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About two weeks ago, I talked about a new job that I thought was almost a lock. It wasn’t anything great – manual labour, done outside in Canada – but it was enough.

I didn’t get the job.

When I went in for the interview, the guys told me that they wouldn’t have any work for me until two weeks later. Fair enough, but they were supposed to call me this past Monday. Monday comes without a call, but it turns out that Monday was a stat holiday. I expect a call Tuesday. I wait until about 2PM, where I couldn’t justify waiting any longer. I called them, and left a message.

They called right back, and the guy on the other end of the line explained to me that they didn’t have any work for me. However, he made sure to say “that doesn’t mean you’re not hired.”

Seems to me that it means exactly that, and three days later I’m still not sure I shouldn’t have given him a piece of my mind, rather than respectfully nodding along with his bullshit. It wouldn’t have accomplished anything, but it would have made me feel better. Considering that I got this lead from a friend of mine, and wouldn’t want to reflect poorly on him, I think it’s for the best that I bit my tongue, even though I can’t stand that sort of thing.

Now it’s back to hopping online and seeing what jobs I can rejected from. It’s the same thing I did ten years ago, even on the same websites. I remember in my late teens, early twenties, fearing that employers would want more on my resume. I have the exact same concern now, in my early thirties, in addition to an inexplicable gap. I wouldn’t even say that I’m stayed in the same place. It’s pretty clearly a backslide.

Speaking of coming full circle, about eight months ago I started weighlifting again, something I hadn’t done since my early twenties. I’ve made tremendous progress. My lifts have all almost doubled. I’ve put on ten, maybe fifteen pounds of muscle. I couldn’t possibly ask for better progress, and I’m not happy.

The problem is that my old body, the skinnyfat one, came for free. I didn’t have to do anything to earn it, other than the most rudimentary of upkeep. It didn’t demand any of my time and attention. It didn’t come with any rules. My new body has come from about a hundred hours of pain and suffering in the gym. After all those hours, my body, just like my employment prospects, resembles that of my younger self, but still not as nice. 

A drug addiction would really be the cherry on top of this sundae. Luckily, I’ve always been too boring to acquire one of those. Or maybe unluckily. A true fall from grace is at least interesting. Mediocrity is just tragic.

In case it wasn’t obvious, that was a joke, and this article was intentionally melodramatic. I’ve always had a fairly even keeled disposition. Things are bad for me right now, but they’ll get better. I’m only really writing about this because the site hasn’t had a new article for a while, and writing has always served as something of a tonic. Things are frustrating for a lot of people out there. I hope that you don’t feel alone with your struggles. 

Have a nice Saturday.

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  1. It’s not a crime to fix your resume. I’m sure if you concentrated hard, you’d remember one of your readers was a past employer in whatever field you wanted, probably more than one if they are as good as their words attest. Usually they don’t even check your references.

  2. hang in there, brother – hang in there. I went through this around 2017. I had a decent resume and couldn’t even get interviews. I had to leave my “career” and I’m now earning less than I did right out of school 20 years ago. The reasons why are the same talmudic issues that have us total strangers talking with at times more honesty than we even share with our families. Though I guess there’s no sense complaining when there’s a job to do. We literally have to rebuild our society in real time as it is being deliberately pulled down around us. I worked as a medical courier through covid, ferrying diseased lab samples all around los angeles. At home I’m working in Unreal on what I intend to make the most racist and offensive video game. I have $40 to my name but today is a day off and I’m going skating in Venice. I hate when people say touch grass but at least one day a week you need some sunshine – unless you’re in canada or some shit, then I guess you’re screwed.

  3. The fact that you rang them and they rang back immediately demonstrates interest by both parties. Maybe the quoted estimate of two weeks wasnt correct? These things never are.

    I know it sucks, but keep looking and be sure to maintain periodic contact with this dude to see if it pans out.

  4. I understand all too well the pain of looking for work while unemployed. The stream of rejection can easily demoralise you to the point of paralysis. Discrimination against unemployed people is a genuine phenomenon that does not get talked about much – I’m enough of a realist to appreciate that there are a lot of people who are just worthless sacks of shit, however I know there are plenty of good people who are getting fucked over because of this preconception (myself included).

