Originally published December 16th, 2023.

I have never considered myself an “internet person,” despite running this site for more than two years. I never enjoyed streams, and haven’t bothered watching any of the ones I haven’t featured in. I’ve been a guest on Randbot many times, but aside from that, I don’t engage with the “sektur.” It’s just not my thing.

When people in my chat started telling me that Jesse “Sven” Dunstan was having a meltdown I ignored them. I did so even as they told me that he started chirping yours truly. I don’t need to see a stream, I told them. They told me “actually, you really do.” 

I started watching, pushing the stream to the side as I worked on a few other things. Then it came off from the side. Then the other things stopped. I sat there and watched what turned out to be something more than a stream. Something more than content. An experience that I’ll never forget.

You see that comment above? That was left at the beginning of Sven’s multi-hour long rant. He started off trying to do some semblence of PR. As the night wore on, and the alcohol flowed, he dropped the mask and did everything in his power to vindicate the Canadian Blogger who has been alogging the fake political party for the past two weeks.

The meltdown continued even though Randbot himself left at the halfway point for a Christmas party. Twenty minutes before he left, he started playing Samuel Barber’s Adagio For Strings, just as Sven launched into a crescendo of “fuck it, we’re burning it down.” 

I felt like I was watching a scripted Hollywood movie, replete with a soundtrack. It shouldn’t have been this good, but it was. It couldn’t have been this good, but it was. Twenty minutes of pure kino.

I have no words, and Sven has too many.

Every attack I have made on the NJP was confirmed true, and if anything wasn’t nearly vicious enough. Any NJPCs who want to defend Mike Peinovich and the rest of the retards squandering your money, and so much of your time, shouldn’t get mad at me calling the Podcast Fuhrer an embarrassment who shouldn’t lead a Pop Warner football squad.

Get mad at Jesse “fuck you and your sticker” Dunstan, because he just made 95% of the critiques I was going to make about the retarded NJP, and made them way more brutally than I was going to. From the complete and utter failure – and downright idiocy – of the sticker and protest “strategy,” to the brutal eviscerations of NJP figures, to the final admittance that, no, it’s fucking over. It’s not bad, it’s not rough, it’s over. The NJP is done, because the leadership was retarded, lazy, incompetent, feckless, and deliberately abrasive. 

I could end this piece here. I can’t top that video. That was a bomb. Unfortunately, early in the stream Sven made the mistake of attacking the Canadian Man Who Never Takes L’s. For that he must be punished.

Sven: The Daily Rake made fun of me, where he tried to shit on me for calling myself like “I’m the real victim here.” And then he, underneath that quote he put like the Nick Fuentes thing it’s like nigger, I was referencing that. Like, that was my gag like “I’m the reeaaal victim here.” Like, thank you for pretending that was like a non *laugh* I realize I’m not the real…

Let’s check in Jesse a few hours – and drinks – later and see what tune the failed musician was singing. Timestamps are relative to the video above, not the entire livestream.

15:55: Fucking ruined my life for this shit, and I did more for this shit than anybody that has anything to say to me. You fuckin’ come to me “what have you done?” I will show you the Henry Rollins bit. My Henry Rollins bit did more than anything you could even imagine you’ve done.

You’ve done jack shit. I’ve done the Henry Rollins bit. I’ve done Chateau Autiste.

I’ve done all my songs. My songs did more to awaken White people than anything you could imagine.

Protesting? Hanging stickers? Fuck you. Fuck you. You’re a follower of mine and you’re jealous, and you fucking know it.

Rand: Uh Sven. Just so –

Sven: Honestly? White Nationalism? Fuck you. Fuck you for the thanks I deserve.

Rand: uhhhhh-

Sven: For the thanks I deserve for the NJP’s fuckups these people unsubscribe from my website. Because I fucking was a team player with those fucking shitshow idiots who didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. Who told me several times they were faking it ’till they made it. It’s like ‘well guys, you just kept faking it, you never made it.’

Now, what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do Randbot? Make $200 a day on Odysee, competing with you?

Rand: Uh, well I don’t make –

Sven: *inaudible* SEX SCANDALS it’s like ‘fucking hey, that guy’s gotta get thrown out. Take the guy with the threesomes kick him out.’

Well look, he’s done a lot of complaining, but it’s not like he’s outright –


Randbot: Right well anyway in response to, uhm, what we say ’cause obviously watching, uhmmm, Mr. Hostage –

Sven: ActuallyI am the victim here. I am the victim here. I am the victim here.

I had a nice thing going. People really – people love – I did not have haters. I didn’t have real like vindictive haters until NJP came along. NJP bred haters, through the way they worked, the attitude they had, what they projected. This “my way or the highway” bullshit, where nobody who had like an ounce of difference between what you said and what they thought could be tolerated. Now I have haters. I have people that lie about what I said about the Covid virus. People that lie about what I said about just whatever. They lie about me. I’ve never had haters like this, until NJP. NJP fucked me over. Fucked TRS over.

