more than whores change clothes. The ADL wants and gets legal action taken through the FBI, against White Nationalists, or anyone who wants closed borders. They also think that not supporting Jew Nationalism is genocide. Actually, they think that not supporting Jews genociding a group of Goyim who have land that Jews want to steal is genocide.

It isn’t even one to one, it’s “you wanting to not have your country flooded by infinity third worlders is evil and genocidal and we’ll do lawfare against you when we can’t just send you to jail, but us genociding this group of Goyim in order to steal their land on behalf of the Jew race is good and great and you’re evil and literally genocidal for not supporting us do that.”

Jew supremacists like Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL have one single principle: They’re Jews, you’re the Goyim, and you exist to serve them. Everything else is just tactics.

Anyone trying to rehash early 2000’s Counter-Jewhad bullshit needs to be ignored or mocked. Der Schlomo will always carve out an unprincipled exception for themselves, and they don’t particularly care how ridiculous it makes them look. 

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