It’s been a while since I wrote about the trailer for the new Little Mermaid. The Goyim did not receive said trailer kindly, and do not appear to be enjoying The Little Underwater Shaniqua now that it has been released. I of course will never watch any of this product, except for easy content, but luckily a cottage industry of Disney ALOGs have sprung up to do the dirty job for me.

Cultural Drinker is one of them, probably the best. But of course, he starts off with the following common yet easily deboonkable refrain.

These days it seems like there’s no depths that Disney won’t sink to in their relentless pursuit of profit over artistic merit.

So… why didn’t they just cast a White Woman as The Little Mermaid? It’s not like there were no actresses willing to do the part, and they would have made more money.

But instead we get The Little Mer-Shaniqua.

A more reasonable, but still flawed, narrative pushed by the TRS folx (they/them) is that the (((people))) in charge of Disney, like (((Bob Igor))) are calculating that these movies will be profitable in thirty years, when Weimerica is a totally brown hellscape. That makes sense, and is superficially plausible. However, I think there’s a much more reasonable take here.

They just don’t care about profitability.

Disney isn’t losing money overall, so until they start doing so, they’re free to push whatever garbage they want down people’s throats, and that’s that. They don’t care that Black Little Mermaid is going to lose money, it’s an opportunity to racially attack Whitey, so they’re happily doing exactly that.

Hollywood controls the distribution of film. They can always knock out some Super Mario Bros product that will make a few hundred million. Sure, these anti-White pervert products have lost record breaking amounts of money, but you’re getting more of them because they can always turn on that money making spigot when they feel like. Case in point, Black Cleopatra.

And Aragorn the Dindu. (((David Leavitt)) is absolutely thrilled.

And why not. It’s a fantasy story. Of course you can have Dindu’s everywhere. The crime rate in Gondor is going through the roof, and that’s okay, bigot.

Also, Walt Disney was a great man, and a very uppity Goy.

Perverting his legacy to push anti-White POZ while running the corporation into the ground is totally compatible with the rest of their agenda. It would be no different than me taking over (((The Weinstein Company))) and using it to make nothing but pro-nazi movies. Maybe they’d sell, maybe they wouldn’t and would drive Harvey Weinstein’s production company into the ground. Either way, I win.

Do the Disney ALOGs really believe that Disney specifically is crucial to Schlomo’s control of Hollywood?

It doesn’t matter to Der Schlomo how much money this product loses, especially in the crucial Chinese market, just like it didn’t matter how much money Buzz Lightyear With AIDS lost, or Strange World (of AIDS) lost before that. Or Rangz of the Kangz. Or The Wheel of Time. Or…

Switching industries, aging whore Megan Fox is promoting Dibbles 4. If you don’t know who Megan Fox is, she’s a ditz with nothing to offer but her clam, which is now at least a full decade past its prime. I hate to be so negative towards a woman, but I’d be doing you a disservice by dishonestly pretending that there’s something else going on here. She can’t act, and she isn’t hot.

But as bad as she looks, she’s doing miles better than her three sons, who she dresses up like girls.

Yes, this is real, and is probably why she still has a career. She’s a good role model for how the Goyesses should behave. She probably can also suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

Daily Dot:

Megan Fox was photographed earlier this year walking around Los Angeles with the three sons she shares with Brian Austin Green, and Twitter transphobes had a field day when the photos were reshared online.

While leaving a grocery store, Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 6, were seen in various states of dress. All had long hair, and while Noah opted for a pink, more feminine outfit, his younger brothers donned band tees, camo, and grey clothing.

I remember two decades ago thinking that video games would be these amazing things in the future. At the very least, they were to be taken seriously as works of art. Instead, they’re mindless trash designed to get people to buy lootboxes, pushed by aging whores who latch on to harmful trends, and designed to enrich corporations run by Schlomo. It’s a mess.

Back to film and television, George RR Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series, is joining the writer’s strike. Dear God! I hope this doesn’t force him to delay Songs of Spring – or whatever it’s supposed to be – until next summer.

I looked it up, and it’s been thirteen years since he finished the last Game Of Thrones novel. This is a series that would never have gotten big if Martin had been honest up front, and admitted that he would never have finished it. In other words, his success was arguably due to a type of fraud that he perpetuated, and isn’t sorry about.

There’s a certain irony about a guy who never writes anything supporting a strike, but mostly it just shows the delusional narcissism of these types. I remain hopeful that Big Jew Capital will crush the writer’s under their boots.

Modern day cultural product is a total mess.

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  1. “Expired clam, better than zero bivalve action.” – thirsty men trapped in jew cultural heat dome.

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