I tried to make my way through his collectibles shop last time around. But there was too much grift for me, and too much absurdity. I touched on “Prometheus Rising: Take Back Your Destiny”, and “Crucible: Child American Patriot Victory”, but we’ve yet to get to “Go Free,” “Born Guilty,” and “It’s a Comedy Dammit!”

Let’s start with Go Pee, “a guide to aligning with the archetype of westerkind.”

Once again I must point out that “Westerkind,” is a pretty faggoty way of saying “White People.” But fine, let’s see that synopsis.

Go Free 2nd Edition
White people are privileged; discrimination against a white person serves to redress injustice.

White people have committed historical wrongs toward others; white people are born with a historical debt.

Sound familiar? In Go Free, we call these antiwhite ideas Meme-Pathogens (MPs), because they infect the mind like a virus. This book will prove to you that your subconscious mind is more infected than you know.

Through simple exercises and techniques, you will learn to consciously identify MPs in yourself and environment, and to overcome their harmful effects. As we think in words, this book promotes precisely constructed, tested, and explained language for reclaiming our minds.

Imagine purifying your mind of pathogens. Imagine being a better you: happier and healthier; more focused. Imagine finally getting through to that loved one who’s own MPs tell them that concern for White Wellbeing is anything other than it is: noble and loving. Imagine winning arguments with antiwhites as the hero in our story, not the villain in theirs. The tool to defeat and repair the damage of antiwhitism is in your hands.

Why doesn’t he capitalize the w in White People? Must be the Meme-Pathogens have gotten to him.

Since its debut as a pamphlet in the late 1990s, Go Free has redeemed white men, women, and children from many self-destructive behaviors and self-hate, and prevented suicides. It has healed relationships divided by MPs. It has given people of all races the means to oppose antiwhitism in their daily lives, and to inoculate their children against destructive mental infections, such as white-guilt.

Remain trapped in the thought diseases that cripple you, or join the rapidly growing white positive community, and make the life-liberating decision to Go Free!

Is it funny or sad that he’s been running this cult since the 90s? He’s had about 25 years to build an audience, and this has culminated in a YouTube channel that, even after we all get banned, averages between 1-5k views.

Maybe it’s because he appears to be incapable of doing anything that’s not immediately offputting and weird. “Meme-Pathogens,” that are going to be purified from your mind through simple exercises and techniques. Noble and loving White Wellbeing. Be the hero of our story. “I’ve helped random brown people remove antiwhitism from their lives.” All of this is just fucking weird.

He’s like the world’s least successful cult leader combined with a televangelist combined with David Duke, only not as popular.

Here’s the synopsis.

“Prove you aren’t racist!”
What is the long-term psychological and emotional cost
of living in a system that presumes your guilt when you
are not actively proving your innocence? What is the cost
for your children?

In Born Guilty, Jason Köhne recounts his extraordinary
childhood struggle under the physical and psychological
abuse of a society obsessed with an antiwhite ideology.
From the dusky halls of his private preschool through his
public, suburban junior high school and onward, Köhne’s
rebellion exposes society’s suffocating use of guilt, intimidation,
isolation, and character assassination to break the wills of those
who dare to dissent.

Haunted by self-doubt and an internal struggle to either join the
herd or object and suffer the consequences, Köhne boldly refused
to compromise his moral values, fighting with his words and
occasionally forced to defend himself with his fists.

Ingeniously avant-garde and rapidly becoming a folk-classic,
Born Guilty seamlessly melds Köhne’s coming-of-age memoir
with a parallel saga.

As the face of oppression devours our fragmenting society,
Köhne lights the polestar over your last hope of escape.

NOTE: This book contains a unique device that requires—at least—average intelligence to solve. The device is not an error. Simply note the context and “follow the alphabet.”

Just as “Born Guilty,” is “rapidly becoming a folk-classic,” I am rapidly becoming tired of this weirdo grifter. It’s just the same shit over and over again. Self proclaimed grandiosity coupled with cult language, mixed in with some generic weirdness, and all topped off with the total mystery of him not being censored by any of these multinationals that censor us.

After our last article we got some relevant comments on telegram, with respect to his ostensibly non-fiction works.

I was considering just skipping “It’s a Comedy Dammit!” but decided against it. Below is the blurb from Amazon.

A seasonal contest pits two competitors
in a fight to the finish, but nature interrupts
their competitive bloodlust with a terrifying
surprise of her own.

Fueled by whimsical memories of youthful
vigor and black box pharmaceuticals, Wroth
protects himself and his work with hate
(the good kind) and high-powered firearms.
His adversary, Luzifer, brings little more
to the contest than a spade and dismissive,
self-righteous contempt.

Residents from several neighborhoods gather.
A pharmacist is belittled. An old man’s sanity
is questioned. Somali immigrants celebrate.
A Seminole family’s revelation is revealed.
And a bloody contest none could have
predicted, nor seen in their most deranged
nightmares, unfolds….

The neighborhood, nay, the country will never be the same.

I don’t know why it’s formatted like a poem. Nothing rhymes and it’s fucking stupid. His previous work, Born Guilty, had the same problem, but it was less obvious. Other books on Amazon do not do this, including Child Soldier Patriot Freedom, and his other works. The synopsis’ are written normally.

Maybe he’s doing his own version of what we all did in school and making what little he wrote larger. Only he doesn’t control the font size, so he just adds a ton of line breaks all over the place to give more verticality. Whatever the reason, I’m giving up on even trying to figure out what this weirdo is going for most of the time. I don’t have all the answers here, and I’m okay with that.

I sort of hit this wall with the Felting Fuentes series, which you can find here, where by part 4 I had it out of my system, and I moved on from “LMFAO look at this fag,” to a sense of general bafflement at how much of a faggot Nick Fuentes was. I’m not there yet with Jason “Promethus Trinket, only $19.95” Kohne, but it’s certainly headed in that direction.

A day may come when the comedy is too hard to write, and I’ll have to wrap it up.

I’ll keep you posted. Next up, The Poem.

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