    During my last cycle of job hunting the only thing that kept me going was that I had to keep sending out applications or lose my unemployment benefits. The job I finally landed was barely above minimum wage, but I was just fucking glad to finally put the cycle of application and rejection behind me.

  5. Two words Tim: Soul Man. Just pretend to me a white abo (there’s plenty of them) and watch the shekels roll in.

    Seriously though, you’re good people, all good things will come with time as they say.

  6. After all this time, the most obvious gambit is conspicuously absent.
    Find a heiress to the network of Toyota dealerships.
    Tall, dark, mysterious, brooding and recently jacked up? And you hold that card to the vest?
    Soon thereafter, your duties will be largely decorative and ceremonial.
    You will devote yourself to pursuits of a leisurely country squire/gentleman farmer. Archery, designer boats, solitude of fishing (not that far to travel to a good spot in Canoedia), bird watching, taking non-diploma courses at Yale, fine purebred canine leadership, dickin’ around in your own voice booth and sound studio (ostensibly volunteering for Librivox, LOL), etc.
    For hard stuff, you hire the best people, paying them instantly and generously upon delivery. For stuff you pretend to be hard, you bravely step into the breech yourself.
    The downside of this decision is ennui. But with a substantial counter-ennui budget, one learns to cope, even when the returns diminish precipitously.
    Bonne chance, Mr. Rake. It’s a silly game.

    1. I eagerly await my Toyota royalty sugar mommy.

  7. 10 pounds of muscle is a remarkable achievement for just eight months. Most people would be lucky to gain 8 pounds a year. I doubt the pain and effort that came along with this outweighs the magnitude of the achievement or the gains in mood and confidence. There is such joy to be had in investing this level of consideration and effort into yourself.

    There is little joy to be had in the employment process, unfortunately. Especially when the light at the end of the tunnel is an 8-hour workday plus commute. I hope someone in the dissident right worth a shit reaches out to you and pays you what your worth for the hard you’ve done (and hopefully continue to do). Either that, or this prolonged state of misery turns into a manure to fertilize the soil of your creative mind.

  8. Ever considered taking on content writing?

    1. I’m definitely open to the idea.

  9. This may or may not be helpful advice, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding construction labor jobs., if you’re willing to start at the bottom without a trade. There’s tons of work around the area. Big multi year projects, not to mention smaller ones.

    Inquire at the local Laborers or Allied workers union if they are taking applications. Be honest about your skill level, but there’s good pay, benefits after a couple of months and pension contributions. Also and very importantly, more focus on safe work practices. It can be dangerous work sometimes, but more rewarding than an urban bugmans existence

    Good tickets to get are whimis, fall pro, boom/scissor lift and first aid level 1. Later on, zoom boom, confined space, level 3 first aid etc. Sign up for as much training as you can. The more trining you get the better the opportunities are. The halls provide a lot of training too. But be very very discreet about mr rake. Subtlety goes a long way, in ways that will become clearer the longer you’re in the industry. Spend more time irl than online. It will do you good.

    The work culture will provide you with much writing inspiration too… The work, the organisational culture, the characters you meet etc. Real people in the real world. Set a good example: Be disciplined, professional, willing to do some crappy work for a bit, listen to instructions, and learn the right questions to ask. There are so many potential working friendships that are there as well. Choose your friends carefully. Half the battle is showing up on time and sober. All the best.

    SHEKELSTEIN: Edited, and thank you for the advice.

    1. Sorry, next time I’ll proofread better…, can you clean up the spelling for me? Thx. I should be “setting a good example” as well

  10. Where did you get a stock photo of middle-aged White men as construction workers? It’s rare for that shit to accurately portray reality.

    1. I’ve had it for years. Can’t remember where I found it.

  11. I always suggest going into one of the trades.

    -You won’t be replaced by AI and will actually learn useful real world skills
    -Most have apprenticeship programs which can be completed in a year or two, during which time you still make money, just not as much.
    -Some unions still exist
    -Working with your hands to build or fix something tangible is pretty satisfying imo
    -In most cases, you can eventually open your own business

    -Some of it is tough work, you will be likely be tired at the end of some or most days
    -Not as “prestigious” to some as the “intellectual” professions, though imo most of those are do nothing drains on society solely created to prop up the ruling order.
    -Depends on the job but a few are somewhat dangerous, i.e. Electricians, Roofers, Construction

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