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Last time, I said I might have to change the title of these to “Everybody Racially Abuses Mexican Child Savior of White Race,” because even POL, for a long time the astroturfed bastion of America Fist, is finally becoming usable, and everybody is shitting on him. But it’s not just POL, internet communities I’ve never even heard of are shitting on Fuentes. Consider the following image, screencapped from here.

It might be hard for you to make out the comments, so let me spell this out for you. Some Fuentes intern posted some fake hype about how Nick “CatBoi cock or death” Fuentes was so fucking back after getting deplatformed and blah blah and go watch him here. And the comments are just like “k, this guy fag.”

Nobody cares about this twink here. MOVE ALONG SHILL

From what I can tell, that community is one of those semi-retarded and semi-political communities where it’s just constant e-drama all the time. And even they all think Fuentes is a huge fag not worth watching.

Gab may be full of retards who worship QAnon, but even they’re done with Fuentes’s useless shit.

Also, I thought only cringe heterosexuals named the jew you soycuck? What changed? Why you being such a bad optics hetero all of a sudden you little jew hobbit.

POL even has an outside chance at returning to glory. There’s some speculation that the tranny janitors have all killed themselves. I mean it’s statistically possible, so why not. In any case, they’ve been shitting on Fuentes constantly.

But ultimately, I started with KiwiFarms Felts Fuentes, and I’ve got too much content to get through to get distracted. So without much further ado, here we go.

Can’t Stand Ya,

When you compare the two post-break up it’s just sad.

Allsup: Married, Father, Homeowner, College graduate. Has an IRL job he likes. Has a co-host gig on a podcast where he can be honest about his politics. Has real life hobbies like restoring cars. Has IRL friends to hang out with that have nothing to do with politics

Fuentes: Single. Childless. Lives in his mom’s basement. College dropout. Has no IRL job. Hosts an internet show where he drapes himself in irony to hide his real beliefs. As far as I can tell, his only hobby is being terminally online

His only IRL friend is his lover, Jaden.


“Groyper General during the Groyper War”

Does he know how autistic this sounds. Fuentes is actually terrible at politics. He proposes no reasonable policy. No-one outside of his sphere knows wtf a “Groyper” is. You can’t claim to have started everything when absolutely nobody knows who you are.

Also, as others have pointed out, Fuentes didn’t even invent Groypers. They already existed on twitter and elsewhere from about 2016. Fuentes just stole that, like he stole America First. And like he stole Trump’s mannerisms. And like he stole the idea to ask TPUSA and Shapiro some medium-difficulty questions.

And like he stole ironically posting “imagine eating this good,” over mediocre food, and then proceeded to make the same unfunny joke for months on end. A joke that was barely even funny when whichever anon first posted it, and if it was ever funny, was only specifically in relation to making fun of celebrities, thus being of a higher level than simply “me say shit food actually good me funny.”

GordonRameses, in response to above pic

looks like something that fell out of Shrek’s asshole


Nick talks about the so called “Groyper Wars” like it was this big event that changed the course of American right wing politics forever. The reality is that the Groyper Wars was nothing more than a bit of fun and harmless trolling.

I’ll remind you that not only does Charlie “pee is stored in the balls” Kirk still have a twitter account with well over 1 million followers, but that he uses his twitter account to at least pretend to go hard against BLM. And Fuentes, who does not have a twitter account, uses his telegram account to occasionally do random shit about vaccines.

My point is not Kirk is based. Kirk is just trying to keep Whitey on the Cuckservative Plantation. My point is that even when Fuentes gets totally censored, and has no reason to cuck, he still just does not give a single fuck about White People, and only wants to grift about vaxxx shit.


This imagery is gayer than every single homosexual exclusive nightclub after a gay pride parade combined, of all Eternity.

Is a mask wearing catboy approved by Jesus? Which Bible verse states “being asexual” is a valid response to being accused of a homosexual sinner?


