We’ve reached the point with America Fist that it’s turned into a LOLcow, and everybody’s getting in on the action.

With us, it started when we pointed out them celebrating the muders of White Children in the Waukesha BLM anti-White terrorist attack.

After that, I decided to write a retrospective on the homosexual Republican Party Outsider “movement.” And right after that, one of them stooped to doing something so evil, that I was forced to write about it. Just when I thought I was out, I stumbled upon a KiwiFarms thread that can only be described as a treasure trove of homosexuality, and I just had to write one more.

The TRS guys avoid engaging in catty internet drama, but I’ve always thought there’s some value in gloating in the misery of others. That’s why I wrote the Rittenhouse Verdict article, which shows a buffet of seething and dilation. And so I decided to gloat at the Nickers as their “movement” dies of AIDS. A movement which apparently consists of nothing other than playing video games, unscripted shitty streaming to a dwindling audience, and some embarrassing anti-Vaxxx protests.

The response was great, and if the people want us to milk the LOLcow known as Nicholas Juan Fuentes for all he’s worth, then make no mistake, thy will be done. And why stop at just one more article on the Ambiguously Heterosexual? I had forgotten about America Fist, but the more I learn about what they’ve been up to since Nick “Catboi Cock is Inevitable” Fuentes got oven’d on twitter the harder I’ve been laughing.

This is real BTW.

Forgetting even politics, I’m not sure there’s been a movement, internet or otherwise, that was such a hilarious joke from top to bottom, and we’re currently in the felting stage. For those who don’t know what that means, just think “pointing and laughing,” in this context. And we’re not the only ones breaking out the bamboo stick on these Mexican Catboi Enthusiasts, as you can see from this KiwiFarms thread that I mentioned earlier.

The best part about daily threads that go for years, specifically January 6th, 2020, going strong through today, November 28th, 2021, is that they really get into the gory details of an internet e-boy like Fuentes. And it’s interesting to see the meta-change from “this guy is an annoying and goofy fag,” in early 2020, to “LMFAO this guy is a hilarious loser,” now, just under two years later.

One example per user Shadowman311,

It’s so easy to dunk on Fuentes now its hysterical. I’d say that its like taking candy from a baby but I’d actually feel remorse If I did that, but this pederast apologizing Hispanic jew deserves all the lashing he’s getting. He’s also getting driven off Gab of all places for this, his movement is done, all he had to do was not laugh at dead children, and he couldn’t even do that. Says quite a lot about who he is as a person.

Occasionally you’ll get the disillusioned former Nycophant who underwent self-conversion therapy back to heterosexuality. It’s interesting to see how the guys who were making effort posts on how much of a fag Fuentes was in the first part of the thread are now just pointing and laughing. In contrast, the recently converted-back-to-heterosexuality guys are now the ones making the effort posts. Both groups agree that Fuentes is a fag.


It is incredibly disappointing to see Nick’s trajectory right now. I’ve been a fan of Nick for a better part of two years because I believe he has the right takes on most political issues and he was the most effective pro-White activist on the scene. But lately I’ve become disillusioned with him first starting with his total failure to cover the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Biggest story of the year and he spends it talking about the vaccine (which was the last thing any right wing person cared about while were anxiously waiting to see if an 18-year-old would spend the rest of his life in prison for clear self-defense) or himself. Then Jewish Darren Beattie who is supposed to be an elite within the America First crew comes out and explicitly says “I’m not America First”. Is there any other group of people more opposed to Nick’s goals than Jews? Yet what does Nick say about Beattie? “I’m not him.” C’mon Nick, enforce some party discipline. Any serious movement does not allow deviation from it’s core tenets.

He’s expelled others for far less.

His ability to debate and take criticism has completely gone down the toilet. I remember when critics would come at him with the usual talking points and he could defeat them easily. His ability to debate issues is still strong but when it comes to even the slightest suggestion that he may have made a mistake it just garners from Nick high school tier insults and constant interruptions. I listened to his Twitter space a few days ago and he wouldn’t even engage with the detractors that came on. His narcissism and egoism has stopped being funny and is now becoming a hindrance.

It’s clear he doesn’t want to the do the show anymore, openly detests his fans, and now that superchats aren’t working he’s no where to be seen. Cozy.tv has/had real potential and he’s throwing away. For his sake he needs to get off the internet, take a week vacation, and relearn what made him great in the first place.