Some guy: People are gonna – people are gonna do that no matter what. Like you’re always gonna have people on the internet –

Sven: naananananannananana nanan anananaa NJP tried to assert itself. NJP tried to pretend it was a monopoly on White Nationalism in America and it wasn’t true.

Sick gag, bro. I love how committed you are to the bit.

Allyson McKevitt

I’m not happy that the thing which I spent dozens if not hundreds of hours promoting burned to the ground due to leadership being feckless, worthless morons. The NJP was a retarded child that I praised for a very long time in the hopes that it would grow up and almost be a real boy one day. That’s not happening. It’s over, and that’s a fact.

It is also a fact that I could live the rest of my life off my winnings at the clout casino. I’ll never have to e-work again. My reputation is perfect, unblemished, godlike even.

The point being I can PR. – Jesse “Sven” Dunstan

In fairness, I think he was just trying to burn the whole thing down. In that respect, mission accomplished.

I’m not doing a damn thing for the rest of today, except setting up a BuyMeCoffee account so that I can get paid a tiny smidgeon for the thousands of hours of work I have put into this site to keep the goddamn lights on. After that, I’m enjoying some drinks of my own, and a beautiful Canadian Saturday with my family. I’ve earned it.

Merry Christmas.

UPDATE: Original article and all 90 comments archived here. Some comments will be reproduced below.

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  1. Two comments by “Jimmy Russler,” amalgamated into one. Relevant for the upcoming piece on the future of TRS.
    Well, any implosion in TRS’ profitability ultimately rests on Sven’s shoulders. He decided to let Moike join the NJP and TRS at the hip, and simultaneously refused to have any involvement with the NJP at all. Anybody with an ounce of business sense will tell you that’s a stupid idea. There are two courses of action he could have taken:

    1. Maintain as much separation between TRS and NJP as humanly possible.
    2. Get involved in the NJP to make sure it doesn’t become an absolute clown show.

    But I suppose giving serious thought about how his colleague’s side gig may affect his business interests would have taken away precious time from his oh-so-hard work of saving the White race through the power of edgy cover songs (which aren’t as good as Morrakiu’s).
    The thing is, his anger is understandable on some level. He had a pretty nice grift going, and his co-grifters decided to make the exact same mistake that the faggot Mexican midget made, and now the fallout of that colossal failure is going to affect his bottom line. He might have to tighten his belt or (gasp) get a job! One that will need him to leave the house! Oh, the humanity!

    I’d be mad as hell too if my comfy lifestyle was completely upended by somebody else’s incompetence.

  2. Comment from “vadhajtaska”.
    Where Sven lost me is when he claims to be the real victim of the NJP fiasco. No Sven, the real victims are the NJP supporters and volunteers, who invested time, money, energy, because they believed in NJPs stated goals.
    An interesting aspect of this is that the NJP implosion has a chance to take down TRS with it. I expect many paycucks pulling the plug on their subscription due to its ties with NJP.
    Response by “AC”.
    The only thing of substance that TRS offered was FTN, which was significantly better before the paywall went up and Halberstam left. Though, some of the Deep Dives done after that were decent. Months before FTN was shuttered, Jazzhands obviously had stopped caring about the show.

    The only reason I had to ever listen to TDS at all was the Merchant Minute, and that was moved behind the paywall a long time ago, and it isn’t worth paying for.

    TRS really has nothing worth listening to now, so why would anyone still pay them (NJP stuff aside)?

  3. Short comment by Mark that is relevant for an upcoming piece.
    The NJP sure did a good impression of that Home Depot Titanic submersible.
    And yes the TDS content is sometimes insultingly lazy, ill prepared & dialled in – “lets save that for the 2nd hour” etc etc.

    Problem with FTN is it was very focused on political analysis which was enjoyable up to about 2017 but as the Trump train de-railed it never recovered the same energy or relevance.

  4. Short comment by “Gamer Mosley,” that will probably feature in the same piece as Mark’s comment, above.
    OH NO, Sven might have to go back to working in Guitar Centre, or worse yet he might even have to work in some one else’s small business!

    Honestly, I don’t think Sven is going anywhere anytime soon, he’ll probably just start doing normie content if he really has to, I suspect he always wanted to go that way anyway.

    The only way I see TRS continuing to be a viable option for Sven is if he brings in a new audience, after all the guy has to pay for that eyesore of a McMansion he bought. Run of the mill “WigNat” shit just doesn’t pay once you’ve tanked your cloutcoin wallet, and serious political stuff definitely doesn’t pay at all.

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