Originally published October 23rd, 2023.

I said at the end of my post on “chaffing” that I was done covering the IDF-right. I mean that, but I’m not opposed to farming the commentariat’s dunking on telegram’s most ridiculous Hasbara troll for easy content. 

Shultide buttoned up their IDF uniform and used xir’s fat, chubby, cheetoh encrusted fingers to vomit out the above take. Commenter Mael responds. 

A response from commenter “Mael”:

Imagine conjoining the terms “Neo-Nazi” and “Communist” into a compound word, and expecting people to take your political illiteracy seriously? Someone should also remind Foolkike that NJP members never attended any leftist anti-war rally in early 2020 because the party itself didn’t even exist until August of that year. It was literally just Conte and a handful of other guys that showed up to the protest, who were all quickly ejected by leftoids, and I have yet to see any indication that the NJP plans on trying to rekindle the dead ambitions of a potential “red/brown” alliance in any official capacity.

Mael continues.

Notice the rhetoric at the beginning of Troontide’s post here where he interestingly categorizes his opposition as “the far-right”, which is only a term that establishment journo bootlickers use to describe the people who Jews don’t like. There are way too many red flags surrounding this ass-clown’s behavioral patterns to simply attribute his actions as a result of him being “naive” or “uninformed”…
>to establish a veil of “credibility”, he frequently posts rehashed racial stats and data charts from Pew Research that Sean Last and Alt-Hype have already shed light on several years ago.
>intentionally conflates the diametrically opposed ideologies of Communism and National Socialism as mutually compatible entities, expecting his audience not to know the difference.
>blatantly mischaracterizes the Anti-Zionist foreign policy of Third Positionists as “Third-Worldism” — an anti-imperial Maoist concept of uniting the global third-world proletariat against European countries, which TRS has quite literally never advocated for.
>Routinely pushes absurd InfoWars-tier conspiracy theories to misdirect people’s outrage towards nonsensical dead-ends, while later distancing himself from these hair-brained narratives after they’ve been thoroughly debunked.
>unconditionally supports the US government’s Ukrainian proxies whilst parroting the State Department narrative that Russia is a “bloodthirsty, nonwhite Mongolian empire attempting to genocide innocent blonde girls as they frolic through the wheat-fields”.
>shills for the electoral candidacy of neocons who are firmly in the pocket of Jewish power (Bolsonaro and Javier Milei)
There was a time last year when I thought Schulkike was just another garden-variety dumbass with a ton of conservative baggage, but as time goes on, it’s become pretty obvious he’s a system parasite who’s been making a concerted effort to orchestrate a number of deradicalization ops that persuade the most impressionable corners of Dissident Inc. to support the outcomes of Jewish interests.

I forgot to mention Shultide’s rehashing of those old racial crime/IQ/whatever graphs. When I was first going after the Gaypers, one of them left a comment that I can no longer quote, as it was quickly trashed. However, I distinctly remember the commenter first whining about the regular stuff, but then saying something to the effect of:

This guy claims to be pro-White, yet he also goes after Thuletide, who does some of the most important pro-White work.

It was obvious to anyone who had been around for even a few years that Shultide was rehashing old research done by the likes of Sean Last or Ryan Faulk, while bringing nothing new to the table. Perhaps Shultide’s rehashed graphs were enlightening for some 15 year old Gayper who just got into politics, and is about to be raped by Rock Ribbed Republian Ali Akbar, but it was eye rolling to anyone who’s been doing these politics since Charlottesville. 

Rehashing the takes of actual activists in some community is a transparent tactic to ingratiate yourself with them. If I was sending someone to infiltrate any enemy outpost, such as antifa, boomercon facebook groups, BLMers, etcetera, I’d tell my operatives to do the exact same thing. Shultide and the rest of the IDF trolls mindlessly regurgitate old, settled takes purely in order to slip in the chaffing for zion. 

It’s the same tactic that Charlie Kirk does, just with more commitment to the bit. 

Pretend to be pro-White in order to shill for Israel.

At this point, the only correct response to Shultide’s jibberish is “this was typed by someone in an IDF uniform.” For example, see this post below, where the creator trying to insinuate that Israel is pro-White? Did you know that this post was typed by someone in an IDF uniform?

Let’s try another.

That’s all that needs to be said. 

This was typed by someone in an IDF uniform.

This was typed by someone in an IDF uniform.

This was typed by someone in an IDF uniform.

This was typed by someone in an IDF uniform, and so was this. 

Below we can see the IDF employee reposting another IDF employee pretending to advocate for White People. 

Shultide exists to hoodwink the gullible, and waste everyone’s time debunking the illogical non-sequiturs that Hasbara Unit 9000 comes up with. I understand that it’s tempting to, say, point out that they accuse the (((media))) of constantly lying with an anti-White bias, yet mysteriously refrain from mocking the Wile E. Coyote tier bullshit coming out of the WMD Liars with respect to the Baby Beheader 9000, or the Rave Chick LOLocaust. This is inexplicable, provided we assume these are good faith actors. The (((media))) is only anti-White because it is run by Jews. They must be exposed as being zionist propagandists first before they can truly be fought.

However, no effort post deboonking must be typed. All we need say is:

This was typed by someone in an IDF uniform.

It’s not like it’s difficult to pick the right side. 

The era of the effortpost is over. The era of “this was typed by someone in an IDF uniform,” is upon us.

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