Originally published December 18th, 2023.

At this point, it’s obvious to everyone that the NJP is over. We all figured it out at different times, and even I held out some hope at the beginning of this series. After Mike’s pathetic excuse for the failure of his party – that he was too aloof to know what a Canadian blogger knew about the clown fiesta happening in his own party – I tapped out. Then Operation SvenPR hit.

It was then that I learned that, not only was it over, it had never even begun in the first place.

I am furious with the NJP. This was not a nazi party.
I’m an Aryan who takes shitposting on the internet quite seriously.
This was like a radio host going on a podcast.
I made the Henry Rollins bit. I have parody songs. These guys are clowns.

– Jesse “Sven” Dunstan

For reference.

Before SvenPR, I would have rigorously documented the failures of the vetting process, and support groups more broadly. That’s a waste of my time now, although I still believe that the anecdotes people have sent me should be shared.

Before we get into them, it should be made clear that another unforced failure of the NJP was the unclear separation between Pool Parties, long existing pro-White social networks, and the NJP. Most PP members were not NJP members – although they did try forcing them to pay membership dues to the NJP – but they still got local Pool Party leaders to do the vetting for the potential NJP recruits.

To quote from the Chicago PP Leader that I’ve mentioned earlier:

When NJP started the pool parties were still the main thing around. The actual supporter groups didn’t begin until October almost 2 years into the NJP existing and they used the same leadership until that point. The only thing that changed was when the antelope hill stuff happened and they shut down the national leader chat, they then went radio silence on everyone and revetted all leadership and forced them to sign an NDA to work with them. The people that wouldn’t sign were shown the door and whoever would do it was then made the new SG leader.

But for the most part all vetting was handled by pool party leaders, most of whom became SG leaders.

If you see the quotes below mentioning “Pool Parties,” understand that it’s all one interconnected shitshow. Also, every [Redacted] that you see is a new individual.


I didn’t get far into the vetting, and quit after six months. I just had a humorous story. I’ll lay it down quick.
So I wrote in to get vetted, first you have to let them see all your social media. After a couple months I’m in a discord group doing conversations. But the meeting was the best.
He sets it up in a known leftist bar. I get there, our waiter has a shirt on that literally says “I’m a Jew”. The guy orders food and says “be right back”, and after a few minutes I start thinking this is a set up. Leftist bar. Jew waiter. After about ten minutes, he comes back. Had to shit. After a short conversation where he brags about hanging out with Stryker, we go outside so he can smoke and he starts loudly ranting about Jews near the door of the bar.
That was the end of my vetting. I backed out after that.


Before I start I wanna note that the vetting process was super dependent on the Pool Party you were joining so wild stories are likely to be abound if you ask around.

I was vetted when [Redacted] was still in charge of the [Redacted] regions. I had to beg [Redacted] to give me a chance and he hooked me up directly with [Redacted].

Anyways he did one voice chat to see if I was cool and didn’t sound like a fag/nigger/etc. We met up IRL a month or so later and I was in the Pool Party.

This process took about 2 years of emails. Actually, emails never worked for initiating the vetting. You literally had to be “in the know” of someone with an ounce of power in the org first.

I live in a uh, depopulated region so it was a waiting game anyways but the system is so shit that a pool party was already formed probably 6 months before I reapplied again.

Then, four months after I got in the guy who vetted me was “defoo’d,” so I had to “reapply”.

Below is a tidbit from a much longer email. He independently confirmed not only the very long vetting process, but the need to get re-vetted just because the guy who vetted you left.


I’m waiting for stage two of my NJP vetting, after I am being vetted for the third time due to local leaders leaving. I will be sure to tell them I’m not interested whenever they get around to me.

It should go without saying that the vetting process should be centralized, for a lot of different reasons. Paying someone to handle vetting calls speeds up the process, ensures consistency, gains the vetter experience sussing out bad actors, and has many other benefits. The vetting call should be recorded in its entirety, then sent to the leader of the local chapter who will have the final say on the potential recruit.

All of the above should be done within 24 hours of the recruit applying. We’re talking about a video call that decides whether someone has the privilege of sending the NJP $30 per month. No one is being given access to the nuclear codes.

