In our last installment, which you can read here, we promised to bring you up to date with Pillowgate. What’s pillowgate you ask?

Nothing less than a wignat slur of the finest, classiest, most softestist pillows you will see in this corner of the White Positive Sphere.

Only to be found on nowhiteguiltcollectibles of course!

Emma Watson gets all her Christmas Shopping done on nowhiteguiltcollectibles.

If you’re incredibly weird, you can buy “No White Guilt” Pillows. Because who wouldn’t want this garbage in their classy home. But the pillows aren’t even the most ridiculous item on his shop, which you can find here.

Click on that link and you’ll be transported to a faraway land of, NoWhiteGuiltCollectibles. And it turns out my running gag in the last installment of “White Positive Sphere, $59.95,” wasn’t even that far from the truth.

I don’t even know what’s more ridiculous, the bizarre “this is totally not a cult,” glowing plastic symbol thingy, or the “Child Patriot American Victory,” novel.

I think both deserve a deeper look, starting with the weird talisman thing.

Product Page:

And there’s a product blurb just below this image.

From the inspiring book Prometheus Rising – Take Back Your Destiny, the Iynedelin is The Mark of the King—The key that freed Prometheus. Additionally, worn by the kings of the Promethean Nation as the mark of legitimate lordship.

Is this guy trying to be the worlds shittiest Hollywood knockoff? Making garbage entertainment products and then selling even worse product consumerist tie-ins. It’s like this guy wants to sell people random gimmick products, but without first having the pop culture cache to actually do so.

And as for the book this comes from, let me show you the “Prometheus Rising: Take Back Your Destiny” blurb on Amazon.

Amazon Product Page:

I am the fount of creation, the watchmaker of time. I was the teacher of the Gods before they betrayed me—my teachings and compassion they used against me. Much of your world I made a paradise, but in its wastes I was imprisoned. And from there a secret kingdom I built—and a rebellion I marshaled.

Legions of Valaroma, Gods of vengeance, I led into battle. I wielded the Wilding Kingdom and conjured terrible daemons—and in my image I created my children.

Many victories we had, though defeats there were, too.

Through the ruin of this world, I lived in the pain and tears of my children. With their eyes I watched Others poison thoughts and stir hostile deeds. I fled with the life from their faces as they were besieged and slain by the hordes created in their despite. Through them I wielded their weapons in combat, in their hands I raised the stones of their homes rebuilt. In their voices I sang the songs of their victories. I lived in the heroism of their kings and together we waged war on the Devil.

I lived for ages beyond count and passed many ages ago. Yet, I am come again—my children. From no more than the Watcher through the dream of your lives, I am become the Voice to those with the spirit to hear and the power to conjure. On your suffering and love, an awareness has awakened an ancient magick. Even now my shadow rises. In your tongue, I am Prometheus—I am your Deliverer.

If you think that’s a bit much, here’s something else I noticed about his Amazon page, in addition to it being uncensored of course. Below I’ve included the little “Follow this Author,” blurb that amazon shows for two fantasy authors.

Okay now here’s one from non-genre fiction.

And here’s White While Peeing.

I’m sorry, that’s Mr. White While Peeing. My bad.

This is what the Amazon page of Mr. White Positive looks like.

And on that page I found two hilarious videos. I can’t download vids from Amazon, so I had to set up OBS and record this. Below is a trailer for “Crucible: Child American Patriot Victory.”

Did Mr. Jason Kohne do the 3D graphics himself? It seems way too specific to be generic footage. We see evidence of that with the iron pouring into the C, which turns into Crucible. Same for the whiteboard earlier in the video.

In any case, there is definitely original 2D artwork. How much did “CHILD PATRIOT AMERICAN VICTORY” trailer cost to produce?

It’s just so baffling that someone would spend either the hundreds of hours required to make high quality 3D models and animate a scene, multiple scenes in fact, or the thousands of dollars required to pay someone else to do so, yet not think that “hmm, maybe CHILD AMERICAN PATRIOT VICTORY, is kind of retarded, and I should go with something else”.

And that reminds me, what’s going on with Crucible: Child American Patriot Victory anyway? Well according to his No White Guilt Collectibles Page:

Give a financial gift & and receive Crucible: Child Patriot American Victory signed!

In the instructions box at check out, add the name you would like Jason to use when he signs the book.

Crucible tells the true story of one schoolboy’s struggle and victory over the abuses of a society obsessed with an un-American ideology. His rebellion exposes society’s suffocating use of guilt, intimidation, isolation, and character assassination to break the wills of those who dare to dissent.

Haunted by an internal struggle to either join the herd or object and suffer the consequences, this young-man boldly refused to compromise his moral values, fighting with his words and occasionally forced to defend himself with his fists.

His approach and victory are repeatable.

Our victory is achievable.

We can find our way out of the darkening wilderness of corruption, dispossession, and immorality. We can save America!

Weird. I thought it was Mr. Jason Kohne. Whomever printed the book cover has made a grave error.

And I can’t help but notice that for a guy who says “White,” in pretty much every sentence he has ever spoken, “White,” is nowhere to be seen on this book. It’s possible he’s angling for a patriotard grift. It’s also possible he’s just weird.

Getting back to the grift shop, I noticed that the very first item didn’t appear to be anything. It’s not a shirt, it’s not a pillow. What could it be?

Well I sort of helped you by highlighting what it is at the very bottom there. Yes, there are No White Guilt bumper stickers. And not just one of them, a whole crop.

And that’s just the ones that are labeled bumper stickers. There are others that for some reason aren’t labeled bumper stickers on the main page. You have to click on the random item to find out that it’s… a bumper sticker. Like the saddest Christmas ever.

There’s also Go Pee stickers, and White While Peeing puzzles.

It’s only until you get to the bottom of the page that you start to get to t-shirts, baseball caps, and mugs. I honestly have no idea why this is at the bottom of the page, and the top of the page is reserved for pillows, puzzles, and bumper stickers, but whatever.

I’m not the guy running the cult, and on the scale of weirdness established by CHILD SOLDIER ARYAN PATRIOT TOTAL WAR VICTORY this doesn’t even register.

See, that’s the problem. I don’t know if I’m doing the White While Peeing takedown too quickly, or too slowly, because I could do an entire series on pretty much any part of this article.

I’m not even done with his collectibles site. I might not even be done in the next article.

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  1. Stop giving me reasons to plug this site; my thumbs are getting tired on this touch screen!

    Anyhow, I’m surprised you haven’t plugged this on a certain forum that rhymes with that shitty drink Tang.

    1. Oh right. Gotta start shilling this stuff over there.

    2. We shilled there for weeks, you were just in Haifa cooking rocks.

  2. Another funny bit of lore on NWG, not necessarily felt-worthy, but humorous, was JF Gariepy’s girlfriend identifying him as her rapist on multiple streams. In fairness, I think she’s just cuckoo, but it is pretty funny to watch.

    1. Noted. Not sure what we’ll do with that, but it could be hilarious content.

    2. oh shit I remember that, got super awkward live on stream, chat was cracking up

    3. There was a whole thread on GAB where someone accused him of sexually assaulting a bunch of “white positive” women. Psylosocat or something like that was the main one mentioned. Weird that there are others saying stuff like that

  3. CHILD AMERICAN PATRIOT VICTORY is probably similar to his videogame where you “win” by adhering to his synthetic rhetoric in a completely tone deaf and implausible way.

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