You can read the first part of this series here. In that one, I gave you my intro to Jason “No White Guilt” Kohne. At the end, I briefly showed you his intro video. Well, let’s see that again, with a transcript below.

Hi, I’m Jason.

I know with the moniker, No White Guilt, that you’re probably expecting some anti-White stereotype. Some monster from the novels you have read, or the movies and sitcoms that you have watched.

But my work isn’t about the behaviour of non-White peoples. It isn’t about mass relocation. It isn’t about superiority or inferiority, dominance or stereotypes. It isn’t about looking backwards. It isn’t about violence, no race is the enemy, and no genetics makes a person virtuous.

My work is about White Well Being.

If you watch any of this guys content, you’re going to hear the phrase “White Well Being,” along with a bunch of others we’ve yet to come to, about a bajillion times. This guy is all about White Well Being, a vague term that doesn’t seem to translate into collective group action, but rather just the audience feeling good about themselves.

We see right from the beginning that Kohne is, at best, trying to do some sort of mass psychological manipulation on the audience. Theoretically if there was some soycuck who needed to get some free psychology lessons then this might be of some value. More realistically, he’s evoking weird televangelist scam language, replacing religious terms with phrases like “White Well Being.”

And because anti-White ideology, anti-Whitism, is a threat to everyone, my work is about everyone’s well being. And no matter what race you are, the race of your wife, your husband, your children, your sexual orientation or your checkered past. If you serve White Well Being, you are welcomed here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy hungry pedophiliac negro in an incestuous polygamous relationship with two Asian Men, with a history of taking it in the ass from over 1,000 other men, you’re still welcome as long as you serve the abstract principles of White While Peeing.

Don’t be afraid to make a righteous d’nation please pay piggy.

Look, I’m just a White Man, who is sick and tired of watching Western Civilization descend into something apocalyptic. Something that truly and viscerally hates White People, when we aren’t anti-White. A place that treats us with the wickedest injustices. That persecutes and discriminates against us, and then, under the threat of numerous penalties, requires us to pretend that everything in society operates to our benefit. 

I’m tired of watching these people that you would probably call by outdated names like Communist, Marxist, Liberal, Woke Brigade, or whatever, I’m tired of watching these people get their way, day after day, month after month, year after year, my entire life. Your entire life. 

Anti-White terror troops acting like an occupying army. You’d probably call them rioters and looters. They are united with people in positions of authority against Western Civilization. Destroying the world we live in, murdering innocent people. Disease stalks and hunts the living. So called leaders usurp our rights, and annul our hard won liberties with every slight of hand that will get the job done. 

Maybe my favourite thing about White While Peeing is that he occasionally throws in these pseudo-biblical sentences just completely out of nowhere. I had to rewatch the above segment, at just after 2:00, multiple times to make absolute sure that I heard him correctly.

But yes, he just randomly said “disease stalks and hunts the living,” in the middle of the rest of his monologue.

I might have to start doing that myself. I wanna see what effect it has on people.

They couldn’t stop the diseases that plague you, and they won’t be able to stop the diseases to come. You know that’s the truth. They can’t stop the violence on the streets and keep us safe. Do they even want to stop the violence?

Instead they demand greater tribute from us. More apologies, more tax dollars, more self-abasement, more self-effacement. Surrender more, give up more, beg more. It feels, it feels like everything is coming apart. Like we’ve entered some new phase of ruin and Western Civilization, and everything we care about. And the sad truth is:

We have.

I had to write that last bit like that because he takes about five seconds to pause for maximum dramatic effect before he finishes that statement. He even starts with his eyes downcast, and then “dramatically,” flicks his eyes up towards the camera. 

Everything that you have turned to, has failed you. No institution or movement has been able to turn back the tide, or even make sense of it. 

That’s why we do something very different here. We introduce you to a new worldview, a paradigmatic approach, that has already transformed the lives of thousands.

Improving the lives of individuals, of families, and we’re beginning to influence communities, and we do it all with less jargon than you had to learn through your profession or trade.

I had no idea that White While Peeing had already started positively influencing entire communities. That’s great! Which ones specifically though Jason? Is it a town in Indiana? Is it some internet group? And through what mechanism? 

As we’ll see in later installments, Kohne is extremely against any specific collective action in the real world. So he’s influencing unnamed communities through the power of positive thinking about White Wellbeing.

Please send d’nations.

You’re still a Christian, a Catholic, a Mormon, a Pagan, an Atheist. You’re still an American Patriot, Canadian Patriot, Australian Patriot, Swedish Patriot, you’re just better than you were before, stronger than you were before, because we provide you with the psychological defense for the psychological warfare that is waged against us.

Like a priest, who goes to the sinner to preach salvation, we go to the wayward, the self-hating White Guilted Westmen. And we go to those who have taken on villainy roles like White Power Activists. And we preach love, hope, and redemption. Because if a person can go wrong, he or she can also go right.

Anti-Whitism is the enemy of all peoples in the West. We need all good people of all immutable characteristics, to come together, to put a stop to it.

What the fuck is a Westman? I mean I know it’s a White Man, or at least I think I do, but I don’t know a single “Westman,” who would not look at me like I was a fucking retard for talking like that.

Also, do we really need ALL good people of immutable characteristics? Are you sure we can’t skate by with just 85%? I mean, you’re really telling me we need every last one? Even the down syndrome children with hearts of gold? I’d really like to know the exact, precise numbers we’re talking about before we can do the vague, unspecified White While Peeing raindance ritual to enact White Positivity (spoiler) to defeat the anti-Whites?

I hope I don’t have to keep pointing out to everyone the  running themes here. First, it literally does not matter one single bit who you are, everyone in the world is welcome to watch and be a part of White While Peeing. Second, actual political action is ghey, we can change the world through the Power of Positive Thinking.