Vince James is the closest thing to a serious political actor in that absolute circus of a platform. It must be embarrassing to have your boss be some 23 year old catboy fetishist who’s more interested in shilling overpriced merch and twitter beefs than doing anything to further the supposed tenants of America First…or maybe he’s doing exactly that since Nick literally said on Killstream that ideology and policy doesn’t matter, only people being loyal to Nick does.

Looking back at the Groyper War now recontextualizes everything about that event. It was presented as le based dissidents telling neocons to stop pandering to the left with gays and minorities but in reality it was Nick’s failed attempt at dethroning Kirk and becoming the new TPUSA. Ever since he tried to set up infrastructure like America First Students which failed spectacularly and his attempts at propping up women, jews and non-whites as AF pundits has done nothing to salvage his reputation. Nick tried to fool the GOP and when it failed he tried to punish the GOP by telling his followers to vote Democrat and now that he lost the final bit of legitimacy he had with his bluecheck twitter account, he’s been in a tailspin trying to suck up as much money as he can and gather as many names as possible to save his own skin when the Feds come in to shut him down for good. How does it feel to be the most optical lolcow little Nickles?

It’s been said before, nobody loves censorship like Conservatives. Without censorship, we’d be felting Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro into oblivion. Fuentes loved censorship on twitter/YouTube because it got rid of his competition, and put money in his pocket.

And in hindsight the “Groyper Wars,” were pathetic. Got some teens to ask Ben Shapiro the exact same question about the USS Liberty 40 times getting more and more BTFO’d each time. Someone needs to make the wikipedia meme of total victory for Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, and Michael Knowles.


he looks like the femboy wojack, or on the flipside, the tomboy gf one

He’s referring to the above picture. It’s not Fuentes, it’s just the extremely high quality people that are attracted to his “movement.”


fun fact cuffed pants make you look shorter. Also it’s pretty gay to cuff but with those shoes?

Not only are you gay nick but you lack good fashion sense.

Imagine being as gay as Fuentes and not even getting the good fashion sense out of it. Smdh, he really was the pantshitting loser outcast during his highschool years


Beardson reminds me of end-stage Lowtax, where his aloof irony bro facade melted off through years of irony poisoning and IRL failure to render him a screeching bipolar manbaby. I think he’s expressed suicidal thoughts a few times, and violent desires towards women like that MAGA mom. To this guy’s fat wiccan wife, have fun with his 30s and 40s!

I dunno. I think Beardson’s Lady has plenty of fun while little Beardsoy streams video games to an audience of no one.

Beauty of White Women,
Bad optics: Sonnenrad.

Good optics: Porky Pig Punished incels raping Elmer Fudd catboys in the name of the Daily Stormer, to fight against the Jews.
I don’t see why there would be any confusion!

Also good optics, an almost 40 year old hobbit whose entire identity revolves around having a beard soying out while doing Pokemon Deck Reveals, or whatever the fuck they are called. It’s where you buy a bunch of cards, but the business model is you have no fucking idea what’s in them so you have to buy a lot of packs. It’s basically like gambling for nerds.

Anyway, I guess they then film themselves finding out what cards they have and scream like an 11 year old girl when they get a Charmander or whatever.

Man, it really sucks Fuentes got banned from everything. We were just 3 more Charmander reveals before the American Empire was completely destroyed.

That last pic reminds me of something. One of the Farmers, or whatever you call KiwiFarm members, posted my first Felting article in there. Others responded to that, and when I read the thread, I saw this.


I like how the article has random pictures of women strewn about it. Very nice. Guy who reads this thread, put up more in each article so AFags can’t read them because their eyes would literally burn when they see anything with a XX chromosome. Its like putting icons of Jesus around to repel devil worshippers during the medieval times, or having garlic bundles placed in strategic locations so Vampires can’t touch you.

Got it.

But really, I think I will include a cute girl here and there. Puts Nick’s T-Posing into perspective.