For the record, a serious organization would do things such as audit vetting calls, occasionally send undercover “recruits” to report to management on the vetters, randomly select recruits for a second, independent vetting call to ensure a lack of bias, etcetera. They would also require a small upfront fee for vetting, an obvious step many similar groups have taken for years and which has been proven to cut down on bad actors.

The above is just basic competence. In contrast, the NJP failed at scheduling video calls promptly, or responding to vetting emails within months. They whiffed on the kindergarten stuff.


Let’s all hope that NJP does some great activism this new year. However, they need to seriously improve their vetting / SG activism system. Very annoying, even if you are already vetted.

The above commenter was still holding out hope for the NJP. After the firing of Hovater, and Mike’s “I was aloof” excuse, he threw in the towel and talked to me directly.

There were no serious problems when I got vetted over a year ago. It just took a very long time, and it was not handled in a regimented way as you might expect from a serious political movement.

The primary issues within my SG were not related to drama, but a general lack of communication and planning from SG leadership. This was something that I wanted to step in to help with, but there was no clear path for supporters to “rank up.” It seemed as though there was a majority of people who were absent. I assume this was because of the NJP-pool party split. This might have also been why not much happened and recruitment was low. The SG leader was always busy with something or another, and the second in command was not really good at logistical planning whatsoever. A nice guy, but no event ever went smoothly.

Anyways, I didn’t have any catastrophic issues with my SG. It was just underwhelming. It seemed like dozens of people were just not present, and events/protests were always far smaller than they could have been.

[Redacted] echoes [Redacted] above,

The vetting / communication problems in my supporter group were fucking awful and still are.

In short, you wait forever to pass the questionably effective vetting process. Your reward is to be part of a group with basic leadership and communication issues. This was very much dependent on your particular Support Group/Pool Party, but none of them should have been this way.


You know who the only person who promptly answered my vetting request – and also one other question I had – was?
He didn’t do it because he’s my daddy (another point I agree with him on) but because he’s the only one who ever does literally anything, ever.

I’d heard from a ton of different people that Sven was more involved with the NJP than he’d like to admit. Some had quite negative things to say about this, some positive. I’ll reserve judgement, because it’s believable he got fed up with the lazy aloof “leadership” at the NJP failing at even the basic task of bringing people who already want to join the party into the party. It’s also believable that he needlessly pissed off a bunch of people. Actually, I’d be surprised if both weren’t true.

These next two stories were fairly similar.


I was rejected from vetting for being a felon. I am a felon because I caught charges fighting antifa. I want to personally thank the guy who rejected my vetting so I could avoid all this.

In my legal case I was literally arrested for fighting the actual IRL foot soldiers of ZOG and my reward is I can’t even hang out with our guys? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I don’t feel as embarrassed because A) I wasn’t permitted to attend events or even meet up with a group because of my criminal record and B) I was done way dirtier by the so called “patriot movement” guys over the whole antifa thing. Joey Gibson immediately threw me under the bus when I got in trouble. Guy pretended not to know me.

The above comment reminded me of another comment that I had received on the site many months ago, pretty much out of the blue. I did a back and forth with [Redacted] above to make sure it hadn’t been left by him, and confirmed that these were two different people with a very similar story. Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact article where this other comment was left, so I have to paraphrase what was said.

He started off by explaining that he had stumbled upon Mike’s “Anti-Woke is anti-White” speech on Odysee, and been impressed. He immediately applied to join the NJP, and after a very long time they got back to him. When they started the interview, they told him that he was disqualified due to a minor gun charge almost a decade ago. They then had the gall to ask him for donations, even though he couldn’t join the party.

I was very sympathetic to that guy, although I couldn’t verify that anything he said was true. Now it seems pretty safe to assume that it was, and that the Serious Guys in charge of the incompetent vetting process automatically removed anyone with a criminal record. They only wanted pious, churchgoers at their frat house tier sausagefest meetups, and catty, backstabby Telegram shitposting side chats.

I can’t find that old comment referenced above. However, you can still see the comment chain below if you look at the (archived) second piece in the series.