But the way it ends is really something else.

I hope you’ll stick around, they’ll be a lot of ups and downs. They’ll be tears of joy and tears of sadness. They’ll be wildly unfair setbacks, and victories that feel like miracles. There will be romance, and anger. Cravens will make excuses, and heroes will set themselves apart with their deeds.

We are writing this story, and you are just in time, because it’s really starting to get good.

Alright let me translate this from new age televangelist to English for you. Cravens == people who start saying shit like “this is really ghey, how are we making real world progress? I don’t want to make a donation.” You see, they just don’t have the courage and belief to listen to this guy ramble on about White While Peeing however long it takes for his audience to dwindle to zero. 

“Heroes will set themselves apart with their deeds,” == give me some fucking donations pay piggy. 

Also, what victories and setbacks is this clown talking about? He literally just has a YouTube channel. And he’s such a weirdo that he doesn’t even get censored. What sort of “victories that feel like miracles,” does he have anyway, getting a large donation? What “wildly unfair setbacks,” having some people unsubscribe, or dealing with some e-drama?

The National Justice Party is going to experience victories that feel like miracles, and wildly unfair setbacks. Only they’re probably not going to talk about it like a bunch of faggots and suck each other off on TRS while crying “tears of joy and sadness.” 

If you think I’m being harsh, in the next installment we’ll see this weirdo attacking Patriot Front. We’ll also be introduced to some more White While Peeing Trigger Terminology. We’ll also see the incredibly creepy way he responds to donations while in the middle of a rant. It’s great. 

But for now I want to leave you with this video I timestamped to start from the unintentionally hilarious ending. 

I could have gone the rest of my life without a man telling me that “I’m just in time,” and “it’s really about to get good,” as he moves his crotch towards my face. I do not feel like things are improving when you move your crotch towards my face Jason, please stop doing that.

You’d think, with all the bizarre cutaways he does throughout the video, that might have actually been the time for one instead of “let me just shove that crotch right into the camera as I triumphantly… finish, if you catch my drift.”

Why Jason why?

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  1. Bravo sir.

    More leads for ya:

    -At 1:04:14 in the video entitled “We did it! DeSantis Notes Antiwhite Terror | N8 with Outreach Team Successes Report | Going Free NWG” he plays a clip of Striker saying “we have to have the moral high ground” and then takes credit for it because “we are having such a big effect around the world”. Interestingly he doesn’t name Striker, even though on a previous video he played a clip of him and called him by his supposed first name (which of course is a really scummy thing to do).

    -He did an entire celebration video when Trump retweeted someone who used the phrase anti-white. He acted like it was an earth-shattering event and then congratulated “us/we”. As a side note, it’s a common tactic of cult leaders, evangelicals, and new age medicine/spirituality types to talk about “us/we” and make up or exaggerate accomplishments. Meanwhile, he constantly goes on angry rants about how antnats/wignats didn’t listen to him and made x mistake, saying his own name over and over again. When he says “us/we” he really means “my followers, give me d’nations and adoration and I will say nice things about you and say that you’re doing great work and I’ll be the only person who benefits from it”. He calls donors “champions” (evangelicals and cult leaders often use that phrase) for “gifting” (a phrase used by televangelists and public access TV hosts when they’re doing a drive for donations) him a d’nation.

    -He was in DC for the January 6th rally. And he calls US Ant-Nats (Antique Nationalists)!

    -He calls us dangerous, and yet he encourages his followers to print up NWG flyers, put them in plastic bags weighed down with stones, and throw them on hundreds of people’s lawns. Considering that the FBI has investigated people for putting up flyers that say “it’s o.k. to be white” then he is encouraging his few followers to do something that he himself would not risk. Fucking hypocrite!

    P.S. On the NWG pt.1 article you did I left some more leads for you.

    1. I was going to get to the DeSantis bit later, but everything else is new to me.

      Man, imagine waking up one day to find the cringiest “White Positivity,” “White Well Being,” new age garbage on your lawn?

      Let’s compare that to the normal persons reaction to the NJP Waukesha Protest.

  2. always thought this guy was creepy on the Collette PWR streams and I wondered why he was there…he never really adds anything, and the way he talks is just creepy and offputting, very culty

  3. This is horrifying.
    More please.

  4. Holy shit balls he’s actually wearing lip gloss.

  5. So is this the place where TRS actually addresses accusations? I doubt it.
    Yes Jason is too stiff, preachy and clean cut. What’s with that tie? Lolololol. But in his defense, he doesn’t stream with his Jewish wife and have a fed doing his vetting and security. Neither does he have a gay pedo furry problem in his community .
    He welcomes all to white wellbeing, just as Mike has said “if jews aren’t welcome then I’d have to go”
    But neo nazis should not trust people with German surnames. Stick to trusted names like Pernovich. And Guatemalan midgets. We can trust TRS. But Jason is slightly awkward. Stick to the jews we know

    1. Jason Köhne has counter signalled TRS too many times on stream to not have questionable loyalties. He has also counter signalled NJP and Patriot Front. Despite Mike and his wife issue, the entire TRS platform (including many research heavy shows like Fash the Nation) is saying the right things that are translating into real life action.

      In all seriousness, if Jason didn’t constantly make jabs and accusations at TRS and “wignats”, there would be no reason for such bad blood between us. I mean no offense and I am merely explaining what is commonly believed on the TRS forums.

      I would be happy to read your polite and constructive response. Thank you.

    2. Oh he definitely has a gay problem in his community.

    3. “guatemalan midgets”

      is that you, pikachu?

  6. […] Part 1 we gave the overview, touching on his comically small audience and general weirdness. Part 2 saw the introduction to his mystical “White While Peeing,” televangelist routine. Part […]

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