As Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne was making her way to the National Assembly’s podium Thursday afternoon, lawmakers from the opposition stood up, chanting the Marseillaise and holding signs saying “no to 64 years” and “democracy.”

The Assembly’s president interrupted the session for things to calm down.

But when Borne took the floor a few minutes later, she still had to drown out the parliamentarians’ boos.

“Based on article 49.3 of the constitution, I engage the government’s responsibility,” she yelled, announcing that a controversial pension reform increasing France’s minimum retirement age from 62 to 64 years would be pushed through without a vote in the lower house of parliament.

Paragraph 3 of Article 49 allows the prime minister to act unilaterally. The only way to stop a bill that was passed under this rule would be to bring down the government.

Truly Emmanuel “The Older the Better” Macron is a hero to the Republic.

This guy is essentially using emergency powers to ram through a raising of the retirement age for the French peasantry.

Headwinds against what was by many perceived as an authoritarian move were also blowing outside the parliament, following weeks of protests against the pension reform.

It’s not “perceived as an authoritarian move.” It is an authoritarian move. He is essentially giving himself dictatorial powers.

And he’s doing it to defend France against an invasion raise the retirement age.

The French government has received the support of the leaders of the conservative Republicans. Their 60 votes would give President Emmanuel Macron’s minority coalition the needed majority to fend off the no-confidence votes.

The consubversative “opposition” in France had all the votes to stop him from doing this. And yet, when the time came to pull the loaded gun pointed at the head of their political “rival”, they suddenly got cold feet for some mysterious reason. 

Why am I not surprised to see the consubversatives supporting dictatorial powers in order to economically fuck over the peasants? Could it perhaps be due to this being what they always do, every time?


French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that the pension bill he pushed through without a vote in parliament needs to be implemented by the “end of the year”. He is sticking to his decision to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 – despite mass protests.

The first article was from a week ago. Now he’s passed the bill. Let’s see how the people have responded.

It appears to be going well.

Foreign Policy:

PARIS—Since he took office six years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron has hardly had a moment of plain sailing. First came the so-called yellow vests, whose often violent protests against taxes and economic inequality rocked France for months between 2018 and 2019. A destructive pandemic followed. As soon as that began to abate, Russia started the largest European war in decades right on the European Union’s doorstep.

“There is a feeling that the president isn’t listening to his people at the moment,” said Célia Belin, who runs the Paris office of the European Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank. “The political legitimacy of Macron’s second mandate is being called into question.”

I don’t care about what the Council of Foreign Relations has to say. I don’t care about any uncensored pundit in this fake system.

His legitimacy outside France might suffer too.

I only care about the political ramifications of this.

Iran’s FM, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian: “We strongly condemn the crackdown on peaceful protesters in France. We call on the French govt to respect human rights and avoid resorting to force against the people of France who are peacefully pursuing their demands.”

Good on Iran for finally stopping with the retarded consubversative-tier “America is the Real HuWhyte Supreeeemacist country,” garbage, and actually hitting them in the right spot. A lot of foreigners are confused when looking at America, because they don’t know how much censorship there is. The actual way you attack America is by calling it an oppressive anti-White illegitimate state that wants to turn your children into trannies. The same is true for France, or any other ZOG controlled country.


Macron’s popularity plunged in March to levels unseen since early 2019, the end of the Yellow Vest protests, according to the monthly poll by the Ifop polling institute.

It showed that only to 28% of respondents were satisfied with Macron’s administration, 4% less than the previous month, while 70% are dissatisfied.

The poll was conducted on March 9-16 as French lawmakers were negotiating the so-called pension reform, which would raise the statutory retirement age from 62 to 64.

Macron’s popularity has fallen by 13% since his reelection in May 2022. It had reached its lowest level of 23% in December 2018, the height of the Yellow Vest protests.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s approval rating remained unchanged in March at 29%. This was still her lowest popularity level since taking office in in May.

“Democracy” is a Rothschild Shill with 70% disapproval rating making himself dictator in order to force you to work a few more years in order to fund the migrants they’re bringing over to replace you in your country. 

Authoritarian populism is when the people actually get what they want, and is therefore Not Democracy, because reasons.

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  1. Hurrah for Iran, for saying things that would get me ruined and/or jailed if I said them in this country!

  2. Looks like savage animal Kanye West is back to be cucked by Jews.

  3. It’s worth noting that the ever-increasing retirement age indicates ever-worsening conditions, generation after generation, under ‘liberal democracy.’

  4. Once upon a time, didn’t these short big-nosed (it’s true, I been to France, Jim) frog-eating bastages behead some inbred weirdos who looked like this guy?
    Instead of holding impotent wankery festivals where they burn plastic models in the street because they got the decals all wrong and the paint job sucks?

  5. […] Apollonian Figure Emmanuel Macron Makes Himself Dictator to Force Peasants to Work Longer […]

  6. The French Republic is currently in its fifth iteration, and has been around for nearly 65 years. The longest lives French Republic was the third at 70 years.

    France is about due for a revolution

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