I dunno SlayerFan213, I don’t think these guys scream “potential” to me, or anyone else who is a cringe hetero. And that’s without Beardson Beardly, the married incel hobbit, who isn’t even in the above picture.

And as amazing as it sounds, people in the thread claimed that Fuentes and “America Fist,” went downhill after Patrick Casey was kicked out. Yes that’s right, Patrick Casey was the stud of the group, and it degenerated into pure incel spew after he left.

Patrick. Fucking. Casey.

I do like the eclectic collection of takes from the KiwiFarms goys. Some effort posts, some point and laughs, some high quality memes. I’ll be trying to give a nice mixture of all the above as we continue farming Fuentes for laughs.

Apparently one of the things Fuentes does is post pictures of some of the most unappetizing fast food ever with the phrase “imagine eating this good.” Below he’s mixed up the tagline, but apparently this is what fills the anonymous twitter timeline of a Serious Optical Guy.

Also he apparently had an instagram account called “BossBabyIncel,” and then was up to at least “BossBabyIncel8,” after multiple repeated bannings. Here’s one of Serious Guy’s posts from BossBabyIncel2.

And here’s another insta from “BossBabyIncel4”.

All Hail Optics King Nicky Fuentes. Brothers give him our support while he valiantly uses optics to keep, uhm, @bossbabyincel15 up on Instagram to pretend ironically post pics of some of the shittiest fast food I have ever seen in my life.

One more unappetizing goyfeed pic and the White Race will be saved. And we all have BossBabyIncel, who goes by @raper6000 on twitter, to thank.

“God is great” – BossBabyIncel3

“America First is inevitable” – BossBabyIncel6

“Imagine Eating This Filth” – BossBabyIncel42

Anyway, next picture is from user MvAgusta making fun of this.

Some people in the thread were trying to speculate why Fuentes would self-own so hard. Coming through with an effortpost explanation we have user BehindYouRightNow,

They all have an advanced case of internet irony poisoning that has merged with a desperate fear of showing any real emotion or even preference, because that might make them vulnerable to having their real self judged and potentially laughed at. That combined with the lack of introspection that comes from just being mildly retarded.

The absolute inability to express anything honestly probably makes them both incapable of any real human connection and also insufferable to be around. It’s a personality trait that is already tiresome in a 15 year old, let alone in these ageing faggots

Honestly you don’t have to come up this kind of headcanon when if you describe what’s really going on it would actually cut him deeper. The truth is it’s just him taking and running into the ground a category of joke he lifted off the internet. Because he isn’t actually creative.

Nick took the ironic “Imagine eating this good” type posts with trash food that other people were already doing and he just did the same thing with his shitty regular order at McDonalds laid out on a tray. More than anything it was a way to dance around the attacks on him for eating trash and defending the eating of trash. “Look haha I can get everybody laughing along with the irony and make them forget how much of a sensitive sperg I am.” Now he’s totally lost in the irony and repeats the posts over and over as a way to fill his timeline. It’s nothing but defensive.

Like I said if you really want to cut Nick deep then you just have to press at the fact that everything he does is derivative and cribbed from his twitter follows, and earlier on from 4chan and from Trump and Sam Hyde, etc. He’s admitted on his show that he would literally stand in front of a mirror and act out Trump’s mannerisms. If he did that with Trump then he definitely did the same thing with Sam Hyde too, and who knows how many other people. He’s an awkward nerd who just learned to pretend he’s not an awkward nerd in front of a camera. But it’s still all fake in the end. He’s still the same neurotic nerd underneath all the repackaged understanding and copied mannerisms. That’s why he’s an anxious mess in any situation outside of when he’s doing a show for people who already have an affinity for the legitimate personalities he’s channeling; He has no natural personality of his own to fall back on any other time.

Mocking him for all of that is what actually stings, because he knows that he can’t maintain a cult of personality if the curtain is pulled back and it’s revealed that there’s no personality actually there.

I’m glad we’ve finally gotten to the point where Fuentes’ face alone is all the punchline people need, but we’re not even 1/10th done with the felting of alt-Republicans.

It’s just such easy content.

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      Imagine being such a queer.

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