“Did you think they already had especially large numbers? What would you sincerely suggest to them or anyone as far as political strategy, in America or abroad?”

I would say they (The NJP) are in a ‘All hands on deck!’ situation. They need every swinging dick they can get. Bodies, ideas and money, and they should not be any more picky than they absolutely have to be. The often not talked about vetting wait list, and the further not talked about wash out and reject rate of the vetting pool over the years, some people think is a good thing, but NJP are turning guys away or not returning emails for reasons that are about as clear as HR at a modern company. Not reassuring for a supposed revolutionary political group.

Revolutions are carried on the backs of single men who have nothing to gain from the status quo, but vetting has preferred men with families. What exactly are they trying to build? It does not make sense.

Not only should the vetting process have taken less than 24 hours, depending on the schedule of the hopefuls, but it needn’t have been all that choosy. A political party is going to be infiltrated by bad actors. Anyone who pretends otherwise is lying to themselves. Steps should be taken to minimize this, but it is not a good idea to drastically shrink the size of your own party for no reason other than pretending to have shut out all the infiltrators.

The rank and file shouldn’t have access to sensitive information, or serious decision making power anyway. They should be listened to of course, more on that later, but they’re not in charge of anything. All the NJP had these guys do was put up stickers, occasionally join some small protest, and shitpost on Telegram. You can let guys with minor criminal records do this.

Furthermore, a serious political organization would have many jobs for the rank and file. One of those roles would be infiltration of rival political organizations, such as antifa, the local GOP/Democrats, NGO clubs, and everything else. If you’re going to have an arbitrary and stupid picky vetting process, at least have jobs for the rank and file that would actually require vetting, unlike putting up stickers.

I replied to Anonymous’ comment,

The vetting situation looks like a near total disaster. Way too many problems, all tying back to incompetence, apathy, laziness, and weird, petty sociopathy.

Monty replies under me,

Based on my own experience, I can believe it. The well-deserved roast of Borsoy resonated with me; I’ve been a TRS subscriber for years before NJP even existed, and got kicked some time ago from my local “totally serious” NJP supporter group by the same type of overly-online fragile narcissist that Borzoi has always embodied.

Maybe in the future the US and Canada will have grassroots pro-White organizations, and (unlikely) maybe the NJP will even become that if they can sort out their crippling internal issues, but for now all that seems to be on the table are podcasts, quarterly NJP adult play dates, and pointless “supporter group” TG chat rooms run by antisocial weirdos that are lucky to break 50 members.

A excerpt from a comment by “Eric,” under the (archived) third piece is similar.

Currently, recruitment is non-existent. And I don’t mean that there aren’t people who want to do something. I mean the recruitment process just isn’t effective. Like I said before, JUST PAY SOMEONE TO ANSWER VETTING REQUESTS. PAY SOMEONE TO GO OUT AND VET PEOPLE.

I want to see NJP succeed. The org did very well getting to this size, but it has seemed to level out, and is probably bleeding a lot of supporters over this bullshit.

This is an even larger issue when you realize that there are essentially two different types of people who are attracted to WN movements: men and women who are altruistic towards their racial survival and are very high trust, and men who are attracted to systems of power and authority. Of course, there can be an overlap. There are plenty of honest authoritative types. But there are more so that are not.

I’ve seen this issue firsthand on more than one occasion. Once I even had to step in on behalf of a younger supporter who was being subject to peer pressure (it was vaguely in regard to a dispute over travel expenses, not anything too malicious, but I did not want him to get the bad end of the stick).

I don’t want to sound like I’m suggesting that NJP is filled with malicious predators. It’s not. The vast majority of people are cool to be around. But there comes an issue when you build a movement around what should be a great life and death struggle, yet do not adopt the required checks and balances, per say, to ensure competence and order.

I used to be a part of a group in the Vancouver area that I found through the now defunct Stormer Book Clubs. The guys who ran that club had a lot of very big ideas, none of which they ever followed through on. They weren’t serious about doing political work, but they were serious about policing “fedposting,” which is how I got booted from that group.

The topic of how to deal with antifa had come up. I responded by saying, “A few strafing runs from an A-10 Warthog should do the trick.” Just like that, removed. I’d like to expand upon that, but it really was that abrupt.

