In the previous two installments, which you can read here and here, we gave you the introduction to Jason “White Well Being” Kohne. He’s a weird, wannabe televangelist, who wants everyone in the entire world to engage in the mystical practice known as White While Peeing.

In this installment, we’ll take a look at his reaction to the Patriot Front demonstration in Washington, DC, which we covered here. Sadly, we’re having problems embedding Odysee videos, so you’ll have to watch that video here.


Anybody out there talking about violence, call the police on them. Make a note of who they are, and then turn them over to the authorities. And then tell all of the White Positive Sphere who they are.

White Positivity Sphere. Gift $49.95.

You’re going to be hearing the phrase “White Positive,” a whole lot. In fact I’m astonished he didn’t utter that phrase in his introduction video. But prepare thyself, because he uses this term constantly.

So, I’m gonna tell you. If they’re going to show up in Washington, DC, and they’re going to show the little video of him or anybody else acting like an idiot, just make sure that I know, and some other heroes from White Well Being know. So that we can go out there and show the rest of the White Positive Sphere what happens if you undermine the good work that’s being done for White Well Being.

$79.95. White Positivity Sphere repels antiwhitism.

Kohne gets super animated, and has a bit of a freakout during this section. I suppose we’re all supposed to believe that Jason Kohne and some “heroes,” are going to head on out to Washington, DC, and fuck Patriot Front up.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen, although it is plausible that Kohne could go and meet Patriot Front if they come to Washington, DC, because that’s where Kohne lives. You know, the guy telling you to rat pro-White activists out to the feds.

Because we got some, we got some legit folks. I’ll tell you what I’ll go out there by myself. But we got some legit folks, and we are putting an end to this BULLSHIT in the White Positive Sphere.

Buy 1 White Positivity Sphere and the next is half off.

Imitate the bad guy, talk about violence, and you are gonna end up with a straw for the rest of your life. Forget about antifa coming after you with a 120 pounder, forget about that fear.

There are many legitimate criticisms of Patriot Front, most of which don’t need to be talked about publicly. But one thing I think we all agree on is that Jason Kohne, and his “legit folx heroes,” or whatever, would be getting their White While Peeing asses thoroughly handed to them by these guys in a streetfight.

Or frankly just any random collection of guys I know in real life.

I also don’t really know what “and you are going to end up with a straw for the rest of your life,” is supposed to mean. Does it mean that your jaw is going to get broken, and then never heal correctly? I’m a bit too confused to be intimidated here Jason.

And as I said, those with the technology, shut these SOBs down. And if they’re talking about violence, give them to the authorities, keep their name, and tell everybody in the White Positive Sphere who they are, so we can all denounce them.

Entire army of White Positive Spheres. Could be yours for $7,740.95

Encouraging the practice of doxxing between pro-White activists is not really something that should be done. But of course, White While Peeing is in this for the donations, and we see a really creepy example of this coming up in just a few seconds.

At 1:25 in the video, he gets a superchat. Oh I’m sorry “financial gifting,” and it’s so weird I felt the need to download the video, then upload the video to YouTube, just so I could start the video from the right spot in this article.

I’m not suffering any more by people’s lack of vision, lack of intelligence, lack of integrity.

Financially gifting over here, on entropy, let’s get a big round of raucous emojis, RAUCOUS emojis for one of our great champions.

What the fuck am I watching? He switches from full on freakout to thanking someone for giving him a donation. Only it’s not “thanks for the donation,” it’s some weird shit about “financial gifting,” from a “great champion,” that requires RAUCOUS Emojis.

But folx coming in from the White Nationalist Sphere, and the Antique Nationalists showing up, with what we’re doing here. They’re garbage human beings. They have no value whatsoever. They are the lowest form of life on planet earth.

Can we get some raucous emojis, RAUCOUS, in here for that please. Finally somebody gets it that the White Positive Sphere simply needs more Peeing While White to defeat the anti-Whites.

When we used to, when everything used to be IRL, [feds] really just, they fit right in, until they would say stuff that would really out them. Like, tell everybody that, that painter from Germany was right. And we would say “hello fed, there’s the door.”

B-But, what if I really do love Hitler and I’m not a fed?

Hitler loving kitties not welcome in White Positivity Sphere

This video then ends with a clip of NWG accusing Normal Rockwell of taking jew money. No really.

You do know where his money came from right? Until he decided to take off the uniform. In case you don’t know, it’s that community that so many ant-nats (antique nationalists) love to hate.

It’s doubly weird, because White While Peeing heavily goes after people who say truthful things about Schlomo. So he shouldn’t even consider it bad when jews give people money, but he’s just throwing it out there as a tactic.

Tune in for next time, White While Peeing Pillows.

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  1. This is about a mile beyond my worst expectations. Lives in D.C. and demands silence on jews. At the very least it proves poor taste and judgment. Like showing up to Thanksgiving with flip flops and calling your in-laws antiques.

  2. He used to be White, then he got the gift and became white poz.

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  4. LMAO at the white-positive spheres. I kinda want to buy one now.

    And yo wtf is up with this tough guy bullshit about him and his crowd of weak people who need a self-help guru showing up to fight Patriot Front? I can’t think of anything more ridiculous. Think about it, this nigga is talking about “wignats” breaking the law (they didn’t actually) and so he wants to show up to start a brawl (actually breaking the law)? What a bizarre fiend!

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