Originally published December 15th, 2023.

At this point, it’s clear that the money, time, and effort that has been donated by well meaning, genuine people to the National Just Podcasts Party should be considered not just lost, but outright stolen. I highly doubt that they will ever apologize, although they should. You deserved better.

If any of my articles pushing this fraud furthered your support of them, I am deeply remorseful. In my defense, I didn’t know this was Mike Peinovich’s side gig.

Also in my defense, I wasn’t secretly waiting for the project to inevitably fail while pushing it to unsuspecting and naive fans.

I cannot stress to you enough, ecelebs are not the same off camera. They cannot run a political organization. They can at best speak or be the face of one. You don’t know these people, you don’t know what I’ve been thru[sic] for 3 and a half years waiting for this thing to finally fail and be out of my way.

Jesse “Sven” Dunstan has spent the past three and a half years waiting for the very serious National Just Podcasts Party to finally fail and get out of his way. Like the good, decent, kind-hearted spiritual used car salesman that he is, he’s spent those three years sounding the alarm over this grift. He’s been doing everything he could to steer you away from this trainwreck.

*Video was taken from TDS 891, created May 7th, 2022*


Sven: It comes down to join the NJP. Join your pool party. Get vetted. Everything else is a fraud. Everything else shakes out as being fake. Everything else is stuck in this childish mire that the right is always stuck in where it shoots itself in the foot with false allegations.

Thanks for the heads up, bro. Nice to know that “everything else is a fraud.” A lot of very well meaning people could have spent a lot of their time and money on those frauds. Thank God that all went into the very legitimate National Just Beach Bro Party that you yourself knew was a failure right from the start.

Look, I really don’t know what to tell you guys. The NJP did not get enough supporters. The growth just wasn’t there. Then 4 founders left in a year, all in dramatic fashion. They didn’t want it that way, but it happened. Mike took responsibility for it and said he was out of his depth. What else do you want? We think our best contribution to White politics is the media we produce. We know how to do that. We’re the best at it. That’s what we’re going to do. We’ll be there for whatever comes next.

Mike took responsibility for what exactly? Making sure that the house he bought with desperate people’s donations had good Feng Shui? Making sure that the gated community he lived in kept the riffraff out? Making sure the poolboy arrived on a regular basis to keep the jacuzzi running?

I feel like I’m in the dark here. From my vantage atop the NJP Plantruster Cuckbox, I see zero accountability being taken by the Aloof Supreme Leader of the Beach Race. Could he at least explain to us where all the money went? We know that Tony took multiple vacations with our donations. It’s implausible that there wasn’t other malfeasance. Could us peasants get an explanation from the Podcast Fuhrer please?

Commenter “Womp Womp” left the following under the last piece,

The honorable thing that they should do is at least share pictures and video of their material possessions.

I want to see the kitchen that my brothers and I bought for Sven. Do the appliances match and gel nicely with the vibe of the room? Does he have quartzite or granite countertops?

Mike has a place in the woods right? Does he have one of those lovely staircases that leads to the deck, with a nice view of the mountains? I sure hope so.

I didn’t give NJP/TRS a ton of money but I gave them a shitload of my time, and I’m fortunate enough to command a decent wage. I just want to see what I bought. I thought I was buying white children a better chance at a future but if it’s just a couple of middle class houses and a unibrow’s European vacations, I at least want pics.

Tony Hovater, the guy who runs the very serious National Justice Party’s official Odysee and Telegram channels, should know roughly how many millions went into the NJP. He should also know roughly how many tens of thousands of volunteer hours went into the NJP. Maybe someday he’ll tell us. After all, he’s a good guy. He just wants to spread the message of helping (separate) White people (from their cash), essentially.

I thought Hovater might turn around and do some good by razing down the NJP. Unfortunately, his terminal laziness struck again. Best he can manage is resposting other people, like Keith Woods, doing much deserved victory laps over the NJP. Word has it that, after the below repost, Hovater went into a coma-like slumber as he recuperated from the extreme exertion of hitting a few buttons on his phone.

I actually reached out to this Goy. I figured that he had to have something that he could share with me. I was especially interested in the donation totals for the NJP, something he should be more familiar with than anyone else. Despite Tony being constantly on Telegram, he has not responded as of more than 36 hours later. At this point, I do not think it reasonable to presume that he will ever respond.

Without anyone in “leadership,” outright telling us, we can only make estimations as to the total amount of Dakka consumed by the National Just Grift Party. The same is true for the total number of members, and the total amount of volunteer man-hours. Luckily, NJP backup dancer Alex McNabb claims to have gotten his hands on that information.

