There are so many LOLcows in the world that need milking, but some of the biggest are what’s known as Breadtube. If you don’t know what Breadtube is, it’s a bunch of obese pedo-adjacent retards who sit in chairs and pretend to be overthrowing the capitalist world order or something.

So basically America First, but more obese and less homosexual.

The irony of these obese pedo-adjacent retards owing their entire existence to capitalists just choosing to, for no reason, not censor them AT ALL, is apparently lost on them. Contrary to the more establishment kosher-left, these people pretend to be super duper anti-capitalist and anti-imperialism and all that jazz, so they don’t really have an excuse for why they never get censored.

You know I spent a year as a long haul trucker, and I met a lot of working class people. I tried to get them to believe things like “child trannies are bad,” or “trillion dollar multinationals shouldn’t be allowed to censor everybody,” but they were having none of it. Instead, they wanted Marxist Revolution.

On the tips of all their tongues, spoken in hushed whispers, by waitresses, by truckers, by warehouse workers, by forklift operators. With conspiratorial looks and secret gestures, with religious fervor and revolutionary daring, they spoke as one, unified, with one single demand.

When are we getting genderqueer liberation?

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, that some BLM supporting possible pedophiles are LARPing like working class heroes, or that some twitch/YouTube streamers are LARPing like anti-capitalist revolutionaries. But we can’t forget the absolute loving suckjobs of the CIA these weirdos enjoy giving.

Nothing says “anti-Imperialism,” quite like “LMFAO this guy doesn’t even uncritically trust the CIA.”

I’ve got too much on my plate right now, but these LOLcows will be milked in due time.

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