Some people are attracted to pro-White organizations for all the right reasons. Others just want their little kingdom, no matter how small, where they have underlings to lord over. It is crucial that organizations create checks and balances that prevent petty tyrants from worming their way into positions of power. The NJP failed to do this, with Hovater being the most glaring example, just as they failed at everything else.

AmericaDisrespecter writes this comment under the (archived) first piece. It’s only tangential, but does credit Conte with the only part of the NJP that anyone has claimed was well organized.

After the Conte ousting, the significant existing TRS/NJP group in my state was purged and someone none of us really knew or trusted appointed by Tony to be the new NJP contact/vetter. It’s something like 20-30 of us, many of whom met in TRS Pool Parties in 2015/2016, all cut out of the NJP loop.

The NJP party functionaries are very organized, but credit for that internally belongs to Conte. Tony seized that organization and as far as I hear has only introduced more significant barriers to communication between them.

Back to Telegram, I got a DM from someone who told me that their vetting process went fairly quickly and smoothly. However, his pool party had their own, familiar internal problems.

[Redacted] was in my local PP and we had our own petty tyrant that caused us to split off and start an unaffiliated PP many years ago. Definitely some analogous situations. Our first PP leader had a drug problem and his life collapsed and the guy who took over wanted us to be a tradcath tiny theocracy and he booted [Redacted] for breaking a rule that wasn’t stated beforehand, so we split off even though we didn’t get new members from TRS pipeline, at least for awhile, they all still went to the tradcath. It was kind of crazy. But [Redacted] was a true believer in TRS and then NJP from day one. I didn’t particularly care for him but I left because I felt it was unjust when he was booted.

He also pointed me to a thread he’d found on BANG full of people detailing their issues not getting so much as responses for weeks, if not months after sending money to NJP for vetting.

I just found a thread on bang that is two years running about guys not getting responses from NJP when they give them money and also regarding vetting requests. Sven and Borzoi who both say in the thread they are only involved with TRS but do give some assistance and where is an actual NJP person to assist? I mean it’s ridiculous but this is a professional organization. Tony is too busy doing gay power plays to do basic shit like processing people’s payments.

That thread isn’t anything unusual. Anyone who was a regular on BANG remembers a dozen or so threads where people were complaining about the vetting situation. It was known to everyone except The Supreme Aloof Leader of the Podcast Race that the vetting system was broken. Still, thank you for that find.

We can stop here, as I don’t think it’s still a point of contention that the vetting process for both the NJP and the TRS pool parties was capricious and sluggish, and that many of the SG/PP leaders were incompetent, petty tyrants. It was totally ridiculous that the organization failed at the act of letting their own supporters actually join, but it’s water under the bridge now.

Eric, mentioned earlier, actually left two comments which I have amalgamated into one. They touch on the failure of the NJP internal operations and leadership, as well as the failure of strategy and propaganda. These will be the subject of the next two articles, which I think will prove the most helpful for whatever comes next.


The NJP should and could just pay people to attend protests. The Sturmabteilung was successful in Germany because they provided food and housing for their men, who were often unemployed. There are thousands of NJP supporters, and the money and infrastructure has always been there to coordinate cheap ways to host local events and protests without people having to spends hundreds of dollars on travel and lodging.

It is crazy how the NJP took in – bare minimum – half a million in donations/membership dues, yet wouldn’t pay their own supporters to show up to a protest. The strategy of protesting is, in and of itself, worthless, but as part of an electoral strategy it could be very beneficial, if done correctly. At bare minimum, get more than ten guys out.

The NJP had the finances to pay for travel expenses and food for their protesters, they just chose not to. Possibly this was to pocket the money. Possibly this was because they’re children who couldn’t organize a picnic for two.

The logistical planning and strategy just doesn’t exist. It does have to do with both incompetence as well as a lack of commitment by local leaders. We always had to just coordinate this stuff between the individual non-leadership supporters.