Alex McNabb: Okay you just admitted the number. It was just shy of 600 and this represented a roughly 200 member gain since September of 2022 according to my records.

This contradicts what Dunstan claims, which is that the NJP shrank under the watch of the guy who Aloof Peinovich put in control of the organization.

NJP is smaller and has worse public perception than before Mike delegated organizational authority to him. End of story.

McNabb says they gained 200 members since last year. Jesse says they shrunk. I’ve seen the receipts of entire states up and leaving, so I’d probably side with Sven. It’s really not worth my time to figure out which one of these two is lying, since the answer is probably both.

McNabb continues:

I was not gonna put that out there but between you and Moonman sperging about it anyone capping this already has a reasonable idea.

*Other commenter asks how he got that information*

McNabb: Because I went looking. I’m OG TRS, if I wanna know something, I’m gonna find out an answer. Why are Striker, McKevitt and Conte such fucking retards? Is it because they aren’t OG TRS niggers?

To reiterate. The claim from the first three founders who were squeezed out was that they repeatedly asked for basic information on the party, and were repeatedly denied this information by Hovater. Conte details a weeks long process of being bureaucrat gang’d and deliberately given the runaround by Hovater and his underlings. Plenty of other people I have talked to all reinforce the notion that finding out basic information at the NJP was next to impossible if Tony didn’t want you to know. Apparently, McNabb getting access to this information – we don’t know when – proves that they were all liars, or maybe retarded.

It’s not really clear to me how this even begins to prove said claim, but let’s just ignore that for now, and take the numbers at face value. After three and a half years, the NJP doesn’t even have six hundred members.

When I started writing this article I was going to use an estimation for membership of between one thousand and ten thousand. I figured that the truth was going to be somewhere in the middle. Six hundred members after three and a half years is about an order of magnitude fewer supporters than I estimated, and even five thousand would have been pathetic.

The higher the number of members, and the more dues paid, the more embarrassing the total lack of visible work coming from the NJP. The lower the membership, the more embarrassing it is that they’re still so small, especially after bloviating about “exponential growth,” for so many years. No matter what the numbers are, they should still be embarrassed both for being so small and producing so little.

Six hundred members after three years is pathetic, but that’s still a lot of money coming in even just through membership dues. Let’s say the NJP averaged 500 members last year. Just with the minimum monthly dues payments, the NJP was making $15k per month, $180k per year, and $500 per day. Do you feel like you got $15k worth of advocacy from the NJP last month? What about the month before?

This is the absolute floor. Undoubtedly the real number was many times higher. First of all, they had this “Chairman’s circle,” thing for $500 per month, and various other tiers of grifting/membership. Secondly, you didn’t have to be a member of the NJP to donate. I know people in Canada who donated, thankfully I wasn’t one of them, and there was no limit on donations. I haven’t talked directly to any of them, but I had various ex-NJP people tell me that they knew people who had donated tens of thousands of dollars to the NJP before giving up on Mike Peinovich’s side gig.

I would be shocked if the real amount of donations profit wasn’t at least twice as high as the floor values given. Chuck in a few whales, and the total profit could be ten times higher. There’s no real firm ceiling we can give, but the floor is well over half a million USD.

Let’s see where that money went.

National Justice Party Supporters FAQ:

Q: How will the money I contribute to the NJP be spent?

A: What you contribute to the NJP as a Supporter will go directly to hosting our mass meetings, organizing our volunteers, compensating our staff, producing media and propaganda, providing legal cover for our activists and meeting our general operating expenses. None of us are in this for personal enrichment and we give you our solemn promise every dollar you contribute will go towards furthering the mission of the NJP.

Since they aren’t in this for personal enrichment, they will have no trouble transparently showing us where the money went, right? How much was staff member Mike Peinovich compensated while being too aloof to know basic details about his own political party that I, a Canadian blogger, knew through osmosis?

I screenshotted the relevant part of their site, in case they change this later. That seems unlikely. They still haven’t updated their Marketing Materials page, which prominently features McKevitt, Jordan, and Hovater. They still haven’t updated the front page of the site, which still proudly boasts of great work from Hovater and McKevitt. Perhaps most ridiculous is their blog page, which only features articles written by Joseph Jordan, the guy who was apparently a prima donna loser methhead or whatever.

UPDATE: As documented in a previous entry, their website, as of January 2024, has ceased to exist.

Do we even need ask where this money went? These people are too lazy to update their website. They don’t do work. Mike admitted as much himself, reframing his terminal apathy and laziness as “aloofness.” If you think there was some secret project they were working on that hoovered up all this money, I don’t know what to tell you.

