About a week ago the ADL came up with yet another slander of the Goyim with their “Day of Hate” campaign. 

There were people who did good investigative journalism on this, but it was so fake that I’m not even going to bother linking to any of that.

The Jew Supremacist Hate Group known as the ADL monitored the situation. Luckily it turned into a Shabbat Of Peace instead. 

Probably because it was transparently made up, something everyone with a functioning brain already knew.

Boomerman on Poast found Der Blatten demanding $360 million in funding for Schlomo. Some have referred to this as grifting. Really, it’s more like extortion. The message being that if you don’t agree to give the ADL hundreds of millions than you’re a problem.

I’ll remind you that the White residents of East Palestine have not seen one single cent from FEMA, and Governor Mike DeWine has refused to declare a state of emergency which would allow FEMA to come in.

But it’s okay. It’s not like anything bad happened there. As an aside, while I was on their twatter page I encountered them whining about Scott Adams. Having the ADL whine at you is a badge of honour, one we should all strive for. Although as the NJP has shown, if they really don’t like you they will never refer to you by name.

They also whine about lampshadocaust education not being mandatory in US states. Of course, they probably teach their approved slander anyway, they just don’t have a law making it illegal to not teach that Schlomo got hooked up to masturbation machines.

So what happened recently in Occupied Palestine?

Mondo Weiss:

The West Bank was under a two-pronged attack last week. 

The first was carried out by the Israeli state’s army in a massive military invasion of Nablus that killed 11 Palestinians and injured over 100. The second was carried out by its nominally civilian wing — gangs of colonial settlers that went on a rampage last night in response to a resistance attack that killed two Israeli settlers in Huwwara, just south of Nablus.

Those “colonial settlers” look like this. 

It’s like Yahweh asked them if they wanted any genetic deformities. And they didn’t quite understand the question, and ended up with all of them.

I don’t even know what I’m looking at here, but I find it highly repulsive.

Even the ones who look relatively normal have this weird fucked up thing about them. The guy in the back in this picture looks dumber than an anti-White caricature of a redneck. They are as viscerally repulsive as trannies.

The raid on Nablus was one of the bloodiest in recent months, aiming to assassinate wanted resistance fighters from the Lions’ Den, Muhammad Juneidi and Hussam Isleem. Israeli special forces killed them and their comrade, Walid Dakhil, a cousin of one of the co-founders of the group. Four other fighters from armed resistance groups around Nablus were also killed in the fighting, in addition to four bystanders in the city (three elderly men and a teenage boy). 

Nablus was in mourning, and the Lions’ Den put out a call asking the people to show their support at midnight, February 23.

Everyone responded to the call of the Lions’ Den. From Ramallah to Hebron, to Nablus and Jenin, to Bethlehem and its camps and Tulkarm and Jericho, people were out in the thousands at midnight, in a show of mass support unknown to any Palestinian political faction.

Neither Fatah nor any other faction has been able to muster this kind of spontaneous mass support since the First Intifada. Political legitimacy, it has become clear, is not to be found in summit halls and security deals, but rather sprouts from the barrel of a rifle when pointed at the colonizer. 

When pointed at the Jew, not “the colonizer”. There is something really obnoxious about people who try to adopt some anti-White talking points when defending the Goyim in the Middle East, but the article is informative enough to be relatively unobjectionable.

And on the same day as the Summit, an unidentified Palestinian gunman carried out a resistance attack against a settler Jew vehicle in the Palestinian town of Huwwara, south of Nablus. Two settlers Occupier Jews were killed, and with them the stillborn Summit at Aqaba.

In other words, the Israel committed yet another terrorist attack where they referred to their victims as terrorists. While they succeeded in their attack on the Lion’s Den resistance fighters in Nablus, murdering seven of them, as well as four civilians in the area, these men inspired plenty of Goyim to go out and protest and show their support. Did the ADL condemn the Israeli military murdering these Goyim in Palestine?

I decided to look at their twatter again to find out. 

Let’s see, more whining about Palestinians.

Literally “Jews of Colour,” posting. 

And here, a screencap I’m going to use quite a bit in the future, we see them celebrating the supreme court refusing to challenge the blatantly unconstitutional anti-BDS laws in support of Jew Nationalism, and the illegitimate racial state of Yidsrael. In the next tweet down we see them retweeting the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and whining that not enough Third Worlders are being imported into the USA. 

They’re demanding war with Iran. 

And we also see them whining about some protest held at Tufts University. I wrote about them once when they were pushing cricket meat, and once again when they were being really anti-White. Not surprised in the slightest that the administration is run by Schlomo.

What I most definitely did not find was any condemnation of the terrorist state of Israel’s murder of Palestinians, which includes four civilians.


According to reuters, one of the settlers killed in Huwwara was in the Israeli military, and both settlers were reportedly from the illegal Israeli settlement of Har Bracha, 8km away from the site where they were killed. Har Bracha is one of many notoriously violent Israeli settlements in the Nablus area, from which Israeli settlers Jews routinely launch attacks on Palestinians.

And that is precisely what the settlers Jews did following yesterday’s shooting in Huwwara.

And that brings us to the pogrom these Jews did on February 27th.  

The settler riot has been widely described as a “pogrom,” and with good reason. The rabid settler gangs rampaged through Huwwara and many other towns throughout the West Bank, completely burning down 35 Palestinian homes, damaging 40 others, and killing a Palestinian in Zaatara, 37-year-old Sameh Aqtash. 

All the while, the Israeli army accompanied the settlers as they were out for blood, ensuring their safety and freedom to lynch and burn as they pleased.

The police there to one-sidedly favour a bunch of perverts doing a pogrom. Gosh, that seems so familiar! Where have we seen that before?

I don’t know. It’s like it’s right there on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t quite place it.

It’ll come to me.

Israeli forces also imposed a closure on the Nablus area, as Wafa News Agency reported closures at the checkpoints of Huwara, Awarta, al-Muraba’a road, Za’tara, and entrances to Beita. On Monday, February 27, Wafa reported that an Israeli settler Jew attempted to run over a group of journalists covering the Huwwara news. 

And yet, weirdly enough, I haven’t seen any calls from the WMD Liars for the rights of journalists to be respected, or even for them to not be murdered.

Shireen Abu-Aqleh, murdered journalist.

That’s so odd, that this tiny little country keeps getting away with murdering journalists, or trying to murder them. I can’t figure out why though…

But don’t worry, the ADL is right on it. They condemned this kind of.

This reminds me of when Donald Trump said things like “why are we taking so many people from shithole countries.” That’s it, that’s all you’re getting, the tweet.

The (((ADL))) is an immensely powerful hate group, and they just extorted hundreds of millions from FEMA of all places after a totally fake made up pogrom. Oh but this? They can’t be bothered to get real tangible policy. You’ll just have to make do with the tweeting.

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  1. You are not wrong, I honestly felt nauseous when I looked to long at those pictures of those inbred Israeli mutants. I would bet that most rednecks are more intelligent than most of these jews. I can’t picture these jews knowing how to take a Chevy apart and put it back together again. If Americans ever actually got a good look at how hateful and ugly Israelis are they would feel weird about supporting them.

  2. Isreal is heavily vaxxed, full of violently obnoxious and entitled mutants, and is surrounded by desperate and oppressed arabs. It also relies on a dwindling number of goyim willing to fund and to die for it.

    I can’t wait to see how it all turns out for these wonderful chosenites.

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