Concho Pete,

Remember, “you’re literally a race traitor” if you’re not feeding Nick’s ego by attending IRL honeypots with the BASED BLACKS, where you WILL be charged with a crime if you dare resist the abuse and violence that will be inflicted upon you for assembling as a white person. More than 4 years after everyone with a brain already learned how the regime responds to such public spectacles.

But no, quiet networking and metapolitical organizing is just “grifting”. Better to hijack the MAGAmom vax demonstrations. That’s real winning

The manlet crowd kept saying that anybody doing anything at all in real life was just a fed heterosexual. And then they did tons of insanely retarded shit in real life like Stop The Steal, or the AFPAC conference after Nick was under Fed surveillance.

Anyway, here’s a hot babe to put Fuentes (low)T-Posing in perspective. A-Fags avert your eyes.

1000plantegg, (this is actually from the TRS forums).

Real optics are waving $1 dollar made in Indonesia crucifixes around like cargo cult icons, saying that 10 year old girls deserve to die, sounding like Sylvester the Cat but gay, doing gaming streams, wearing ill-fitting suits from Men’s Wearhouse, catnatting, defending Harvey Weinstein, greenscreen 144p backdrops of the NYC skyline, lying about your assets being frozen and having your tard followers use their real info when coming to your grift convention, and doing extremely gay roadtrips where you get btfo by 14 year olds in malls.

Saying the holocaust is fake? Bad optics retard wignat fed fed fed tho.

It’s a screencap I made. Don’t try to play it.

I’d entirely forgotten about the Defenders of Harvey Weinstein bit they all did.

Imagine a group of homosexuals who spend all day lecturing you on how you need to have absolutely precise, on point optics at all times, to the point where making a legitimately funny lampshadocaust joke makes you an unserious Fed Heterosexual who needs to be excommunicated.

Only to have those guys defend jew rapist Harvey Weinstein, a disgusting kikelord who sicced former Mossad agents on White/Goy Women who refused to let him rape them. A guy so disgusting, that Roberta Kaplan had to stop defending him, because the optics were too bad.

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

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  1. Hey, here are some videos from a Groyper defector here you might find interesting:

    I enjoyed reading this, though as someone under 6′ like the majority of men since 5’9 is the USA average, think 5’9 is Sweden’s even, which is interesting because they used to have the tallest average height in the world not that long ago, anyway the manlet bashing does sting a little, I mean wasn’t Hitler only of average height aswell? Anyway I enjoyed reading it regardless and am looking forward to your articles on Andrew Anglin, IMO Anglin seems very fed-like, people act like getting censored means you’re not a fed, I disagree, if the Jews wanted one of their operatives to seem legitimate wouldn’t the obvious thing to do be have them banned from various things, I mean his was a site I first heard about from Faith Goldy mentioning it of all people, and all these suspicious figures are like “First they came for Anglin”.. It’s like why? Who the fuck is Anglin? Practically nobody had heard of him until he got censored it seems like as far as I’m aware, but I did only really become interested in this type of content starting with Trumps campaign, but why would the feds even care about this unoptical nobody enough to censor him so much? It almost seems him getting censored and being talked up by other possible Jew shills seems like a way to make people think that people are actually going to his site and give a shit what he says, basically I think it’s possible he’s a propped up Jewish plant (I suspect the same might be true of Fuentes, I mean he used to work at “The Daily Wire” of all places, Baked Alaska worked at Buzzfeed, perhaps you should do an article on him too, him macing mutlple innocent people on stream on different occasions was absolutely despicable, you can see this in the above videos I linked), and his site is apparently ran by a Jew named weev, a site that constantly uses the N-word and has the worst optics, or atleast did when I went to it, right I’m supposed to believe this is a site people like Faith Goldy are visiting. Also I find it strange that a once seemingly possibly genocidal type website with the worst optics goes on to promote Nick Fuentes “the optics king”.

    1. It’s meant to be a dig at Anglin and Fuentes. No one here is doing the bit of sending you to the glue factory for being 5’11” or however that goes.

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