That’s part of the problem with writing about the NJP. They were too lazy to do anything, so there’s actually not that much to talk about that I haven’t already said. I wish I could criticize them botching electoral campaigns, or propaganda outreach. That would be interesting, and those kinds of failures we could learn from.

Instead, they never did anything except pocket your donations. They started a political party, then continued making the podcasts they had been making for years, throwing in the occasional private rally and small protest. They felt like a tiny operation involving a few guys, despite having hundreds of members doing volunteer work, and tens of thousands of USD being thrown at them per month.

Speaking of the members, how much time do we think they sunk into this project? It would shock me if they averaged less than one hour of volunteer work per week. If they did less, it would be a shocking failure of management to allocate work for the rank and file.

Assuming a membership of 500 throughout the NJP’s ~180 week long lifetime, and one hour of volunteer work per week, that works out to ninety thousand hours of volunteer work. We also know that they got volunteer labour from plenty of non-vetted members. For instance, Buttergirl, who rose to prominence as part of McKevitt’s double trouble, helped do kitchen work at one of their private “rallies.” Hell, I myself have done volunteer work on behalf of the NJP, writing numerous articles in support of them.

It’s likely that the cumulative volunteer effort tops one hundred thousand man-hours. Anyone care to explain where that time and effort went? How can a hundred thousand man-hours of volunteer effort amount to nothing? How can all this time and money have just vanished into thin air? Can we please bring back Mr. Conte, and let him finally do that audit of the NJP?

Originally, I wrote a lot more about how they should have been spending the money. That’s going into a separate piece. For now, I just want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are running a political party that has been given at least half a million dollars, and a hundred thousand man-hours of unpaid labour. How would you go about spending these resources, knowing that the work that you do fighting ZOG is among the most important work that anyone has ever done in all of human history?

Really take your time with this one. Maybe even step away from the article for a while and actually think about it. When you’re ready, come back and listen to Mike Peinovich’s thoughts on the matter.

In addition to wasting people’s time and money, Peinovich stole unquantifiable heaps of optimism and hope as well. There are only so many times people can get burned before they move on with their lives.

I’ve shown the above screencap many times before when talking about Nick Fuentes. It’s of a guy I used to interact with every now and then, who went by “Working Class Groyper,” before the name change you see above. He was one of those Fuentes fans who actually wanted serious change, and eventually got bitter and quit. He didn’t go to the NJP – good for him dodging that bullet – he just left, because after your “leaders” have gotten you excited for change, only to deliver you L after L, eventually the mere thought of politics makes you angry. For a long time I used this guy as an example of why I hate Fuentes so much. I find myself in his shoes just a few years later.

There is another thing that the NJP crowd have squandered, in addition to time, money, energy, and optimism. I remember writing about “Le Trav,” a former Groyper who eventually hit the eject button. One of the arguments he made for staying in there so long was that Fuentes had gotten big back in an era of the internet where you could still do that. It may seem like the distant past, but less than ten years ago on YouTube you could outright post Hitler speeches and put swastikas everywhere. You could also do completely honest political analysis, which people are starved for. Even Facebook was the Wild West back then.

Those days are over, and they’re not coming back.  The people who were making political infotainment back then had a huge advantage over those who came after. They had an obligation to make the most out of this unique gift that they had been given. Fuentes used it to let some brown homosexual pedophile groom underage boys in his fandom, and then get his own supporters to rot in jail by throwing them into the Jan 6th meatgrinder. The TRS guys used this to start a fake political party that burned through at least a half million in donations and a hundred thousand man-hours of volunteer work. At the end of this, they delivered their supporters literally nothing. They didn’t even get to the point of delivering electoral losses. Nothing.

I am truly embarrassed that I ever supported them, and will make private all my old articles doing so.

This feeling isn’t helped by morons with some of the worst ideas crowing over their victory. Thanks for handing retards promoting “Blood Tribe,” a gigantic W by being too lazy to check in with your own political party for more than a year, Mike.

Support groups like:

Blood Tribe

I think I’ll pass, and go back to understanding that there is no one serious in America who is actually doing real work on behalf of White People. The NJP had a chance, but Mike Peinovich was busy being “aloof” with your donations and volunteer work. Apparently, he wasn’t so aloof to not know that all the other members of “leadership” hated each other and were right to do so – his words, not mine – but had no idea that the party they were running wasn’t functioning brilliantly.

What is so funny about this is that all these guys hated each other, and they were all right about each other.

– Mike “Aloof” Peinovich

I don’t even have the words to describe this failure. What a waste of everything.

UPDATE: Original article and 66 comments archived here. I may reproduce a few in the comment section below.

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