I’ve personally attempted to bring these issues up, and it has never gone anywhere. I always disliked the majority of the “promat” material, and tried to present better propaganda that I knew actually would leave a mark on “normies.” What the fuck is a normal White American going to think when they see a sticker that says “WHITE UNITY”? “It’s Okay to be White” was ONE THOUSAND times better, and that was mostly just a meme that was effective because it trolled anti-White leftists.

The NJP’s propaganda is complete and utter trash. To no one’s surprise, nobody knows anyone who joined the party after seeing “Confronting the anti-white system,” slapped on the side of a telephone pole. Even I, someone who couldn’t possibly be more “redpilled,” get secondhand embarrassment looking at this. It reminds me of the WLM stickers, or Maxime Bernier’s “stop vaccine genocide” rally, and for all the wrong reasons.

It’s not that I think these people aren’t well-meaning. It’s that adults must be present when creating a marketing strategy. I’ll say much more about propaganda in the piece after the next.

We’ll end with an excerpt from a comment by Sci-Fi Sucks,

During WWI every country had some variation of the same saying “there’s no saluting in the trenches” “there’s no officers in the trenches” etc it’s not that there wasn’t leadership or a chain of command but power between soldiers and ranks were far more horizontal than when they were on the base. If you didn’t salute your commanding officer (or half assed it) on base you’d be in big shit but when you were in the trenches it would be retarded to make privates do salutes while running to other side of the trench with ammo for the gunmen.

If the soldiers in the trenches didn’t agree with an order the officers would listen far more than in any other context.

Even if you’re a “fascist” when you’re in the trenches power has to be more horizontal.

NJP “leadership” had a lethal combination of dumb ideas, mixed with laziness aloofness and arrogance. Whether it was a conscious decision or not, they inculcated a totally bizarre culture of blind obedience, and passed this off as something good. That’s been shown in a thousand ways already, but in this article we saw them forcing people through a very long, tedious vetting process, then ignoring them when they made suggestions on how to improve things, as if they were randos off the street.

Weirdos who defend them constantly refer to blind obedience as virtuous. Case in point:

Anyone who reframes arrogant, condescending and absentee leadership as “fascism” needs to be kicked to the curb. If people are paying membership dues, their voice must be heard. That’s especially true when they have concerns specific to the tasks they have been given, such as counterproductive propaganda on the flyers they’re distributing, poor coordination and planning of events, poor internal communication, or anything else. Ignoring these concerns is downright criminal.

The “promat,” for the NJP is garbage, and has always been garbage. The protests have been mediocre at best, could have been much better, and were strategically inept. Almost anyone outside of the NJP could have told them this, but the NJP created an internal culture of obedience and tongue-biting. This did not accomplish the Fourth Reich. Instead, it drove out high quality people, while those who remained on the inside were ignored.

Essentially, I did this myself. I enthusiastically shilled for the NJP for a very long time. After getting fed up with their idiotic strategy, propaganda, and general incompetence, I just stopped writing about them. They had created this weird culture of “everyone who criticizes us is unserious/bad/dumb/whatever,” so criticism felt like screaming into the wind. I should have at least tried.

In the next entry, I write the first of two articles I could have written two years ago. You will learn, if you didn’t already know, why getting ten guys to hold up signs doesn’t put pressure on anyone, but ten guys running for local office does.

UPDATE: Original article and 27 comments archived here. Some may be reproduced in the comments section below.

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  1. Comment by “Eric,” relevant to the piece on effective propaganda.
    For the record, I actually do like “confronting the anti-White system” much more than most of the other NJP “promat.” Although, “Stop Anti-White Hate” was superior. Also, saying “promat” makes me cringe a little. It reminds me of how the military would always make stupid abbreviations for things and everyone would make fun of it.

    At the end of the day, one lesson that I think can be learned is that, while it’s fine to put up stickers on your free time, stickers should not be primary or even secondary method of propaganda. There’s just no evidence it works. The closest thing would be having flag booths like the NSDAP had in the 1930s, where 2-4 guys could hand out literature for a few hours.
    Two responses by “Reginald Wesley,” amalgamated into one.
    Stickers are the lowest form of political messaging. Every time anyone walks down the street you walk past a dozen different stickers and I doubt you ever even looked at them.

    If you did flyering like they do for concerts and glued 100 posters in a row along a busy foot path then you’d have done something worth while insofar as someone would actually see it. Local media would probably run a story on it too if you’re lucky.

    I’m actually thunderstruck. It really was just a sticker on a street light and dogshit memes in a telegram channel.

    [Patriotic Alternative does] outreach to help Britons being out on the street while hotels are being stocked with migrants, they do liter pickups in parks. This is the kind of grass roots shit that needs to happen.

    Hell, they have personal contact with Mark, they should have just emulated his whole playbook.

    The contact form of PA is a phonebook compared to NJP.

  2. Comment by Bobby Ray, again relevant for the upcoming piece on propaganda.
    The primary purpose of stickering isn’t to recruit people off the street, I guess it used to be like that but since the popularity of social media it hasn’t been. The purpose is to post pictures of the sticker to social media along with the town/city it’s from to attract people from that area who see it online.

    This way someone following the account who lives in say Atlanta Georgia, sees that a sticker has been posted to his locality and has an incentive to join. Stickering does drive recruitment massively in this sense that people have comfort to know that there’s for sure a local group they’re missing out on. It’s like seeing an add for “local hotties near you” online vs driving by an Asian massage parlour, one will get engagement while the other has an empty parking lot.

    However with the NJPs telegram as the only social media outreach it was near pointless. You mentioned the chap who joined after seeing the odyssey vid, more people will join from seeing stuff online than they will if they see a sticker or protest while they’re out going about their day.

  3. Comment by “Name.” I’m not sure I’ll write about Greg Conte, but his thoughts on the matter largely mirror mine.
    I wasn’t upset when they started asking for membership dues from the PPs. What miffed me was the way it was communicated. It was extremely condescending and almost threatening. I won’t blame my local leadership because it’s clear it was a copy/paste message they probably got from Tony. I just remember thinking to myself how insulting and unprofessional it was. I’m sure someone else can probably post the message, I no longer have it.

    However, I was fucking livid when the Conte shit happened. I expressly stated in our group chat that it needs to be addressed as transparently as reasonably possible. I was told that I shouldn’t worry or engage in it. What the fuck? This wasn’t some retard spouting off bullshit about Mike being a Jew or something like that. It was someone from your leadership making accusations about stealing money! Money you get from us!

    The best we get is Jesse doing a statement on Randbot’s hours long show, some vague internal statements and a short sound clip from Conte demanding to know what’s going on. I have no idea if they ever officially addressed it publicly and at this point I can’t be bother to go look. If they did, they certainly did a piss poor job of sharing it.

    I know I feel like an asshole now, and I’m certain I’m not the only one. I’m just glad I didn’t go all in on it. I can only imagine what some of the more hopeful people are feeling right now.

  4. In comments to file under “examples of Mike Peinovich bullshitting,” and “takes that aged like milk,” we get this one from “Old Joe.”
    I wouldn’t be making the funeral plans for NJP just yet.
    In this interview Mike seems very relieved about the situation and very enthusiastic for the future. He says he thinks the brand NJP is burned but I bet they change their minds by Christmas. What looked like an implosion is just going to turn out to be a badly needed house cleaning and restructuring. I bet eventually even Striker comes back. Anyway we’ll see.

  5. Rereading this article drives home for me the same shitshow that is gen-X management at the typical no-prestige corporate gig. Good looking metrics over tangible results. Crater-brain decisions that hamper objectives because no one involved has the foresight required, or if someone does there’s 2 guys who will dogpile them if they object to the pointless waste of time idea that “clueless in charge” has.

    So whatever they were claiming to do was bull beyond: collect cash money into a LLC, and occasional conferences. That’s what the NJP was in practice. Insert money.

    I always felt like “Chairman” was going to be Mike’s highest position, not bad for a guy who was some programmer in NYC and liked arguing about politics on facebook.

    Is any of this worth saying? I think NJP and TRS deserved dissection, and still do. Maybe instead, articulating how a productive organization is formed and structured. Not in a pretend-play way, or a fake-it ’til you make-it way, but no shit we’re actually aiming to accomplish social reform for White People, and we need things that are currently unknown and perhaps don’t exist yet to execute this goal.

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